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The Constitution: A Document of Free People?

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eminent domain, applies to persons.

the income tax violates the provisions of article 1 section 8, which is why it applies to 14th amendment citizens, or persons

amendments dont just require a majority of the states, it needs 2/3 of either the house, senate, or states to be brought up and then must be ratified by 3/4 of the states.

The proper size of a state, maximum size that is,

Is no more than a few counties.

The ONLY proper governmental organization above that level is a federation of states. A federation of states, too, has a proper maximum size which we've exceeded.

The Constitution is a great document for establishing a proper federation.

But it fails because its drafters left it intentionally vague enough in key areas because they DESIRED a stronger central government in the future.

In that sense the constitution establishes a central state, or tries to, but has limits attached on to appease those who at the time opposed such a plan.

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