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Mark Sanford planning Congressional Run

Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is considering a run for Congress. Sanford, a Republican who held the House seat himself from 1995 to 2001, will announce his intention to run early next week, ahead of the January 18 filing deadline. The special election to succeed Scott, who was appointed to the Senate by Governor Nikki Haley last month, will take place on May 7, with a GOP primary being held on March 19.

Sanford will join a crowded and growing field of Republican candidates vying for the House seat, though he is considered the favorite to advance to a likely primary runoff on April 2. Sanford has deep roots in the coastal district, which includes much of Charleston. The newly redrawn district also encompasses the Beaufort and Hilton Head areas, where Sanford grew up and still owns a farm.

Sanford gained a reputation in the House and later as governor as a libertarian-minded budget cutter, with a record that may appeal to the well-organized Tea Party and conservative grassroots of the district.


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Sanford Announced Today

Saw his FB Post.

Heres a news article; Google it to bypass the paywall.


I learned about him from the

I learned about him from the Southern Avenger and thought he was a pretty good Governor before the scandal. I hope he wins.

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

No thanks.

Only if he comes out talking about Bilderberg and turns it into a central campaign theme :-)

They destroyed him because he didn't play along with their game. Lets see if he can destroy them.


I do not know people do it. Get caught red handed in some sort of scandal and then get right up in front of people with a straight face. Is there something I do not know about here. Lol


Sanford engaged.

Sanford is engaged to the woman from Argentina.Enough time has passes that most people will not focus on it. Compare Sanford to Bill Clinton on Scandal. I liked Sanford when he was in the house and as governor. I'll be happy to have him in the house again.

For Liberty,


Thanks for the update

I am not picking on the former Governor in particular and agree with you on Clinton. But even with time passing????

This being said Sandford seemed like he some good things.

Must have too much conscience :



Sanford is an immoral idiot. I can't believe he has the balls to run for office again. His wife was the brains....I heard she might run against the slime ball. I hope so.

This Post Is A Duplicate Of The One Posted On 1/11/13

This Post Is A Duplicate Of The One Posted On 1/11/13

Mark Sanford set to run for congress again
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Searched for link

The Article I linked to did not show up on the Daily Paul's search feature. Sorry if the article I linked to had old news. I'll have to search on topic next time.

Oh I wish SC Butterfly was here

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