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News: Rand Paul Will Run For President

Eric Bolling, a co-host of "The Five" on Foxnews network tweeted today:

"BREAKING NEWS ALERT! Source: "Rand Paul will run for President in 2016""

(Thanks to @Anna4RonPaul for the notification RT on Twitter.)

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"Jumped on too many bandwagons in the past."

Hear hear brother. I hear you.

Rand Paul's Presidential ambitions

He can run for President until the cows come home, but the people who supported his father won't support him unless and until he does his father proud in the US Senate, something that he is so far been very inconsistant in doing!

A lot can happen in the next four years, and I certainly hope that he continues to move "freedomward", especially on foreign policy, perhaps with our help, but he is certainly NOT going to get anywhere by doing stupid things like endorsing Romney (or Rubio, Ryan, Christie, or other BushII, McCain, and Romney clone)!

Unless he becomes much more like his father, I'm keeping my eyes and ears open for someone better, and I think other DP posters should as well!


"The worst thing that can happen to a good cause is not to be attacked successfully, it is to be defended badly". F. Bastiat

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, finally they attack you, and then you win"! Mohandas Gandhi

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No one with any kind of chance is better than Rand

Seriously, he's very likely the best Senator the United States has. Please don't be so upset that Rand compromises sometimes, it's my opinion that he is working to stay within the good graces of GOP leadership and not be exiled like his father and Justin Amash.

Ron Paul compromised when he rejoined the Republican party after his 88 LP run. Because of his compromise he was able to build his following into the Ron Paul rEVOLution we have today.

Compromise can be a good thing with a principled individual. I believe that Ron has influenced Rand to behave the way he has based on things that hurt Ron during his time in Washington.

Rand is trying not to be the next "crazy uncle" in Congress.

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

Working to stay in the 'good' graces of the GOP 'leadership" ?

will that include not pushing a Real audit of the Federal Reserve ? Will that include taking the neocon stand on expansive foreign wars ? Will that include going along with the NDAA ?
Unless Paul does that, its likely impossible to stay in the GOP 'leadership' 'good graces'.
If he stepped out of line, he would be flattened politically by his own party. Just like Ron.

The DemoRepublicrats only present the illusion of differences. Its limited to differences in style & rhetoric. "Pepsi or Coke?"

I say this as a former long term Republican.

I doubt anything really nation changing will come out of D.C. Better to work at the level of the states. If he became a governor and then moved to nullify or outlaw un-Constitutional actions in his state, That would make a real impact.
If I were a neo-con, I'd work to get all the RP people focusing their efforts and energy on Rand in 2016, so to limit state and local action. Then I'd dump him in 2016 if he got "too uppity for his own good." An alleged racist comment or sexist comment ought to do it - - - with a little voting fraud to guarantee things.

Time to stop looking for a savior out of D.C. IMO.

The real power of Ron Paul was that he educated so many people about Liberty and true free market economics.

P.S. - I recall how Rand treated some of his fathers supporters near the end of the last election. The more I recall - - - the more I'm thinking that I could care less if he's running in 2016.

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Thank you, upvoted.

Even though I disagree I like what you're saying.

The thing is, Rand hasn't been exiled... yet. I find many Republicans are open to Rand running whereas they would never vote for "crazy old Ron".

You could be right about Rand but I'm holding out hope that we can get Rand in the White House in 2016. I certainly will not go around slandering him. Even if you don't like everything he does he is still a Libertarian and your time would be much better spent slandering Pelosi, Feinstein, Reid, Obama, Boehner, Bushes, Ryan...etc IMO

I agree that more should be done at local levels. I'd like to hear more of what you have to say about what we can do locally to nullify unconstitutional laws

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

Let me modify your quote so

Let me modify your quote so that you can understand why people are upset at people who say it is ok to compromise.

"Please don't be upset that Rand compromises [THE CONSTITUTION] sometimes,..."

You see, Ron Paul taught us that compromise was the reason we are in this mess in the first place.

I, for one, am now permanently opposed to any politician who compromises the Constitution.

Ron Paul taught me that.

Rand Paul gave me an opportunity to show you all how serious I am about it. I will not endorse Romney's ideas. I will not endorse foreign aid to Israel or anyone else. I will not endorse those who voted for the NDAA 2013, or its "Rand favored" amendment, which actually was unconstitutional.

Ron Paul is responsible for my staunch position. Thanks Ron!

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So you'll never vote again

Concealed carry permits are unconstitutional, are you not going to vote for anyone who supports them?

Congress passed Iran Sanctions, I guess you'll never vote for anyone in the Senate again.

Again, if Ron Paul hadn't compromised his principles and rejoined the GOP he we probably would have never heard of the "Ron Paul revolution".

Compromise is politics, and Rand has to play politics to have a chance at being President.

