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Rand Paul Truce 2.0

Inspired by This post...

Since it is a sensitive, and potentially explosively divisive topic, may I suggest that we all:

1) Respect one another's opinion
2) Not push our opinions onto others, and not make others wrong and evil for not holding the same opinions we do.

As for me, I haven't made up my mind yet. I will be watching carefully. He's playing a big game of chess, and that is something that I find interesting.

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Y are you people so sensitive

Y are you people so sensitive about rand? it does not matter if he is Ron Pauls son, what matters is his principles. You guys were happy when we criticized Romney as fake, liar, flip flopper without any backbones... y does it become wrong to do the same for Rand? Its better you guys wake up now rather than be in a false delusion only to be devastated later on down the path. Dont use emotion or family to base your support, be critical of ANY politicians. Rand is nothing more than a neocon in ron pauls cloak... besides, if you guys were supporting him based on his charisma, it would be another story, in reality his speecehs lack any passion and are so dull.

from what i can see, Judge is the best candidate now after ron, and may be even Jesse Ventura. atleast they dont pander to the establishment like rand does


"Rand is nothing more than a neocon in ron pauls cloak" is a ridiculous statement.

Is he a neocon for wanting to make military spending cuts?

Is he a neocon for mentioning auditing the pentagon?

Is he a neocon for NOT committing to war on Iran?

Is he a neocon for wanting a less aggressive foreign policy?

-To add, he called out Romney for his hawkish foreign policy

Is he a neocon for being against the patriot act?

Is he a neocon for wanting to end foreign aid? (He even called on Netanyahu to back away from US aid on his trip)
Source: globes.co.il/serveen/globes/docview.asp?did=1000813113&fid=1725

I could go on and on. If he's a neocon, he sure has fooled McCain who he tends to piss off every chance he gets. ...

A game of chess?

I believe in respecting someone elses opinion but I also believe in pointing out the facts. The ones who think he is playing this game of chess are only running on "hope" that he will "change". I for one am already educated on how that turns out.

What I see on here is about half the people think Rand is playing this game of chess and the other half are looking at the facts.

I look at the facts. I judge Rand EXACTLY the same way that I judged Ron, by his principles and his voting record. I didn't just "hope"
that Ron was a true patriot, he proved it to me. Rand's voting record sucks and his actions suck. The pictures of him in Israel with his little white beenie on only adds to it.

If I was one to support a candidate because I "hoped" he would change once elected I would've voted for Romney. But I don't work that way. I didn't support Romney because his record sucks (like Rand's), his actions sucked (like Rand's), and he was a flip flopper (like Rand). There wasn't any reason to trust him. Those are the painful facts.

Does ANYONE truly believe that we would be on this site today or even if this site would exist today if Ron Paul compromised like Rand? My answer is no.

He will never get the support he needs from the grass roots to be elected by being dishonest. His only chance would be if the "status quo" wants him and they CANNOT be fooled.

I have a question for those who think he is just playing the game. Besides the fact that Rand is Ron's son, just what exactly are the facts that give you reason to support Rand and to think that he would change his actions and principles if elected as President?

Thank you for the post. You

Thank you for the post. You spoke my mind exactly!

I accept the truce if people

I accept the truce if people spreading ideas, conspiracies, is protected... many conspiracies are wrong, until ten years later, but the government usually has played a small to medium hand or exaggerated things using media ect. Protect Anarchists, austrian economic thinkers following the line of Rothbard, and people who believe even the constitution is only a shill of what society could be... respect people who like to hear what Adam Kokesh and Alex Jones have to say and truce will be easily won. ill start the truce now

PS. watch for paid trolls, most people are not that mean online

No thanks. I think I'll work

No thanks. I think I'll work with my party from here on out. I don't care about the reasoning, excuses, or "chess playing". Rand endorsed Rmoney while his father was still running. I'm sure he knew Ron didn't have much of a chance, but shit, Ron didn't endorse ANYBODY. Rand could have done the same. Eff him.

If nothing else

He's the best chance we have at making a difference. While at the well, drink deeply.

If nothing else?

For me to believe in this way of thinking would mean that I believe in voting for "the lesser of two evils", which I don't.......

Completely respectable as

Completely respectable as well

He's a politician. His dad

He's a politician. His dad was a statesman.

If ron run again I'll back him.

Denise B's picture

Sounds good to me!

Like you, I have not completely made my mind up yet, primarily because we do not yet know who is going to step forward to run in 2016. If it is Rand against any of the other “mainstream” Republicans, then Rand will get my vote hands down, barring the unlikely chance that he decides to start voting against the Constitution. I do; however, respect others that don’t feel that way and would hope that rather than denigrating others that feel they would support Rand, it would be much more helpful to offer their alternatives, whether it be someone else, or perhaps not voting at all. The reality is, someone is going to be President in 2016.

I also think that it needs to be clarified that expressing an opinion, in a respectful manner, does not constitute “pushing your views on others”. The use of the verb “pushing” itself implies the use of force and stating an opinion is not the same as using threat or force against someone. Let’s face it, nobody on this forum is in a position to force anyone to do anything that they don’t want to do. So, maybe we could start by no longer comparing the statement of an opinion as using force on anybody.

I wholeheartedly agree; however, that the manner in which we express our opinions matters a great deal and it would be a huge step in the right direction if we could all try to treat each other with respect and kindness, regardless of whether or not we agree. Without sounding like too much of a conspiracy monger, it is true that there are some who come to this site with the sole purpose of creating division among us. If everyone who comes to this site with good intentions would make a real effort to speak with respect and kindness to others, those people who are not here with good intentions would be a lot easier to spot and avoid.

Well it was worth a shot Micheal...


People are ignorant....

