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My Closing Argument on the 2013 Gun Debate

My Closing Argument on the 2013 Gun Control Debate

Opening Statement
The gun has been a staple in the tool box of mankind for hundreds of years. Throughout history individuals have used this tool to defend and to provide for themselves. The gun encourages people to act responsibly and respectfully when dealing with each other, and governments when dealing with the people. The right to bear arms is not only good sense, but is also protected by the constitution for good reason.

The Constitution Protects Gun Ownership so the Individual can Protect Liberty
There is a reason why guns have a special place in American law, history, and culture. The famous “Shot Heard Round the World” was fired in Lexington, Massachusetts, and marked the beginning of armed rebellion against British tyranny. While on route to confiscate firearms and to arrest outspoken patriots Sam Adams and John Hancock, the British military clashed with armed freedom fighters at Lexington and thus begun the war for independence. America’s founding generation understood that if patriots are denied their right to arms, they are essentially denied their right to protect against oppressors, and will end up oppressed. It is for this reason the second amendment of our Constitution provides, “...that the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The second amendment cements the individual’s right to protect their life, liberty and property against tyrannical men by the right to arms. Those who call for complete or partial disarming of the American people ignore the reasoning behind the second amendment and will leave America vulnerable for tyrants.

Guns Can Prevent Tyranny
History is littered with terrible reminders that government is the most dangerous threat to a free people. It is not unreasonable speculation to imagine the suffering that gun confiscation or abridgment often leads to. Aside from the classic example of the American Revolution, imagine all the societies that could have been saved if more persons had access to self defense. Perhaps if the Germans resisted gun control measures Hitler could never have put an entire nation under a trance of evil. Perhaps, if gun control failed under communism then millions of people across the world would not have suffered under its oppressions.

History Proves Americans Can Handle Gun Ownership
America can handle gun ownership. In fact, analysis of statistical evidence suggests that England is a more violent place than America, and they have zero guns. To take away some or all arms will not ensure less violent crime or a less violent society. Americans are not as violent as some would have us believe; and that is despite our guns, and the ultra violence fed to us by Hollywood/video games. And so, it is clear that it’s the person carrying the gun and not the gun itself that is at the root of our fears. Americans are a civilized people.

America’s track record proves that we can handle gun ownership. Roughly fifty years ago Americans could purchase mail order guns without background checks, paper work, registering. In fact, the US post office itself delivered the firearms to the citizenry. The ease of obtaining fire arms did not plunge society into a plague of massacres.

The recent mass shootings (mostly occurring in gun-free zones) are more an indictment against the prescription medication that scrambled the brains of the shooters than anything else. Poor parenting decisions are not to be over looked as well.

Instead of looking honestly at these tragedies, these shooting are exploited by those who wanted to disarm society all along. That is, by those who fear an armed population of good people; i.e., the politicians. Bad people can always get a gun simply because they do not care about the laws. More gun legislation will merely ensure that good people will not be armed and that more power is given to those who are.

To those critics who fear the gun culture in America; even with our guns, Americans are a very tolerant people. Consider all that government authoritarians have done to erode liberty in this country and not yet has anyone or any group taken a real step toward violent revolution. No violence, even though the Federal government unacceptably violates the ownership rights to our bodies, retirement, wages, and healthcare. The government violates our bodies when it forces us into choosing between a grope or a naked picture at the airport; it hijacks ownership of our future when it forces us into government run social security; it denies us the full benefit of our labor when it takes wages out of our pay check before we even get it; it seizes the value of the money in out wallets when it causes inflation; it gives our tax money to wall-street firms and those same firms kick us out of our own homes when we cannot pay their bills; it even denies us autonomy over our very own health when it forces us into Obamacare. And so it follows, that we do not fully own our bodies, retirement, wages, not even our own health! All this injustice, and has any one seriously taken up arms against our corrupt government? No! But remember, Lexington; there is a tipping point. Let us hope this gun grabbing controversy is merely used by politicians to score political points with hysterical voters scared over the recent shootings.

A Partial or Complete Ban of All or Some Guns Will Never Work
Whether calling for a complete ban on firearms, semi autos, or semi auto rifles- it will not stop people from obtaining these weapons. Government failed on the drug war, failed on prohibition, and fails in just about everything, why would it succeed in this? Government cannot even keep drugs out of prisons! Besides, America does not have the money to enforce more gun laws. In case the gun grabbers haven’t notice, America is broke!

Gun Confiscation May Save Some Lives but Only at the Expense of Others
In arguendo, if there were zero guns in America that may very well mean those twenty or so children murdered at Sandy Hook would still be with us. But who knows how many other people would have died without the gun. Let’s not forget all of those people who saved themselves, saved their families, and saved others because they had the benefit of a gun. Without being armed they may not be with us today. And let us not ignore all those crimes that did not happen because the criminal feared their potential victim may be armed.

Gun Free Societies Do Not Equal Mass Killing Free Societies
Even in gun free countries mass school killings still occur. Ever hear of Xinyang City, China, to name just one. So what is more logical to you? Disarm and deny responsible gun owners the effective protection of all or some (semi-autos) firearms just because of a few mad men; of which does not even ensure that mad men will not go on rampages? Or instead, to allow a few qualified people (principles, deans, etc.) at our schools to conceal carry guns only to be drawn in the evident of a mass shooting?

A good guy with a gun is better protected from armed criminals and crazy men. A good guy without a gun is unable to protect themselves or others from armed criminals and crazy men.

True, if you take away all guns then you may never have to worry about the one in a million chance of being in a mass shooting; but, you will have to worry about the more likely chance of being victim of a violent crime perpetrated by a criminal who knows you are not carrying a gun.

Closing Statement
It is our right to protect ourselves from violent men whether those violent men are street thugs or thugs operating under the banner of government. To those who seek to ban rifles: the second amendment protects our right to guard against illegitimate government, either foreign or domestic, and a free people cannot effectively guard against such a government with a six shooter. To those who seek to ban all guns: the gun is a tool, and responsible people should not have to give up their tools of protection just because of a few irresponsible lunatics; if we did this, we would the lunatics because that would only ensure that bad people will be armed- much to the peril of those unfortunate enough to encounter them.

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