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Anderson Cooper on now talking about staged Sandy Hook & FLA Professor

He's telling about the Florida professor and going off on him and conspiracy theorists.

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Cenk Uygur Pulling an Anderson Cooper


- Gene Rosen is fine, and if you doubt this you are a lunatic.

I hardly agree with Cenk

but he is right this time. Mental anxiety dwelling in an unfocused mind, added to the parroting and peer pressure of the collective, creates wonders. But I disagree with Cenk that medical treatment can always help.

Interesting comment by the

Interesting comment by the conspiracy book author on why people look for or invent conspiracy theories...he explained that it is hard for them to accept that random acts of evil occur and that they like the idea of fixing fault on a group that once identified they can then work toward fighting....uh, wouldn't that also describe all the government wars, interventions, and anti-t'rist plots?

Cooper's crew are all about evoking an emotional reaction

Everything Anderson said, along with his "experts", was carefully measured to sound reasonably objective while inserting all the fear and loathing they could of anyone's respectful questioning of reported inconsistency at Sandy Hook. They chose to pounce on what may be perceived as the weakest link, ie. the crisis actors accusations, to make it sound like the prof. started with that, when the foundation of his questioning began much earlier.

The professor knew that without live coverage, anything he said would be edited so as to serve their media agenda, and so he avoided their snare. He didn't need to conclude with a, "who dun it", to point out a long list of official AND media revision and aversions that are other than what we should be expected if all was likely just as, "the officials", concluded, eh?

They accuse of paranoia, or unreasonable fear and doubt; but will not report this profs list of questions in context, lest he somehow appear more reasonable than they wish to portray him.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass


There is so much incompetence and laziness out there, that it's hard to get through it to any underlying evil motivations, if any.

The Press don't want the responsibility of reporting facts, anymore (if they ever did), so they report what people say and figure the blame falls on them if they're wrong. (I suspect some journalists do want to do good reporting, but that the job opportunities are few and far between.)

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Anderson Cooper = CXA (X=I)

It's all over google and right on his wikipedia entry.

Never forget this.

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Thanks for the CXA tip.

Thanks for the CXA tip.

But meh. They probably know all about me. And they know I know that.

And their tool is an insignificant pretty boy to me, that I never watch or by accident.

Till then, they can all choke on that:


OUCH ! How did that feel, sweeties ?

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

and Jesse Ventura...

...was a Navy Seal, then a professional wrestler....acting, anyone?

Gee, people just flock to the open homosexual and the atheist, don't they!

Hmmmm....which camp is deceived???

It's Godlessness that is FLOURISHING in America, wake up....Haters of God are on the SAME SIDE...

Never forget that!

It's very hard...

...to hate a god that doesn't exist.

short version--I only saw some clips below--

Is the white haired man who looks 'sincere' Cooper?

Well, he's doing damage control, using his 'experts' to make those of *us* who think critically look and feel stupid?

Is he succeeding?

And what is really going on that the American people are being distracted from, beyond gun control?

There has to be something else happening, something that *we* aren't hearing about, somewhere in the world. It's gotten 'quiet' in the middle east and Africa since this gun control and Sandy Hook uproar.

These people, those who engineer society and nations, could be getting desperate, or we are being 'snookered' again.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

from my own comments made below (double post)

taking the arguments of those of *us* who do believe in political and social engineering (not going to use the "c" word now)--

and talking about them in a way that makes *us* look very stupid. The man with white hair who had such a look of "sadness" through the entire interview used the word "idiotic" and other words to describe those of *us* who question the official story and the MSM.

Why are *they* bothering to do this if *we* are not a threat to *their* plan somehow? Why bother? Most 'crazy' people are dismissed. So why is the MSM taking *us* seriously enough to work SO hard to make *us* look stupid?

I'm going to add, IF anyone gets this far in reading what I am saying, that I really don't have a concrete opinion on what happened in Connecticut. I wasn't there. I don't know anyone who was there. I don't have MSM (voluntarily), and I have NO way of finding out the truth.

I have a lot of questions. Any "serious" person would. Why? Because even people who don't believe in political/social/economic engineering--

are questioning:

--the motivations behind U.S. involvement in WWII

--what happened in Viet Nam

--what happened to JFK


Critical thinking is what is under fire here, my friends.

Why would *we* not question propaganda, PR, etc. Why would *we* not begin to wonder if EVERYTHING is engineered when so many things ARE engineered?

Damage control has become a big business. Why do only the 'professionals' get to do it?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Moxnews has the full vid

Cooper Covers Conspiracy Theory That Sandy Hook School Shooting Was A False Flag Government Op

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Where Are the Security Videos?

I want to know why we haven't seen any photographic or video evidence of the shooter's activities. Are we to believe there were no security cameras at the school? It seems some video footage would solve the question of how the perp was armed.

If I were one of the parents, I would be sueing the socks off the school district, the police and the state of Connecticut. These groups are responsible for creating the situation that allowed the shooter to commit the crime. Now it seems they are covering something up.

There was also a report of a power outage ...

... in the building, around the time the shooting started.

A lot of people

are not too anxious to have their children on surveillance video. the assumption that the "rich" school district of Newtown Must have had video surveillance at the school is not very convincing.

It shouldn't be too hard to find out the truth of that - why not verify before you decide to bring it up ?

