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Phthalate Ducky!

Me: I had to throw ducky (bath toy) away buddy.
My son: Why (genuinely concerned)?
Me: He was sick.
My son: Oh, why was he sick?
Me: He was filled with bad things.
My son: Oh, but I love my rubber ducky (bemoaned).
Me: I know and guess what?...he said to tell you goodbye and he loves you.
My son: Oh (elated)...why was he sick?
Me: he was made that way...it was not his fault.
My son: Oh.
Me: he didn't want to get you sick too because he loved you.

It is possible to explain the dangers of chemicals to your 4 year old in terms they can understand.

Life goes on...and my son feels loved and is educated even though he doesn't understand what he has been protected from yet.

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