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Great speech. Almost 50 years old, but relevant today.

I watched this again, I hadn't seen it in a long time, and its still a great speech. It is also a good look at what inflation has caused. I don't agree with everything he did, or even everything in this speech, but it is a great speech.


Nearly 50 years old and still relevant. Maybe even more so now than it was then.

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Wow. I'm only 2 minutes in,

Wow. I'm only 2 minutes in, but this sure seems relevant today and rather Ron Paul-ish.

That was good.....

And I would love to send it to some old FOX watchers to wake em up. However, they wouldn't read it, it would just piss em off that I sent it.

And that is one of the biggest obsticles were up against. Seems like a lot of old people are just not open, cause they've think they've got all figured out.

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Put Reagan in the title

Most FOX watchers will watch anything Reagan related.

Many people don't know he was a Democrat at one time. Many people would be surprised at how much he sounded like Ron Paul before he was President.

This speech should fire people up as they relate what he says to what is going on in current events.

It makes you wonder where we would be if Goldwater had won.