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Illinois working on "The Precious Metal Purchasing Act."

"(a) A person who is in the business of purchasing precious
15 metal, before purchasing an item containing precious metal from
16 the same person exceeding $250 in value regardless of form or
17 quantity shall:
18 (1) obtain from that person:
19 (A) proof of ownership for the precious metal;"
"(b) A person who is in the business of purchasing precious
12 metal shall:
13 (1) not pay for the purchase of precious metal with
14 cash; and "

It is short, read the whole thing, please:

The dailybell says not to worry, but I see it differently. It looks to me like "testing the water" to see if they can focus us on the guns while they go for the gold. I am FASCINATED that they include that "worthless relic" silver, but not platinum or palladium.


Never too early to start saying "NO."
Senate Sponsors
Sen. Kirk W. Dillard

House Sponsors
(Rep. Patricia R. Bellock , Norine Hammond, Michelle Mussman and Pam Roth)

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I will go to my coin shop guy...

....I will show this to him....

....and in the previous thread, I did offer to run for this State Senator's seat since I live in his district, and he will most likely be running for governor.


I'm fuming

How did SO MANY tyrants get into government, at all levels? How do they get away with it?

Not allowed to buy precious metals with cash! WHY? Oh I forgot...only criminals would want security from the insane, corrupt Federal Reserve.

Everyone has to be on the surveillance leash...silly me, I forgot.