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I noticed there isn't very many auto tuned type songs of Ron Paul or his speeches

So I was looking around and I haven't seen many auto tuned type songs of Ron Paul in debates or of speeches out there I've only seen a handful of short videos.

I think it would be great if we could make some if anyone knows how to auto tune him well enough.

We can make it a DP Project and take suggestions and such from everyone about what clips to auto tune.

I Believe Ron Paul said you can't have a Revolution without music, music is such a great way to get peoples attention for the cause and a spirit and mood lifter for enjoyment.

If we can make this happen I know it will be great.

Feel free to link already auto tuned Ron Paul speeches or songs.

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oh god

for the love of everything please DO NOT do this!

maybe it doesn't have to be auto tuned

But something should be done I don't see why it would hurt.