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DHS tells computer users to temporarily disable Java

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I've had mine disabled for

I've had mine disabled for nearly two years and haven't missed it at all.

Use noscript

Use noscript


which I use, is awesome and I highly recommend, but in addition to blocking Java it blocks Javascript (completely different), Flash, and Silverlight. The latest version of firefox blocks automatic Java execution so it's your safest bet as an unprotected browser. As usual, IE is the most exposed browser to the exploit. Chrome can be protected, but is not by default.

I AM is all that is. Everything else is malleable.

Is this anything like how the

Is this anything like how the FBI foils all these terrorist plots for us?


Should really permantely disable Windows

Microsoft won't just nickel and dime you to death, they hundred dollar you! Every time in the past when Windows would crash on my computer it was always after an auto upgrade. What a scam! I use Ubuntu now and use no firewall or virus protection. The hackers are always gunning for the Windows platform, if they went after the Linux platform it would kill the servers. Kind of like killing the messenger.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe


I used to work for Oracle (They own JAVA) and I am a big open-source advocate.

Linux is the answer! Just wanted to let everyone know that there is an open-source JAVA called openjdk.java.net. This provides an alternative to the common JAVA. It has pretty much all the same features however it has a large active development community.

Try Ubuntu on Windows today. All it takes is download and run the simple installer. It is of course free, and does not modify your current Windows so you can remove it at any time without hassle.

I find Daily Paul people quite open minded, maybe you will consider looking into some of the alternative Linux systems that are available to you. If you ever need help there are many online communities and public chats available such as IRC to help you.

BSD is the answer. :-)


BSD Is Good Too

I use both BSD (freeBSD)and Linux (Debian +variants). In my opinion Linux is more new-user/non-computer-person friendly. But both are great options over Windows and the other closed source ilk.

Already on ubuntu

Love it.

What's the advantage of

What's the advantage of Ubuntu? Does it block ISP tracking? Give you more privacy? Protect you from malware?

It Can

Compared to Windows it does different levels of all of those things. Due to the fact that Linux is very cusomizable, one can set up their system to address security to their liking. There are many great and free options available to all users.

Wow! I'm

Wow! I'm fascinated...

Currently I use a plug-in for Firefox called Cocoon to protect my privacy and help me from getting viruses, malware, etc. off the internet. Though I'm not sure Cocoon really works.

But I'm really interested in something can be loaded on Windows and used immediately such as Ubuntu. Maybe you can start a thread and file it under Sci & Tech explaining how Ubuntu can protect your 4th Amendment rights.

I think everyone on the DP would jump on it in a heartbeat. In terms of loading an all new OS; I'm entertaining that idea for the long run when I purchase my next laptop or desktop.

I heard GNU is the best OS.

I heard GNU is the best OS. It's free and open source. As computers is outside of area of expertise, What do you think of GNU?


I think it works with Linux somehow. But it's overall UNIX based system.

By Linux I Should Really Say GNU/Linux According To Stallman

If you want to get into the Richard Stallman debate then take a look here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU/Linux_naming_controversy. But in my opinion, contrary to the what Mr. Stallman would have liked, Linux won the naming war not GNU/Linux.

Bottom line is GNU is much more hardcore definition of freedom. But for people new to Linux (GNU/Linux if you will), it has been good for branding to include things such as Android (hardly Linux) and Ubuntu variants (which include optional non-free software).

Linux is still free, just some freer than others. Many people still want to interact with the various Microsoft and other closed source providers, especially in the business world. You can choose the level of freedom that is right for you.

But aren't some versions of

But aren't some versions of Linux branded and not open source? ie Redhat's version of Linux?

I was curious, why wouldn't a business want to use GNU? It would be cheaper and fewer licensing fees.

If You Are Not Already Confused: GNU is the OS of many LINUXs

When you say GNU the assumption is that you mean GNU/HURD (HURD is official GNU kernel not Linux), which is probably not what you mean.

If you read over the wiki article about Linux naming you will learn that GNU decided to use Linux for its first release's kernel instead of HURD. To be nice they put Linux in their name of GNU/Linux. GNU is technically the operating system (OS) and Linux is the kernel (a part within the OS). Unfortunately for the GNU people, mass user adoption of calling the OS by the kernel (Linux) instead of the OS itself left them with less credit; thus the controversy.

But to answer your question, all Linux kernel usage is open source and GPL. However sometimes the OS that runs the kernel is not (such as Android). Yet Android is still claimed to be Linux.

My personal choice has been to always stick with Debian GNU/Linux or variants such as Lubuntu (a light weight Ubuntu variant) which offer the most free and complete package that I am looking for.

Thank you

Great posts on this thread. I watched Revolution OS on youtube and found that stillman was VERY libertarian like. searched google and this came up. I'm really interested in GNU/linux. You should make a thread on some tips and things to do with it :)

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Hmmm, so if you use Debian

Hmmm, so if you use Debian would you be immune to viruses, malware, spyware, etc.? Or is it only free of these problems because no one bothers to make viruses for such obscure OS's?

Linux Security Philosophy

One is never "immune" by using one OS or another. Certain OS security philosophies are much more secure than others. Linux has much fewer security related vectors of attack due to the fact that it has a much more secure philosophy than operating systems such as Windows. The fact that more advanced computer users usually use Linux also making it less of an easy target.

Maybe a PR stunt like the FBI does

to show American sheeple that DaddyGov and NannyState are looking out for them.

I think it's pretty odd that DHS would be putting out a warning for this, either way.

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A virus crafted by the us gov to attack foreign computers was released and they discovered its not going where it "should"

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

Sure it is. This is old news, a couple of years.

Now government steps up and takes the bows and accepts adulation for protecting us.

We need more protection from their foulups!

Whatever, they are overpriced but able to predict history after it already happens. Why should I pay for that?

Free includes debt-free!

I would download NoScript and use that...

It's free and allows you to selectively enable the scripts you need for minimal operation of the pages that you frequent.

I use noscript

And there always seems to be a script here on DP that causes my browser to slow waaaaaay down.

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That Would Probably Be The Web Chat

I have noticed that the Envolve chat does slow the site down on slower computers. Of course, noscript can fix that, but then you loose the chat.


never heard of it but I'll look into it

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Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson been saying this for years.

Java is not the same as Javascript.

Java was developed by Sun Microsystems and is a full programming language

Java is a full featured tool with functions that have allowed secret remote control of a computer through a browser connected to the internet.

Javascript was developed by Netscape and is a scripting language with few capabilities that can be exploited.

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Gibson is a fraud

And should never be cited as the source of anything of authority except professional conning.

That said - yes, java is not JavaScript

Fourteen years on his newsgroup.

I have never seen anything that looked like it was dishonest or failed to perform as advertised.

His one product comes with a money back guarantee and lifetime upgrades. No legal harm is possible, so what could possibly be the con,

No proof, No Links. Enron and Bernie Maddoff and Bernacke run a cons.

Free includes debt-free!

And Benedict Arnold was a great general

Likewise - Gibson wrote good, simple and effective programs, starting at real networks.

It will take me too long to explain. Let's just say Gibson, at least, is a sellout promoter for ziff davis publishing. And at worst,a disinformationalist who paved the way for the birth of spyware and snooping while honing his skills obfuscating the truth with his henchmen shill blogging team.