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Yahoo: Printing $100k bill, Gov siezing gold from (sic) willing citizens, ended Great Depression

I am at a loss of words. After I read the article (lack there of) a fear rose inside of me that we were going to see this again, and that yahoo is conditioning the mindless to accept it. Scary stuff.

The True Story of the Time the Government Printed a $100,000 Bill


So just hand over your gold now because it will help the economy...

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Bernanke: Gold's Not Money

Why would the government confiscate gold?
Bernanke says gold is not money.

Bernanke says gold is not money because

he is a liar. The time is coming when all fiat currency will be burned and replaced with 80% gold (and silver) coin - and fiat currency will be reimbursed at current value before it is deemed worthless. That is the truth behind the push for all these pawn shops and gold dealers you see buying up all the gold (and silver)... because when the government buys it from them to mint the 80% gold (and silver) coins, the going rate will be about 5X what they paid for it. Gold (and silver) coin will soon become the only currency. It has been prophesied.

"I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this any more!"
- Howard Beale

But the treasury says

But the treasury says Platinum is!

Southern Agrarian

Very little about this article is true.

Photos looked original.

Free includes debt-free!

That was the dumbest take on the $100,000 bar, uh, bill, ever!

That was the dumbest take on the $100,000 bar, uh, bill, ever!

The $100,000 bill was a certificate for transferring large sums between the various Federal Reserve banks. It had nothing to do with devaluation, revaluation, reinflation, liquidity, or any other kind of instrument in the Fed's toychest, er, toolbox.

I like how the fool at BI writes $35 was the price of gold in 1934, but the buyback price in 1933 was what, $23? Oh sure, cheating honest Americans who complied is sure a GREAT way to get the economy going.

Anyway, by 1934, the economy was moving, but thanks partially to banks being reorganized and short-term jobs programs. However, since these things were guaranteed temporary, the economy began dragging again in 1935, and no $100,000 bars, I mean, bills, could help.

Because they couldn't.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

I mean it is Yahoo. Comment

I mean it is Yahoo. Comment section ripping it up.

Southern Agrarian