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Youth Uses Shotgun to Shoot Classmate in California High School

Take a look at the comment section. Few people seem to be in favor of giving up their arms.

Perhaps the state of the country and the way it is governed needs to be looked at. Guns, cars, knives, axes do not kill people, but people kill people for various reasons, including bullying, inability to cope with stress, drugs, hypnosis, or mind programming. America is a nation in economic turmoil and at war everywhere in the world, while its own people are neglected for the sake of empire building.

This push for the Gun Ban is for the purpose of ushering in a fascist police state without resistance from a disarmed people. 99.9% of gun owners are hard working, law biding, peaceful people who do no harm. Why punish a nation for the crimes of a few? Something happens? Punish the criminals responsible, not the entire nation!

Deal with the violent Hollywood, media messed up minds of children instead of playing empire building politics. Pay some attention to the PEACE of the nation instead of creating more grief in the world by financing and arming terrorists in other countries and killing children using drone missiles.

This government wants to disarm Americans, but they finance and arm terrorist rebels in Libya and Syria, and Fast and Furious drug cartels in Mexico? Figure that out. And these guys in the Middle East hate America for all the bombs, drone missiles, murder of innocent citizens, and destruction of their homes and cities. The blowback in the Middle East has started with big $$$ rewards for killing a US ambassador or US soldier. You may need to defend your home and country.

The media is being used to manipulate public thinking to further the agenda of the elitists who aspire to rule the Earth and do whatever they want, above the law, without any resistance from a disarmed America. That means you can be picked up without a warrant, held indefinitely without a lawyer, raped, tortured, and killed without a trial by presidential order. And no accountability. That can happen NOW. It has happened in every Fascist Communist Nazi regime and is still happening in communist countries today.

Americans would be UNWISE to allow this political, media, mind manipulation to work. Protect yourself and your family. Will the police and military go along with the loss of the 2nd amendment?
Many say NO WAY.

I agree with a great deal of what you say here, and by the way, I saw a great movie the other day, relatively old one, where only the government agents, army and police were allowed to possess guns; "Schindler's List."

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talking with my

obummer supporting buddy today.
he's thinking about buying a rifle now.
it's sort of fascinating to see,

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Good points

Why is it that so many anti-2A folks are pro-war?

And so many pro-2A folks are anti-war?

Pro-2A is anti-war.

We've come full circle, now we have to short-circuit the system of programmed thinking.


Good observation

about the war mongers wanting Americans disarmed. WHY is a good question?

I think we know why

They need to make good on delivering their "collateral" to the globalists.



"collateral" is a fitting expression.

or "Chattel"