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Rand Paul Truce 2.0

Inspired by This post...

Since it is a sensitive, and potentially explosively divisive topic, may I suggest that we all:

1) Respect one another's opinion
2) Not push our opinions onto others, and not make others wrong and evil for not holding the same opinions we do.

As for me, I haven't made up my mind yet. I will be watching carefully. He's playing a big game of chess, and that is something that I find interesting.

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Who am I fearing?

Yes, there is corruption in our government and the solution is to replace the corrupt with ourselves and work together to not be corrupt,, hold each other to the constitution, thus we become the govenrment we want.

If I am killed, I hope to go to heaven.

If they show up afterwards, I won't care (even if I go to Hell.. I'm not planning on taking anything with me when I die).

It's not FAITH in the politcal class that motivates me, but the idea that it is an error to think others can be a better government than myself.. so I am becoming government I can have faith.. if just in my county district.. hopefully with the rEVOLution I can look further.

I am challenging the politcal class face to face by standing up, getting elected and saying I CAN DO THIS BETTER THAN YOU.. My neighbors agreed with me which is how I became elected.. they signed my petition. beats reading the paper about those who won't.

So your answer

to me is that YOU are that perfect incorruptuble politician??? Excuse me while I barf all over my keyboard. I am sick to death of statists who think THEY know best how others should live. How DARE you.

So now that you've barfed on your keyboard

You admit you are sick.

I'm not perfect.. as for being incorruptable.. I hope I don't have to face that challenge.. but as former whistleblower I'm really not interested in money, fame.. I have no family to worry about.. don't drink, do drugs... so I don't know how someone would try to black mail me or tempt me into corruption.. but if someone put a gun to my head, I'd guess I'd be dead.

Hope that makes you feel better sicky.

Yes. Statists and people pushers

make me sick.
Sick. Sick. How great that YOU are so good, incorruptible and all knowing that YOU think should be running peoples lives. I don't give a rats what you do. You simply have no right to run anyones life because some other idiots were convinced that you should have the power to point a gun at someone else and steal or kill for them. Self righteous ones are the worst. Ugh.


Rand helped sink his own fathers campaign and is in bed with the Neocons. The Israelis own him. He is probably being blackmailed, although he always was a statist.

Ya...and he personally blew

Ya...and he personally blew up WTC 7 and was part of the Sandy Hook conspiracy. You're and idiot.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

Lame attempt to

smear by association and ad hominem attacks. How's the weather in Tel Aviv?

Wait and see?

That is outrageous! What kind of troll are you?! We must pick sides NOW and begin trashing each other! Time's a-wastin' while you dither about pesky little facts and such!

I agree. It is a chess match. I don't like the white team or the black team. Indeed, I don't even like the chessboard, but what I like and what is are two different matters. I have my "pie eyed ideals" and I will take whatever baby steps I find that will lead me in that direction. If Rand gets me closer to liberty, then I'll get closer to supporting Rand.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


Must be in the water. I'm fully agreeing with fishyculture again.

Well put.

Eric Hoffer

I'll concede this

Maybe Rand will maintain his integrity, and maybe he could win.

IF this could be true, I would hate to derail it because of pessimism.

But I won't be deluded and vote according to last name.

I ESPECIALLY won't worship the US Presidency as the road to the golden land.

He will do well

and a Paul Ryan - Rand Paul Ticket is what we will see imho.

Choosing Paul Ryan was choosing to lose

Just as the GOP chose McCain, Palin, and Mitt, they chose Ryan because they intended to lose.

On the Dems side:
Obama: himbo with melanin gimmick
Biden: standard himbo

GOP Picks:
McCain: old, crippled, goiter
Palin: woman, pretty, not connected
Romney: Mormon
Ryan: short, not connected

You know the GOP is serious when it runs himbos: the Bushes, Reagan, etc.

If some himbo (with a bonafide religion) is nominated by the GOP, the script is for the GOP to win.
If Chris Christy is nominated, the script is for the Dems to win.

If Jeb Bush loses weight and they run him, he's in. Until then, not.

Note: I think Perry was their go-to guy, but he sucked in debates.

Rand Paul will run his own campaign.

Paul Ryan and other NEOCONs will not be invited to assist except where they can be kept at arms length.

2016 is our year and they have no proven candidate to run against Rand at a national level.

Perry is done.

Christie is done, he will likely have bypass surgery before 2015.

Rubio will implode in the first 2 debates, totally inexperienced and not a good national speaker.

There is no one more wise and intelligent than Rand Paul. Everyone else has truly sold out to special interests and literally derive their finances from corrupt sources.

Say what you will about Rand, but it is not this way for him.


What a load of crap.

Run his own campaign??? Like he sucked Rombamas @ss, even parroting a speech prepared/vetted for him at the convention?? Get real.

Big AMEN. It seems like a controled effort to ram Rand

down our throats no matter the truth about Rand being just more of the same. Rand is controlled opposition at this point. He has proven to do anything to be in what he thinks is a power position, including betray his father and his supporters. Now he hires paid shills to insult and devide the good freedom loving people that supported RP. If they post 100 Rand is good posts and have thousands to down vote the lies still my final answer is NO and ill down vote it every time.


Get off your knees

Stop being a little girl. Rand is fighting they system with intelligence. You're just being a spoiled little girl that whines.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."


@ss kissing the Israelis and Neocons while pretending to be concerned about big government?? You are hilarious. That is the same "intelligence" we are getting out of every other lip service murdering thief in Washington. This rest of your Neocon rant is just more ad hominem. The lefties love to insult. They think it makes them look "intelligent". Hard to shout people down with insults on the internet like Lenin did at rallies, isn't it?


There is no one more wise and intelligent than Rand Paul.

Praise his holiness, Rand-the-Almighty! Let his unimaginable genius lead us to a new future! I hope that future involves everyone talking of Rand only in a positive light. I mean, I believe in freedom and free speech, but people like AnAppealToHeavenWash and myself have to ensure the stupid people, like those dirty, no good, Rand-haters only elect REAL liberty candidates (even if they aren't so 'liberty-esque') like Rand.

No sitting/former senator/governor able to run for President

Only senators, governors or maybe a speaker of the house will ever get the required media coverage to win the Presidency.

Of everyone I know in these roles Rand is by far the most wise and intelligent; able to hold his tongue and able to use words like fire when it is required of him.

Say what you will.. but who else has Rand's ability to speak. ...No one who has been in those roles as senator and governor.

That is why many Republicans like RAnd Paul even outside of the small dedicated liberty movement.

This is not a liability, it is an asset.


Okay, I'm going to lay this out one more time

Ron was about principle and libertarian philosophy.
Rand is about winning and leans more towards neo-con policies.

Why do you think Rand's "ability to speak" is such a deciding factor for you? Because honestly I could give two sh*ts how eloquent he is. I think no one can deny that Ron was never that great of a speaker, just an amazing teacher.

I'll keep my mind OPEN to Rand, but I won't make a decision yet. You've clearly made yours and I only sarcastically bombast you every now and again because you follow Rand and compliment him like he's a God. You give him more praise than his own father, who without a doubt has done more for the liberty movement than anyone.

So, this is why I get pissed. Rand has passed/voted on little to no legislation, much of which I'm in disagreement to and I'd expect Ron is as well.

For me to vote someone in as president they need to get past my checklist:
1. Have to have libertarian principles (strong national defense, big on civil liberties, low taxes, balancing the budget, no sanctions, no foreign military bases, non-interventionist foreign policy)
2. Have to stick by those principles (Point #1 is useless if they can't abide by Point #2)

You've given your allegiance to Rand well before you've been given yourself a genuine opportunity to glaze over things. 2016 is still a couple years away.


and then when the dust settles after the primaries are over he will agree to be Paul Ryan's running mate.

1. Paul Ryan is a neo-con; if he's VP, I won't vote on principle

2. What makes you assume Rand will pick him? Absolutely no news of the kind has come out.

Hopefully Rand will "wait and see" too.

If he teams up with a neocon, I am OUT. I am not really in yet anyway, but that would be a deal breaker. Put a Paul - Amash ticket together and I am in, even though I consider elections utterly fraudulent at this point.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

He ALREADY "teamed up"

with a Neocon: ROMNEY. Geesh, people!


Ever played chess? Sometimes, your best move is to sacrifice a piece. The Romney nomination was a done deal, not endorsing would have been classier and made me a LOT happier, but it did not really win Romney any, or many votes - not enough to make him president.
Watch his dad. It is a three way chess match, and until I see what Ron does "off his leash" I am reserving judgement on their strategy. Do I like it? NO. But I don't see any reason to do anything but keep watching for now.
Trust me, I do not have my checkbook out with "Rand" already written in, not by a long shot.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

You are in denial, but

You are in denial, but bargaining is next.

You are leaping to conclusions

that do not need reached yet. I have years to watch, and that is what I am going to do. Meanwhile, Ron Paul is hitting the lecture circuit, I find that more relevant.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Yes! Pay no attention

to his record and "PAST". The REAL Rand will save us in 4 years with his secret chess strategy!

It just has to be black and white?

Never forget the past. But sometimes the future gives one the benefit of "hindsight" and with it a little perspective, maybe even wisdom. I am going to wait and see what develops, get whatever "hindsight" may be gained before I make my call. And this is a big backpedal for me, I wrote him off and I am proceeding with my efforts to gain liberty through simple living. But I have nothing to do but wait anyway, I'll keep an eye on him and see what time brings.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Go right ahead

You can't say you didn't know what he was.