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Who was on Gene Rosen's lawn?

There are MANY holes in the Sandy Hook narrative, but this one serves as the lynch pin to DEMAND AN INVESTIGATION.

The story is that Victoria Soto hid her class in the closet. When Adam Lanza came in, she told him the students were in another part of the school. Six children tried to flee (*1) and were shot.(*2) The police found the remaining 7 children in the closet.

Six children from Soto's class made their way to Rosen's lawn. WHO WERE THOSE CHILDREN?

The dead ones or the ones the police found? (*3)

1. Out of the closet, and Lanza did not go check the closet for more kids?
2. Two or three times each in the face according to the Medical Examiner - as they fled?
3. Did the police find 7 children and escort 6 of them them PAST the firehouse and leave them in the custody of a bus driver, who then left them in the custody of Rosen?

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rosen's testimony?

he has proven to be a liar
hasn't kept his story straight,the truth spoken once is easier to
Rosen's property butts right up against the parking lot of
the firehouse
it would have been more prudent to run behind the firehouse,the to rosen's,not up the road and around
Gene says they were there 2 hours!!!
this makes no sense at all,he could hear a pop,pop,pop from inside his house,but not from outside?!?!
he never mentions hearing people at the fire house,no sirens,no people yelling,NOTHING AT ALL!!!
he claims ONE parent came looking for their child,with the claim
she heard he had kids there (who told that parents that?
it seems another person knew he had kids there,for that statement
to add up
cops arrived 20 min's later,Gene heard nothing
a cop could not have taken them kids anywhere,as they didn't arrive yet
looking at all them photos from the day,the roads were packed
with cars,way too busy for someone not to notice,you know seeing he lived right next door to where everyone was at
here is something to chew on
lets say 6 kids ran out,Soto's class picture shows 2 boys that died
Gene Rosens speaks of 2 boys talking back and forth(are these the 2 from her class?
so lets say the 2 boys and 3 girls ran out,and made it to his house
this raises the question as to why?
who was the fourth at his house? he never says,lets say another girl
from another class made that trip with them,say someone not in any school pic,lets call her Emilie
so 4 girls,2 boys that's 6 kids
i believe these here were used to further an agenda and were never shot
Rosen should be given a lie detector test,as he is part of it all
he doesn't know the bus schedule
he doesn't act like he knows anyone there
he is hard of hearing,and apparently has bad eyesight
he had a list of previctims,2 days before the cops did!!
he thought the 2 boys and 4 girls were having a cub scout meeting
yeah,i can see that,because girls join the cub scouts!
ask him about that black car in his drive with a new plate,or no plate at all
you know the one with the drivers door pried open,and needed a plastic bag to keep rain out of the front seat

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence