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Rand Paul Truce

I have been pilloried in the comments section for my view on Rand Paul.

Let's just say that now is the time for all of us to declare a truce.

How about this:

1) We all are rooting for Rand Paul. His campaign will be exciting. It will be attacked from all sides.

2) We will all defend Rand Paul's defense of liberty-minded ideas all over the internet and everywhere else.

3) Whether we support the GOP or not, we will enthusiastically root for, help out, or support those who are working within it to help Rand.

But, the compromise:

4) Not everyone will be willing to vote for him. Not everyone will even want him to win. Some of us will really support him. Some of us will really oppose his winning.

5) Not everyone will want to give him money. Some of us will give up meals to donate.

6) Some will get heavily involved in the GOP. Some have renounced it.

In other words, this will not be Ron Paul 2.0.

So, we who support not Rand shall not condemn those who in the forums do, and those who support Rand shall not condemn those who otherwise so choose.

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There are a lot of potential

There are a lot of potential Liberty candidates that could run for President in 2016. Personally, I think Rand is the best shot and that's where my effort would go. I will also support any other Liberty guy that tries his luck (like a Napolitano for instance); hoping for a Nap vs. Rand vs. Amash Super Tuesday ;)!. And if Nap were to get the nomination, I would give him as much support as I did for Rand.

I totally get people's reasoning for not being 100% Rand. And understand that they will probably be supporting others to beat out Rand. But, I do expect any Liberty lover to 100% support a Liberty candidate if they are the only one left, which includes Rand. If Rand were to get the nomination, would the Rand doubters support him? Because I'm going to fully support any Liberty candidate if they get the nomination.

Just Sayin

Wouldn't it be nice to get to choose b/w all of them instead of the lesser of two evils? Imagine if we could get some folks to infiltrate the Dem party & get Judge Nap elected as the Dem nominee. Imagine Rand vs Judge in POTUS debates. If nothing else let's get as many running on GOP so they tag team the RINO's in debates instead of other way around. Let's get fake neocons to run & steal the chosen ones moderate votes like they did to Ron! Payback! Let's not battle each other let's work together! Libertarians let's beat them in the primaries! We need to be united and organized! Sorry for the rant!

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. - Matthew 10:16

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Let's not have anyone condemning anyone else.

I very much appreciate your effort at a truce. But it is agressive at its nature, so it will never work. Condemning only leads to escalation. Remember all those "Yo Mama" jokes?

Why don't we all:

1) Respect one another's opinion
2) Not push our opinions onto others, and not make other people wrong for not holding the same opinions we do.

I believe

Not condemning anyone was the authors point. That wasn't in the least bit aggressive and hopefully for the good of the liberty movement it will work.

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