Ron took 31 years to get 10% of the vote, Rand as 3 years to get 51%. It's going to take some compromise. In fact, I doubt anyone has ever won the Presidency without compromising somewhere along the line.

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

Your argument is full of

Your argument is full of holes.

Are you for the Constitution or against it?

There are plenty of people out there because of Ron Paul who will not compromise,

Ron Paul never compromised, but his son did. I am not going there with you, and there are plenty of other people to vote for that support the Constitution.

Rand said one thing and did another. Same old, same old.

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Those people aren't in office

You can't expect to pass anything yourself if you won't work with other people and vote for their bills. This is why Ron Paul only passed 1 out of 500+ bills he introduced. Ron didn't make many friends in Congress, that's why he is often ridiculed and called the "crazy uncle" of Congress.

Ron Paul is a great man, speaker, role model, and leader. He was not a great politician or congressman. It took Ron 30 years to amass 10% of the primary vote, Rand needs 51% and he only has 3 years.

Rand is our best chance and he is far different than the rest. Don't give up on Ron's son so easily.

I fail to understand why everyone is so mad about voting for Iran Sanctions when the vote passed 98-0. That is a losing battle not worth fighting just because the Constitution says so. Amash lost his chance to fight for freedom on the budget committee because he pissed off Boehner which means Amash will probably never have a chance at the Presidency much like Ron Paul never had a chance to win. Rand is playing politics and he's doing well.

Would you vote for Rand if the election comes to Rand Paul V. Hillary Clinton?

Or will you keep writing in Ron Paul after Ron is dead???

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

Hmm, so you are willing to

Hmm, so you are willing to compromise the Constitution for political gain.

In the beginning the patriot is scarce....
Did you listen to any of Ron Paul's speeches??

we need patriots, not go along get along politicians.


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The Constitution is already compromised

I'm willing to compromise on battles I cannot win to gain friends who will support my efforts to restore the Constitution. Justin Amash lost his influence to restore the Constitution because he wouldn't compromise and work with GOP leaders even when it was clear he wouldn't get his way.

What fairy tale are you living in? If you've voted at all then you've voted for someone who compromised the Constitution unless you wrote in Jesus or Ron Paul for every office.

Name five people in Washington that haven't compromised the Constitution. Hell, every single one of them is compromising the Constitution by not striking down all the federal agencies that have no authority in the Constitution.

Sure we need patriots, but no patriot has become a successful politician. Not even Ron Paul.

RP is a fantastic intellectual revolutionary, but was a very unsuccessful Congressman. I think Rand is hoping to be a successful politician and I think he's following Ron's advice.

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

I completely disagree.

I completely disagree.

There is no excuse for treason, I do not caer how many people do it.

There are other choices besides R and D you know. All my votes were for Ron Paul people.

I am not defending Washington. You are!

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You vote for "Ron Paul People" but won't vote for his son?????

Seriously???? That's absurd. I'm sure Ron will vote for Rand in the 2016 Primary.

You aren't going to change anything just voting for the Libertarian Party or Constitution Party. There'a a damn good reason Ron Paul left the LP and rejoined the GOP, COMPROMISING his principles for the greater good of those principles. You won't accomplish much in this life without compromise.

Why not join and work within the GOP like Ron Paul asked us to do? I'm following Ron Paul's advice and I'm trying to stay humble and respectful along the way to make friends instead of enemies even if we disagree. I'll support a measure that I do not necessarily agree with (if it is clear I cannot stop it) in order to make friends and gain support 2nd Amendment Preservation locally. Being the lone dissenter all the time is why people think Ron Paul is crazy and why he never had a chance at becoming the GOP nominee even though he was legally nominated.

I carry a Constitution and a Bible in my back pocket every day and whip them out to teach anyone who's interested in either. I'm not defending Washington, I'm trying to change it in a real way. The way Ron Paul instructed me.

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

And you aren't going to

And you aren't going to change anything by voting for politicians that pull the same old tricks on us every day.

I will vote for statesmen, you will vote for politicians.

I will have voted to preserve the Constitution, you will have voted to compromise it.

I will be secure that my vote will be the right one for years to come; you will be complicit in voting for the lesser evil of compromise.

There are plenty of candidates from the "real" liberty movement on the ballot. You just have to look.

At least I had the courage to vote on principle. If more Americans would have done this in just about every past election, we wouldn't be in this situation. Please listen to *any* of Ron Paul's speeches last year and you will see where I am getting this information.

You aren't going to change my mind, or other minds, by attacking me and using emotional words like "absurd????". The Rand apologists' arguments are very abrasive, and that just serves to make me want to point out the FACTS more and more, which weakens Rand's position.

