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Nixon the Liberal


Interesting article from NRO. Some war propaganda (WFB) thrown in but briefly sums up policies Nixon implemented in his two terms. We all know he had progressive economic policies with his removal of the gold standard and price fixing. He created the EPA and other federal programs. Interesting quotes from him too on conservative wing of GOP...

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Nixon the Corrupt

Ralph Nader's idea was that people could form competing companies, like "Seal of Good Housekeeping", or Better Business Bureau, where corporations, and people, could hire firms to credit themselves or give consumers confidense, and give the people more business opportunity.

He imagined a new market for competition.. If you were a burger joint, you could hire a group to inspect your kitchen and give you and your customers "Assurance", "You can eat your burger off our floors at THE BURGER JOINT", "Cleanliness is Godliness Corporation".. or "Burger Joint passed our inspection with an "A" rating, "Corporate for Clean Companies"... companies and consumers were given CHOICES.

Nixon took Nader's idea and made the EPA.. Who needs companies doing what the government can do?

Ralph Nader is a facinating person to study.. no one, and that includes Ron Paul, has been more censored, demonized and stolen from that Ralph Nader.. who is very conservative, just read his book "Seventeen Traditions".

OSHA is another..