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I was thinking about a "compromise" on new attempts at gun control. And I HATE the idea. The Republicans signed off on the assault weapons ban once--they should never do that again, because it is sinister. They have the votes in the House to prevent any gun control, and they need to stand their ground--not fold. Keep your eye on Traitor John who caved completely on taxes giving Obama 99.5% of what he demanded.

However, I wanted to throw out an idea: that if there is going to be a deal with the devil, some compromise, then the quid pro quo should be that the new law is preemptive and overrides more strict state laws.

If we get 100% mandatory background check for every gun purchase, then that background check should constitute a federal firearms owners permit applicable everywhere. Any gun bought with a federal background check after the passage of the law can be kept in the home loaded, transported in the car locked/unloaded, without needing any state firearms owner ID or state registration of the gun.

If we get mandatory federal tightening of concealed carry or open carry state rules, then any state concealed/open carry permit issued subject to the new federal law has 50-state reciprocity. If you're licensed to carry anywhere, you are licensed to carry everywhere, including your home state even if your home state doesn't issue concealed carry permits.