What will help Rand Paul is to admit the truth, acknowledge that people are mad as all getout, and tread lightly. Don't revise history. We all remember, and the 1984 stuff about how Dr. Paul didn't have enough delegates, or compromised by going back to the RNC has got to stop. We all know that Ron Paul was the enemy of the neocon RNC, and never compromised once with any political gang of congress. We all saw the cheating at the RNC, we all saw the teleprompter with the recorded vote, we all heard the resounding NO at the RNC. We all watched the conventions. We remember. We remember. We remember!

Accept it and move on.

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You need to accept Rand's whole record

instead of judging him so harshly for keeping a promise.

http://www.ontheissues.org/senate/Rand_Paul.htm Looks Libertarian to me, certainly not a neocon as you say. Do you even know what a neocon is???? Or is that your word for Republican?

Rand Paul is smarter than either of us and he knows what he's doing.

I would hope anyone with a Libertarian mindset could see that Rand is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better than anyone else who has a snowballs chance in hell at winning. Better than Rubio, better than Bush, better than Santorum, better than Bachman, better than Cain, better than Clinton, better than anyone who's running. He's even better than Gary Johnson, you know, the guy who wanted to get Kony. The guy who got 1% of the vote, less than Ron Paul got....

Thank you for affirming your stubbornness by saying "you aren't going to change my mind". Now I know you're a stubborn ole mule that holds opinions based on emotion and won't change for nothing no matter what evidence comes forth. Use your brain, God's greatest gift to you and think. Think about changing your mind, you don't have to, but you should consider it. I've changed my mind here more than once when people prove me wrong and teach me things. I try to learn from everyone, as anyone can learn unless you're too stubborn and selfish to listen to what others have to say.

I understand why you're mad at Rand, but you must understand that Rand has a really hard job right now. You can't win the Presidency the way Ron went about it, the media and GOP made sure Ron had no chance. However, Rand has the support of the GOP and is the current frontrunner. Go bash Rubio, Bush, Boehner, Priebus...etc. Leave Rand alone.

Also, you keep talking about "real" liberty candidates.... Name one, or 5 or 10. Whatever your definition of "plenty" is. Drop some names.

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

You took my quote out of

You took my quote out of context. I was saying that the way you go about making your points is too abrasive to change anyone's mind. Ad hominem is a turn off for many people and they won't listen to you if you keep it up. Just reread your most recent post for several more examples.

I'm done wasting my time here on this thread. If you don't get where I am coming from by now, you never will. I don't owe you any explanations. I am not your punching bag. Go look up the liberty candidates yourself.


Have u followed his record thus far? Thank God we have him.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

The best Senator we have!

The best Senator we have! I've been following Nima watching him speak to the Senate...he reminds me of someone.

People need to get over the endorsement. It was a move that had virtually no affect on anything. And the vote for NDAA was because there was a clause for protecting Americans from indefinite detention. He explained his position on that...he will always vote for less government.

What if he loses his Senate seat?

It seems too early to commit to something like that. He's the first one we know of, getting in the race, right?

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And to add further drama

You can't run for Senate and the Presidency simultaneously in Kentucky.

Maybe he'll twist some arms in the Kentucky statehouse and see if they can do something about it.

Let's see what kind of a politician he is. Should be very interesting. And dare I say it? Entertaining.

Maybe a bad parallel: A noble

Maybe a bad parallel:

A noble Goldwater made way for a disappointing Reagan.

Has Ron Paul make way for Rand in a similar way?

If so, will Rand be as much of a disappointment as Reagan?

We'll see, and we won't agree.


Does this mean the chance of Ron Running is zero?

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.

I would assume that's fairly

I would assume that's fairly close to the chances of it happening.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Pretty darn close

I'd have to agree.

okay, now who's going to make

okay, now who's going to make a website?

There is a Facebook already

There is a Facebook already with some like 26,000 likes.

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The person who *wants* to

When I started this project for Ron Paul, I really wanted to. I had a deep and burning passion for the idea that this message must be spread.

In this case with Rand, I don't feel that same sense of passion and urgency. In the former case - with the Daily Paul - I honestly didn't think there was anyone who could do it but me. Not in an arrogant way, but in a, "I guess you have to do this," kind of way.

In this case, I'm confident that there are plenty of others who could. And honestly, I'm looking forward to seeing it. I'm looking forward to handing the baton off to whoever wants to take that role for Rand.

At this point, politics has become like a sport. It is entertainment. That is my one piece of advice. And by "entertainment' I mean something that touches people emotionally.

Well, I would if I could. I

Well, I would if I could. I can barely operate my computer.

He pretty much all but said

He pretty much all but said he'll run in 2016 in a fairly recent interview. I could go look it up, but I'm feeling a little lazy at the moment.

Alright. I looked it up.


Around 3:45.

I wish we could get into the mind Rand

Is he really just pandering to the neocons to garner support, and then stand up for true principles of liberty like his father taught him. Or did he really sell out? I wish he would give us an insight into what he truly believes. Its hard for me to believe that having been raised by Ron Paul he would not hold true to his teachings. I guess well see...