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Democratic voters and Republican voters like Rand Paul when he speaks

I know he's a divisive figure around here, and I'm not trying to stir the pot at all. This video is from November 2012 and I thought it was interesting. Rand Paul is already pretty much a household name, something that Ron Paul was not when he ran in 2008. Rand is "more electable" (yeah, I hate it too, but perceptions matter apparently). If people will actually listen to him, apparently both sides of the isle are favorable to what he says.


There's the video. I could talk all day about how uninformed voters are and that people will just vote party lines anyways so it doesn't make any difference. I could say that even if Rand Paul won, and he isn't a sell out but we assume that he is a good liberty-minded candidate, he might not be able to make a huge difference during a term in office. The GOP would likely stoop to their dirty tricks to make sure he doesn't get the GOP nomination. I'm aware of all that stuff, but I do think he has a real chance of being the frontrunner in 2016 at this point.

And just to show that he's definitely interested, go to around 3:45 in the following clip:


If you have something to say, all I ask is that you say it respectfully. ;)

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