Ignorant people that want to believe will make up excuses and fantasies in their heads to explain away what is really going on, then they will act surprised or have even more extreme denial when Rand shows his true colors.

You all may have been educated about Ron in one way or another, but you're not "think for yourselfers" you're still a baaaahhhhing, following sheep, following any wind of hope, you're not really awake, just fell onto the liberty side, but will soon be moved forward like lemmings to your demise by the same people that keep the rest of the world stupid.

Rand Paul 2016

unless another liberty candidate gets on the ballot. I see Rand playing a game of chess, going to israel and telling them not what they want to hear but a free market solution to the problem is huge. Rand is getting into dirty water and playing the game but ever since I heard his speech at Clays desk about compromise I expected good things. Liberty!

What in Rands record

leads you to believe in this fantasy?

What does this mean to me?

You don't hate me anymore?

I believe I have always respected your choices, and I have always appreciated your allowing me to grow politically, even within the GOP, though I dissappointed you.

What is happening within the GOP is absolutely amazing. If a truce is what is needed here, though I don't understand.. ok.. to me it's ALL been about educating ourselves and each other.

Rand Paul, Failure, NO is my final answer

It seems an organized effort for some to ram Rand down everyones throat. He is a traitor to his family his country and will never ever ever no matter if you put 2.0 or 19. A skunk can not change its stripe.



If you recognize the tactics at work, why would you say that you haven't made up your mind yet?

I think that it has ALWAYS been obvious what he's doing, and it doesn't take much to figure out that there are certain issues that would become EASY ammunition for his opponents in Kentucky to derail his political goal if he were to vote on the "right" side of liberty.

Combine those observations with first-hand affirmations from the Paul family, and it's really a no-brainer.

Lew Rockwell SUMS UP Rand Paul thusly...

"Rand Paul is not a libertarian; he's a republican conservative."

Can we stop talking about Rand trying to make changes from within?
That's not his plan. There's no evidence to think that.

He was elected on a fiscal platform, not one centered around social & civil liberties.

in Short: He is NOT a libertarian.

This isn't opinion - this is fact.
Rand Paul is NOT one of us.

He is one of

SOME of us, the Neocons infesting us.

So when Ron Paul says

That his platform is that of Taft and the old republicans that doesn't matter. Freedom brings different people together not just libertarians

Some people just like more freedom than others

And some want to be free themselves but want their neighbors ruled. Rand is not libertarian, he threw his support to the Neocon when it counted the most. His little performances to try to regain credibility don't impress. That's what controlled opp. does. Scarborough is doing it, Beck is doing it, it's all lip service.

Record, record, record

His father granted him a little leway, but at this point I don't give a damn who his father is.

And I don't give a damn about what he says.

I care about his record.

The ONLY thing that gave Ron Paul credibility behind his truth bombs in debates and interviews was his long-term, real-conservative record. Without that, Ron Paul would have been just another RINO.

And without a real conservative record, Rand Paul will be just another RINO.

So I don't need to have a truce with anyone. Rand Paul needs to develop a long-term, real-conservative record. And frankly, he's off to a spotty, but decent start.

And yes, I know of Ron Paul's "strategic" moves throughout his career...he has some sore spots too, but he more than made up for those via his long-term real conservative record. Rand is obviously making strategic moves too, but he may not have long enough to make up for them by 2016...so he needs to stay the course for the next few years.

Would I vote for Rand over some neocon even if Rand's record is messed up? Probably (that is if I bothered to vote next time), but I wouldn't donate nor volunteer for his campaign.

Of course I would support Rand 100%

We have not had someone as liberty minded as him in the white house in 200 years. That won't solve our problems. We need to take over all aspects of society, and we will, but this would be a great step. Ron Paul Supports him and thinks he is doing a fine job. That's good enough for me.

Ths system is crashing and we need to be there to rebuild peace freedom and prosperity from the ashes.

Your last sentance

Your last sentance is the message I got from Ron Paul and exactly what motivated me to join the GOP, get a seat, and WORK WITHIN to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.

Some here appear to have an agenda to help crash the system in the name of Ron Paul.

Ron Paul teaches us the LOVE and PEACE WORK.

YES! The system

must be saved. We just need to elect GOOD crooks with their rigged conventions and voting machines and created media reality explaining to us who "won" and will be cramming their version of tyranny on the other 50%.

What have you got to replace what we have?

I'm waiting for an answer.


Can you not conceive of NOT replacing tyranny with "something else"?! Are you SUCH a weak kneed fearful slave you HAVE to be "LED" by wolves pretending to be your friend? I want, not to REPLACE anything, but to REMOVE the yoke from my neck. I am quite happy for YOU to contract for a "Republic" where YOU will be enslaved and ruled, excuse me, "governed", but YOU have no right to force anyone else into it, either indirectly by voting or by direct force, government guns.

I'm not understanding

You say liberty as a means to replace the system we have for a strong kneed omnipotent master like you, to come to my weak kneed fearful slave dwelling, vandalize, rob, rape and tourture my family, slaughter my live stock, and burn my crops at your whim?

I believe replacing the tyranny with people who I trust, like myself, is a solution.

Seems to me, you want to replace one form of tyranny for another, in the name of liberty.

You have a GOOD crook

to replace the thugs running the country? They are going to just stop cheating and let you have fair elections to elect your "good" politician? You do not understand human nature. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Please stop thinking like a woman and think like a sovereign human being. The state class does NOT protect, they exploit and loot. They ARE raping, robbing, vandalizing every day. If you are killed by one of the common people you fear so much the state will not be there to protect you. They will show up afterward, after all danger to THEM is past and draw a circle around your chickenshit body.
The question I have for YOU is why do you have so much faith in the political class and so little in your neighbors and friends? You trust the political class with absolute power but not the common people with liberty.
I'm waiting.