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Video PROOF that shows why Glenn Beck is no Libertarian!

All of us should of heard by now that Glenn Beck is making his show into a Libertarian show. I'm sure most don't need proof that he isn't one, but here it is. First interview on his new show with Bill O'Reilly last night (start at :50):


O'Reilly asks what's the Libertarian view on the national debt. Even brings up do you want paper money anymore? Beck states that he can't speak for the movement, only himself. And that what he believes is Libertarian is cutting spending.

Cutting spending? That's it. That's all Libertarians stand for on the national debt? Sounds like more establishment talk! Because that's a pretty simple question for Liberty lovers...cut overseas militarism, cut down the welfare state, audit the Fed and allow competing currencies.

That's why Beck is trying to start a psy-op. In the same video he admits that the Liberty Movement is the fastest growing wing in the Republican Party right now. He's going to use his show to make the Liberty Movement look just like the Tea Party.

This is something we need to nip in the bud and hit hard. When he starts the disinformation, we need to make sure we're they're monitoring.

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The actual quote is, "Stop spending, cut the size of the government!"

He was having a pretty light conversation with Bill. Bill clearly didn't want to go in depth about libertarian philosophy. Bill lightly touched on asking about the debt ceiling and then moved on to what both knew would be the main topic of the conversation - Glenn's dealing with Al Gore's cable tv network.

I'm not a Glenn Beck fan. In fact I've turned him off many times in the past [when he's turned me off]. In general I laugh at his "Libertarianism". In this video segment though, with Bill O'Reilly, I heard nothing to make me think that Glenn Beck is not libertarian, no "proof" whatsoever. In fact it was watchable all the way through. I didn't even hear anything despicable or against my grain from Bill O'Reilly, which is pretty rare.

Beck has rapidly transformed into an ardent advocate of the Koch brothers' strain of Libertarianism. As such, I expect to consistently butt heads with his perspective when I listen to him long enough. No heads for me to butt in this video. I actually found it to be quite pleasant.

I've never been the paranoid type here at the DP, but it did occur to me that this might have been posted to actually promote Glenn Beck. :D

O'Reilly knows what

O'Reilly knows what Libertarians stand for on economics policy. Because he even threw out ending fiat money as a suggestion before Beck's response... yet Beck just repeats the standard mantra of the Republican establishment "cut spending". And that's it. He could've easily elaborated on the subject, O'Reilly wasn't trying to rush him. In fact he even killed time before his actual response explaining... "he couldn't speak for the Liberty movement".

Which is a damning statement itself. Since there's really no factions within the movement. The only sparring issue within the movement would probably be abortion. Other than that, how Liberty applies is pretty clear.

So for Beck to say he can't speak for the Liberty movement on economic policy and only give his own opinion, is just glaring proof -- like anybody needs it -- that this is a psy-op attempt. He's not going to educate his viewers on Austrian Economics. He will not. He doesn't know the subject. And he's never read a book on it. He's just going to make us look like the current Tea Party group and get people to say they're Libertarian too now.

Then being Libertarian will be the "new thing" just like being Tea Party was. That's why we must get on anything these guys say with tenacity and strike down any fallacies.

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You mean someone needs proof that GB is not a Libertarian?


As I stated, probably not.

As I stated, probably not. But the thing we must watch out for are fake Libertarians coming in now. It's important we welcome them to the philosophy but educate them why they're wrong. We're not going to become just another name for the Tea Party.