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Huge revelation!

I've been following this site for a good chunk of time... and always wondered why the logo in the upper left (blue banner) & on videos had a L that was also a Y.

The top half of the PAUL spells DAILY

haha, I guess I'm a bit slow, but that always bothered me!

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Thanks for that!

That is pretty cool.

I never noticed. Advertisers must hate me, I don't even see anything but what I am reading.
A Wal-Mart ad was in the weekly freebie paper the other day, so I flipped through it in the car while we gassed up. The only thing in there I even used was toilet paper.

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Given what you said... did you also notice the red logo... the AU in PAUL is gold, and also the chemistry symbol for gold.


Now, that one I did notice!

And that is probably because of the Goldwater campaign which had lapel buttons and bumper stickers that read AuH20. I learned about the chart of elements when I was 11.