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Something Very Wrong About the Aurora Shooting - Trial Postponed Until March - More Lies. Please Look at The Pictures.

The James Holmes trial is postponed but the timing of the pre-trial gets the Aurora shooting in the news again and fuels the hysteria over the GUN BAN.

The person in the pictures for the Aurora trial is not James Holmes. Here are pictures to prove it. There was also more than one shooter in the theater and Holmes was found spaced out sitting on the ground beside his car with the weapons on the ground beside him.

These shootings are being used as the EXCUSE to disarm America, and yet there are too many things that do not add up.
Please look at these pictures and come to your own conclusions.

The media portrays Two different people as James Holmes.

The EYES have been pasted in for this picture. It is a combination of the two photos. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/01/11/us-usa-shooting-de...


SO who is doing this and WHY? How does an intelligent man with a PhD end up looking like that?

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Well, considering this info and these sources.

I am now convinced that you shouldn't be in the research field.

I take it for what it is.....

a mentally disturbed individual who was on medication that made him snap.

Obviously, he didn't buy a ticket and walk-in the theater with an AR-15 over his shoulder. He left them at the side-exit door. He called himself or made his phone ring so he would have an excuse to go to the side-exit door pretending to take the call and get the guns.

Holmes' defense lawyer's best shot is to expose the FDA committee's conflict of interest with Big Pharma, the psychiatry profession on how they handle mental illness, their method of diagnosis and prescribing drugs, big pharma's leaked secret studies that show the negative effects on individuals, particularly homicidal and suicidal tendencies and Big Pharma's unethical marketing methods.

If that happened and Holmes was found not guilty due to insanity, the number of victims and victims' families in this incident as well as other mass shootings by Big Pharma's customers, may go after Big Pharma since they have deep pockets. I'm sure there will be political pressure not to have a trial.

Big Pharma will pay to keep the spot-light off them and on guns. Certain individuals in government may pass along Big Pharma's financial condolences disguised as a government victim of violence program while collecting some quid pro quo broker's fee disguised a lobbyist campaign contribution.

That's how it works anyway.

Phone records

If his phone rang, check the records and see where it came from. Not only who placed the call, but where the call originated. Landlines have fixed positions, cell phones also can be traced to almost an exact spot where the call was placed.

Did the call come from someone at the theater?

If they have his phone the can retrieve text messages, even if deleted. Were thee any and if so who from and what was the subject of their content?

You can always call yourself or

play a ring tone to make it sound like you're getting a call.

I have a friend who works for

I have a friend who works for the Arapahoe county Government and he passed on to me that Holmes has tried to commit suicide a few times.

I dunno

It just looks like he raised his eyebrows in the one picture, making his eyes seem to be rounder. More round?..roundy?

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I have never been good at this game.

"Doesn't the baby look just like its daddy?"
No, it looks just like a baby to me. Even my own kids.
I prefer sticking to things that there is no conjecture about. It there was a second gas mask on the other side of the theater, there was a second person involved. That's enough for me to say "BS" to the whole story, I just have to accept that I will never know.
That interview of the guy who saved the woman's kids, and they sit there looking like they are afraid they will get cooties from each other is as bad as these Sandy Hook interviews. If those people really did go through what they say they did, and that is how much emotion they feel about it, they are odd, to say the least.

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For me, however, it's a bit more than conjecture. I've spent a lot of time sketching people's faces; looking closely at pictures for differences is right up my alley. I see enough discrepancy (detailed in my post below) to warrant suspicion here.

Edit: Actually, now I wonder if the creator of the side-by-side pictures didn't do some photoshopping? That image is quite different from this one:


Off topic, but ...

... hey, it's Friday!

The following video is pretty interesting. The first part is a rundown of Obama, but then it gets into "who does this person look like."

Worth checking out during free time.


Here's what caught my attention

I heard a news report on the radio yesterday that the "Colorado shooter" (not "alledged shooter") was not ready to make a plea, yet, according to his attorney.


Why not? It's been 6 months, already.

I remember Jared Loughner had plead not guilty. Then there was a hearing where the judge forced him to take medication. Shortly after that, he changed his plea to guilty. No trial. Convenient, huh?

And there there was the Underwear Bomber. He not only plead not guilty, but he was preparing for trail and representing himself. Then suddenly, just before the trial was about to begin, he suddenly changed to guilty. Again, no trial.

Watch for James Homes to "have a change of heart" and plead guilty. No trial.

I almost wish there were odds for this in Vegas. Easy money.

There are many questions

There are many questions about this shooting, but this is something to side track us with. The pics appear to be the same person to me. Here's why:

Look at the ears and the level of the ears compared to the eyes; They are the same. Look at his facial shape. Look at the "v" shape in the center of his top lip, looks the same. His nostrils are "flared" or "stretched" in the one picture because he is smiling; making them appear different, same pointy nose though. Same mole on the side of his cheek. His hair looks the same to me except a little longer and orange. Eyes look a little different because his eyebrows are lifted in his orange haired mugshot and I'm sure the drugs and lack of sleep probably has something to do with it as well. He also has the same large "Adam's Apple". Also, the lighting is different in the pics, making them appear different.

Eye colour is wrong.

mole missing on the Adam's apple in 2nd picture.

That is because of the

That is because of the lighting. You cant even tell what his eye color is in the "smiling" pic. I see what you mean about the fleckle on his neck, but that's not enough to convince me. Freckles are known to come and go. I usually have a lot more of them in the summer myself.

The first picture

of the side by side comparison looks like the same person...until you look at the mole on the adam's apple. It's in a different spot in the pictures, that is hard to explain away.

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Where's that mole in the "pasted eyes" picture? Hmmm

And the mole right under his lip looks closer to the jawline in the lefthand picture, where the two pics are side by side. Maybe it's a pimple, though.

The noses in those pictures are very different. Did he get a nose job?

And the face shape is just off in the clown-hair pic; the cheekbones aren't pronounced enough. Could lighting do that?

Check out the differences in the eyebrows, though.

Edit Maybe the creator of the side-by-side pictures did some photoshopping.


deacon's picture

these 2 look alike



If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

These are the same picture.

Did you mean to post the same ones?

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honestly no

this one here,sorry

and here is the shooter guy
from the post

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence


similar in some ways? like the hair?

deacon's picture


check out the crazy eyes
my point was,he those 2 look more alike
when comparing pics,see them crazy eyes?!?!
he must be guilty of something :)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence




As one who has had a lot of experience and classes in multimedia, I have an eye for photo editing. The first time I saw the pic of the suspect I immediately recognized it as an edited picture, which looked to be altered. My conclusion was they did it to make the image of the person communicate that they are a crazed lunatic (the eyes are a prominent feature to communicate this).

There have been many studies done with photos of people and how the public reacts to them. These kinds of studies are not put to waste, as we see with the photos in this thread.

I agree!

I agree!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Thanks for your input

It's something to keep in mind.

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a slight correction

just to add a bit more conjecture to their lies
1) shooter was resting against car
2) shooter was in locked car,had to break window to get him out
3) shooter i car,pulled him out
the one thing consistent about this is,he was out of it
incoherent,didn't know where he was
and again apparently the cameras didn't work,same as sandyhook

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

that was my first thought - I haven't looked at the pictures

yet but the flag went up when I read "sitting beside car" - I thought they had to bust out his windows to get him out of the car???

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How can they get away with this !

The corruption is so blatant and they get more careless by the day.

Desperate to get the elite agenda played out. And that agenda includes ushering in a global communist fascist government and a disarmed America. They are starting to talk about disarming Switzerland as well.