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Video Reminder. Lew Rockwell: Rand Paul is NO Libertarian

He signed the NDAA Bill.
He pledged support for MITT ROMNEY, the Goldman Sachs Candidate, the one who wouldn't change a THING at the Federal Reserve.

As Lew puts it - and most of us agree: You can't change this ENTRENCHED system from the inside anymore than you can change the Mafia from the inside.

Watch & Let us NEVER speak of Rand Paul again:



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The more important part of that video

Starts around 7:40.... Lew Rockwell makes a great case...

"In my view, partisan politics/electoral politics is a corrupt game - it involves all kinds of corrupt bargains, and one shouldnt participate in it"


We need to be withdrawing our consent from the government and the existing political status quo, not joining hands with them.

Negative votes

How dare you bring up relevant information and induce cognitive dissonance....Thou shalt be downvoted for going against hive mentality

or we could not vote for rand

or we could not vote for rand and be stuck with hillary for 8 years....hmmm such a tough choice


In what fantasy world do you conclude we are currently voting for president and our choices for president are only between rand and hillary?

He signed the newest NDAA

He signed the newest NDAA bill that was simply military allocation. It had nothing to do with the old NDAA. Thanks for playing.

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No savvy.

No savvy.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

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He may not be a LIBERTARIAN

But he is a libertarian-minded conservative.

In these dangerous times... we need to lock arms with libertarians...AND libertarian-minded conservatives like Rand Paul and Jim Demint and Sean Hannity....AND libertarian-minded progressives like Dennis Kucinich and Naomi Wolf and the Young Turks..and....the emotions on the sleeve truth-teller patriots like Alex Jones....collectively (oh, how I HATE that word) we need to...HIT THIS BIYATCH...OUT OF THE PARK.

Enough with the stupid psy-ops inflamed INFIGHTING.


For liberty. For freedom.



Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.


What is Jim Demint up to these days? I know he went to Heritage Foundation to do some 'important stuff' but i have not heard much from them.

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Ron Paul is a Libertarian?

Who ran as a Republican......
Because everyone knows that a libertarian becoming president is a far out dream.

I guess im wondering why certain people try to put Rand into the libertarian mold when he has never claimed to be?

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect" - Mark Twain

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June 8, 2012 video. . . why are you posting this again


Why has Rand announced he's

Why has Rand announced he's running for President in 2016, even before Obama's inauguration

Rand could have made the

Rand could have made the difference if he would have stood with Ron instead of selling out, maybe other Senators would have stood up too... whatever, Lew's right, Rand's policies aren't even libertarian anyways

So he doesn't have the pristine honor of being

called a Libertarian.. Okay, you can keep it.

My question to rand haters.. "What's your best anti-rand argument?"




The first person to resort to

The first person to resort to ad-hominem attacks in any discussion is the loser because it means you have no argument.

I don't have enough respect

I don't have enough respect for the op to argue when he says things like "Let us NEVER speak of Rand Paul again" and then "Savvy" in such a condescending way. Further, the op makes no argument. He lets Lew Rockwell do it for him. Rand has explained his endorsement of Romney. His opponent in the Kentucky senate race suggested that he (Rand) might not support the nominee because of his liberty ties. In response, Rand pledged his support in 2010 for the eventual nominee, whoever that may be. I disagree with Lew Rockwell. I question his motives. He is either providing cover for Rand by disassociating with him for Rand's benefit, or he is just looking out for his own liberty cred and thus, his wallet. I like Rand Paul. And I like Lew Rockwell also. But I have my own opinion on many things, one of which is that ALL of this, the Rockwell interview, the op, my comment, your response and this response I'm writing is, at the end of the day, just noise. Ad-hominem shad-shmominem.

There's an NDAA every year,

There's an NDAA every year, the Pentagon can't operate until it's been told what it can and can't do with its funds. It's already been more than explained why Rand voted for it, because they got the indefinite detention amendment altered for Americans (didn't matter in the end because they put it right back in). And then we've got the Romney endorsement stuff here again, which I thought was at least water under the bridge. Rand said before he was even elected that he would endorse the Republican nominee. And he did it on Hannity, further getting more of the blind Republican loyalists to like him. Yet he should've waited you guys say. Even though Ron Paul had lost and surely gave him the go ahead as well.

So his record is 99.9% of Ron Paul's. Guess this guy's ruined! Forget that he's been studying Liberty under his father since he was eleven and fully understands Austrian economics, and forget that he has a huge popularity outside of the Liberty movement which further propels the cause (Tea Partiers clash with Liberty lovers everyday on his social media, and everyday I watch a few more get educated and turned over). Yet doing things a little differently here and there to play the game does no good you guys say.

I completely understand why some don't like Rand as much as Ron. He doesn't do things the 100% Ron way, and I get that frustration. But to completely disregard him and push him down the river as not part of the Liberty movement and refusal to support him at all, is the completely wrong way to go about it.

Libertarians are the Systemic Anomoly

If you understand what the architect was talking about in The Matrix you will see that Ron Paul was Neo. He was there to distract the liberty movement and give them something to hope for. Now it's Rand Paul's turn to be Neo, people will turn to him because there is no one else even close.
Looking around the world it is clear that the collectivists are in charge and they need to placate the people who believe in liberty until they can figure out how eliminate or re-educate us.

I am not loyal

to any party. I am an individual and I vote my conscience.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

By golly he is right! He is

By golly he is right! He is not a Libertarian...he is a Republican. Seriously...I respect LR but come on...

Oh you're going to get it now

Oh you're going to get it now



Yep, Rand has no secret plan.

He will assimilate into the borg, our rights will continue to be taken and men, women and children will continue to die around the world because of our foreign policy. Rand will become a rich, bloated Senator. Its time to turn our backs and move on.

Eh - maybe.

The 2007 campaign really had a "secret strategy" and it was GOOD. Problem was, they needed people to run for PCP to make it work, so they tried to do that sort of quietly, but eventually they had to start revealing the plan so they could get enough people to execute it. It HAD to be revealed and that revelation was part of the demise.
Ron Paul is no dummy. If they have devised a plan, they would learn from that mistake and devise one that they could play close to the vest. I say there is a chance they have a strategy.
Most of all, why decide now? HE has to make decisions, all we have to do is watch. I agree he does not appear to be a libertarian, but he is not Clinton either and SOMEONE will occupy the White House. To be honest, I am FAR more interested in seeing what Ron does at the moment.
And all of politics is a "move on" situation, you have to live your life and the more you can get off their hamster wheel the less impact politics has on your life. But the politics carry on without you, and if you keep an eye on it, occasionally you get a chance to push the herd the right direction.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Sitting over in AMEN corner.

Thats said, I suspect that shills are trying so hard to make Rand appear less NWO by down votes and bogus posts presenting him as a RP substitute. GOP last ditch effort. Even when the DNC GOP corupt paradigm is over they still try to keep it going by leading the opposition back into the GOP. Rand is GOP im done with GOP and DNC.




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