Legitimate Question

While I understand some parents might be concerned about their children being videotaped, I feel my question is legitimate. Just because there has been no mention of security video by the officials does not mean none exists.

As far as people not wanting their kids recorded goes.... Americans live their lives being videotaped. It seems to be standard procedure where property is concerned. We are recorded at the bank, in stores, in government offices and on the streets. People monitor their homes with security cameras. If children are indeed the most valuable commodity don't they deserve the same level of protection we afford our property?

Americans use nanny cams to ensure the person they have personally vetted to watch their children is not breaking their trust. Yet, they will turn their children over to a bureaucracy staffed by people they do not know and here security video is a bad thing. I am unclear of the motivation of the parents not wanting security video in schools.

The responsibility for the safety of American children had been delegated by the parents to the school district, by order of the state, with the understanding the state (police) would protect the children. Once delivered to state custody the children are then left unprotected by anything except a sign declaring the school to be a gun free zone. Perhaps those who didn't see value in security video in the past will now.

There is too much trust placed in the state.

The Principle Said

There was a statement made by the school principle some year before, regarding a different incident that they keep surveilance video for five days back. But yeah, maybe they took out the video cameras for student privacy. That's why the "news" doesn't mention any security video of at least the man shooting his way into the secure building.

I think we are witnessing

the consequences of the media using events to deliver political and social agendas. They are so crude with their delivery that civilians are sensing the manipulation. This creates a feeling of disbelief. The media talking heads are using specific language NOT to really express their feelings, but to shift public opinion toward their corporate/social goal. They come across as fakes and untrustworthy. This provides a fertile bed for other theories.

Mind if I quote you on that?

You said it so perfectly.

I'd like for your paragraph to "go viral."

Is there any serious person that

thinks this was staged or a false flag ?

Sure, the reporting was tainted and inaccurate.
Sure there are details about what happened that we don't really know and journalistic mistakes.

But staged didn't happen, done by the mossad ? puhlease.

there is not a shred of evidence for any of that.

And once again, the agenda driven media, but focusing on the straw man provided by these delusional explanation, miss the really important points. We don't talk about Adam Lanza or drugs at all, we talk about some asshole professor.

and you are downvoted...


It seems the DP may have been infiltrated by CIA paid conspiracy theorists do discredit the movement.

Or just a bunch of paranoid, white men, hell bent on proving something... they can't.

Fuck Alex Jones and his followers. They dig their own grave and willingly jump in.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

What's with the race baiting

What's with the race baiting 'white men' comment?


is because we are all grouped in as 'angry, paranoid, white men'.

Like it or not, that is how the people looking in describe us. I know that we are a diverse group but how we are perceived by those looking at us is something different entirely.

It wasn't meant as a stab. :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Of course not

Look at the posters on this site who believe it was staged... Then look at their posting and comment history. Not a single one would be classified as a serious person.

Furlough, at this point...

I'd have to question the seriousness of someone who DOESN'T see problems with the story.

A SERIOUS Person ...

... uses the SAME standard of evidence and accountability for BOTH sides.

Any person who takes one side's claims as valid WITHOUT evidence is NOT a serious person.



“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

I'm a serious person

and I totally think that this was a false flag of some nature. Who mentioned Mossad? Not me.

1. Why does it take the cops 20 minutes to go 2 miles to the school from the police station?

2. Why does the state medical examiner, a man with 33 years experience, not able to answer the simplest questions about what the forensic evidence revelaed, deferring to his handlers, er first repsonder cops standing behind him? All the while reiterating that he knows how stuff goes in court and such AND changing the narrative from handguns to rifles and such.

3. Why does AG Eric Holder, the man who said 20 years ago that "well just have to brainwash" people into accepting gun control, have a private meeting with the first responders?

4. There are reports of multiple shooters, some of which may be mistaken for dads who came for their kids and were suspicious, but still unexplained is why the back of that one vehicle was shot out.

5. The news reports are full of "anonymous" law enforcement sources. So much of our information comes from government employees. Just five or ten years ago, this would have been percieved as a trustworthy source, but those days are long, long gone. How many times can we be lied to and not even question it?

So what serious person would swallow all this without asking "how to we really know this is true?" without driving up there and looking around for ourselves? This doesn't even get into the fact that the prop manager for the batman movie, with Sandy Hook on the map was from Newown and was killed in a car crash back in April.

I have to agree. I listened

I have to agree. I listened to over 30 minutes of the Prof. and I didn't hear anything close to concrete evidence, except a few far fetched guesses of what could have happened.

A few anomalies, sure, but who knows what that means -- yet.

But I'm all ears. What is the exact evidence of wrong doing?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

There have been enough

incidents in the past where the "lone wacko" gunman scenario
does not hold up - JFK, RFK, MLK, Port Arthur, Australia, for example,
that we have every reason to demand explanations and accountability.

If you want to talk about drugs, then fine - where's Adam Lanza's
toxicology report? What grounds could there be for not releasing it?

How about an explanation about Chris Rodia? The license number
of "Adam Lanza's mother's car" was called in correctly and Rodia
identified as the owner - is that not worth following up? Especially
considering the connection of his housemate to an illegal automatic
weapons manufacturing case?

I don't buy that it didn't happen or was completely staged. That doesn't
mean it wasn't *planned* by somebody using Adam Lanza as a patsy.

Port Arthur coverup:



(see especially "Sequence of Events in the Broad Arrow Cafe")