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Weekend Watching: VICE.COM- Americana 'The Second Revolution'

VICE.com has been one of my favorite media outlets since the mid-90's. They started as a free zine and now are leaders in underground journalism. They were the first folks that got into N. Korea.

This piece is about Oathkeepers, TEA party and Alex Jones. VICE does swing left. I thought this may shed some light on how we are perceived by neutral people.. especially after AJ's recent outburst on CNN.



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Fascinating. Thanks for posting.

It's not the usual sneering disrespect. It is good to try to see ourselves from different perspectives.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Thank you!

VICE is awesome. Those guys hearts are in the right place. The founder is one of us for sure. I wish they would cover Ron Paul. Do a miniseries.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

This must be from 2009 or 2010 I think.

First time I have seen it, although I have seen much of the Charles Dyer footage before. I found the film to be pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised. One thing I liked was there was no weird trippy music while they were talking with the sound track of the voices being slowed down by 10% making them sound lower in tones, with a slow droning hypnotic effect. AJ and Zeitgeist do this in their movies for example. I also liked that more than one idea was presented and each appeared to get equal time.

I thought Hitchens made many great points, and only a couple bad ones. He sounded logical and well reasoned. He appeared educated and articulate.

I like that Charles Dyer sounded low key yet sincere, not resorting to outbursts or hyped emotions. He made is points well. The mistakes he made were well after this film was made. I don't know the full deal but unfortunately He's currently in prison. I believe he got caught for having a stolen M-203 grenade launcher maybe? I know his wife was working with the Fedcoats to make some outlandish accusations that ended in a mistrial, TWICE!, but something did stick and he went away, got 30 years. Sucks, I thought he made a good spokesman for Oathkeepers.

Thx for sharing P. Nich. Definitely a little dated, but well worth the watch.

EDIT: Patriot defense fund for July4Patriot (Charles Dyer)
To send funds please direct the funds to his mom:

Mrs. Dyer
5103 Hope
Marlow, OK

EDIT: The 2012 chipin ended but has a letter by him posted below. http://july4patriot.chipin.com/free-july4patriot-2012

Definitely heavily edited

but as fair as could be expected, I guess. There was an attempt to show the real emotion and passion behind the patriots, but it is doubtful that does anything but scare folks more. If they don't get the Constitution to begin with, how will they understand the deep fidelity and loyalty to it?

Good cuts of Alex.


pretty disappointed

never seen a vice documentary so heavily edited. if you ask these groups chances are a few of them have spent many hours on libertarian literatures and can actually explain things credibly, but the editing job is such that nobody was given 30 seconds or more, mostly are just scenes cutting to people yelling and chanting and putting on skull masks. makes me wonder if this is common practice in other documentaries i've watched by vice. they actually let some ex NY Times reporter do the explaining behind the motive for these protest groups? someone who doesn't share their beliefs to explain their motives? i wonder if the reporter even knows his role and the editing job and who he is trying to speak for from this double-blind editing

talk about only getting one side of the story, even if you tried to shoot this from a progressive point of view. even MSM has the decency to allow at times two equally competent people to see each other in the face, know who they are speaking to and properly debate each other, not have a writer sit in a studio somewhere instead explaining for somebody in the street and try to frame millions of people at once.


I didn't find it to be bad at all. I was surprised they didn't get a few words from AJ.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Havent watched it yet, but

Havent watched it yet, but Vice is usually on point.

i'm 9 minutes into the video

i'm 9 minutes into the video and looking at the comment section on youtube, and these comments are negative. It only shows how pathetic "neutral" people are. Alex Jones is waking a lot of people up while getting negativity at the same time; i think this just proves of what Billy Corgan said, "You (Alex) shock a lot of people out of their trance."

Alex Jones is in the Zeitgeist right now, please don't get full of hate because of the way he delivers his message, a lot of people can still see past that. And there are C.I.A. spook trolls being paid full time to stalk his videos and vomit hateful comments 24/7.


i guess the comments are

i guess the comments are getting better. who cares.

Why didn't they ask Alex Jones about central banking and fractional reserve banking, and nations signing off on the banker's debt of credit default swaps..? He could have elucidated a lot for the people if he had 5 minutes.... but they just want to go to 10 second sound-bytes on his radio show???

And then they make the guy with a lot of books on the shelf behind him, "the straight guy" and the voice of sanity? And he denies that the elite are smart and have a plan? he calls them inept!!!????

i lived right next door to anthony james rothschild when i was 21... these guys have a plan.

That guy with the books was such an idiot, and vice gives him credibility....

I think VICE did this on purpose, VICE wanted them to appear like a fringe group and they succeeded, and some idiot with books gets the credit.


i disagree.

Have you ever run a business or managed people? Keep watching. I share the straight guys view and so does Ron Paul. They may have a plan, but so do politicians. I believe Ron is correct on these issues. The Rothschilds aren't the only game in town.

Trying to control the powerbrokers is like herding cats. All of them have all the money and frankly wouldn't allow the next guy more control.

Vice does lean left.. but notice that the interviewer is rarely speaking. He allows the story to take shape out of the mouths of his subjects. He is absolutely neutral. He doesn't attack or insert his philosophy.

Like it or not, its quality journalism. Most young people do not swing right. This is a fair account of those on the ground.

Vice rocks.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

yeah.... i'm still letting it

yeah.... i'm still letting it sink in. VICE does do quality journalism, but in a world where journalism is a joke, is it that good? Maybe. I did like the Kurdish women brigade fighting in the mountains. and it could have been better, but it wasn't bad, and i liked it.

yeah, you're right, it's in my nature to exaggerate. But as far as the rothschilds go, the plans of politicians mean nothing, they are the puppets for the illuminat, the illuminati will leave them to dry while they go back to their fortresses in europe.


i was a young kid

When I found vice. I loved their style. Smart. Hip. Cool... and SMART!

When they got into North Korea it sealed the deal. Smith could have been arrested at any moment. He kept pushing his luck and ended up with the best expose of North Korea in 60 yrs.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul