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I just read that Sean Hannity said secession may happen if the federal government continues making tax rates too high.

"Hannity rejected the idea that secession is necessarily a “radical concept,” arguing that the Declaration of Independence is itself a “radical document.”

I know some at DP may not like Hannity, but what do you think of his views? I think this is a sign that if a mainstream conservative like him can foresee a scenario where states might secede then it must be on lots of people's minds, not just those who signed those White House petitions. Hannity may as well have added gun registration and/or gun confiscation as another reason for states wanting to secede.

I know most or probably all libertarians believe in a state's right to secede. I certainly do, as an American and free human being. I've been reading about this for a while, and find it fascinating. I'm not advocating secession as I think we should explore other options first, like nullification, civil disobedience, and continuing to educate people.

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I would suspect it to be an attempt to get more ratings from...

the Liberty Movement and reel them in so there still exists a MPM line of communication with them. Plus, judging from the commercials, most of Fox News viewers are likely of the older, baby boom generation and their parents. With that in mind, their ratings are likely dropping dramatically as those people begin to pass on. On the other hand, the youthful Liberty Movement would be good for long-term profits.

Who Cares What Hannity Thinks

Secession brought about by people standing up for themselves and asserting their rights is great. It breaks up concentrated power and restores local control. Support that regardless of what some paid opinion-molder says.

But dont let some agenda be pushed on you where your country is forcibly broken up and factions pitted against one another. There is no problem between states but between the states/people and the totally unaccountable federal government.

I'm Scared of it

If Sean Hannity supports it.

Weird how that works.

Weird how this guy's career started just in time for 9/11.

I'm not a truther, but, weird.

They want a civil war.

Nothing weird about it. If you were a truther you would be over the delusion that they are above killing their own citizens.
So, why do you think the crime scene was totally dismantled and mostly destroyed before an investigation was done? Like "too big to fail" this crime was "too big to investigate?" Forget 9-11. There was a huge crime that began on 9-12. Don't believe me? Go to the scene of any arson and start cleaning up before the investigator gets there. When you get out of prison, tell me if you think there was a crime on 9-12.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.