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The Alex Jones national FREAKOUTS hurt Liberty gains!

I recorded this last night on my lunchbreak....

I have been downvoted exponentially because, going back to Sandy Hook day, Alex invokes Ron Paul's name .... and then leaves an overall impression that he and his followers are nutjobs.....

Nobody is "chewing on the meat, and spitting out the bones" with Alex.Jones; a great many of us walked away from him a long time ago....and now....we must push him away from being associated as a national primary media outlet for Ron Paul's campaign, or, our liberty positions....

Downvotes are not argunents, that's trolling....thinking Alex.Jones is gonna "wake up the masses" and get Liberty candidates catapulted to the top through primaries and into Republican nominations in General Elections(where we must still use that vehicle to gain seats in the state or national legislature) is lunacy!

We fight this battle for our Republic Ron Paul's way....exemplifying maturity and promoting statesmanship. Unless you want to call Larry Pratt an idiot, for not understanding the left/right paradigm(as he expressed his sore displeasure with Boehner and the Republican leadership "folding like a cheap suit" in the fiscal cliff tragedy); you best find us a viable 3rd Party option that the likes of Judge Napolitano, Rand Paul, Tom Woods, and a Peter Schiff would get behind and FUND heavily....and immediately...because it's time to start organizing our 2014 candidates' campaigns!!!

Here is my knee-jerk VIDEO response to all this pro-AJ nonsense I've been enduring...

The Huff Post rant is not even 24 hours old, and we can't have this relevant and timely debate?
Truth is...onslaught of right-wing talk radio will make a poster boy out of him, as is the left already....and his listeners, which are Ron Paul supporters....my concern is legitimate.

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Let it die.

How long are you going to keep beating this dead horse?

If you want to keep beating your meat, then take it someplace else. I'm closing this thread.

He's the man.
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RP went on AJ's show the day after the rant

Ron Paul is invoking his own name in this stuff.

This site has gained thousands of new visitors and members after the AJ rant.

Alex Jones rant is the reason democide is a top search online right now. The thing went viral because he went off and thousands are awakening because of it.

AJ is a part of the liberty movement whether you like it or not.

Spend your time slandering others like Feinstein, Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, Obama, Boehner, Bushes, Ryan...etc.

Quit wasting time slandering your own people and dividing the movement.

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

Utter Nonsense!!

When I down vote something it's because I disagree with it.
I wonder if it's possible to be a troll yourself and not even know it...Hmm

"Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vise"

How many of us would be aware of what's happening on this totally corrupted planet if it were not for Alex Jones?


yeah.....I'm a troll...

Corrupting the Daily Paul....

When you get the MESSAGE of Liberty, and understand what Ron Paul is going for....you organize and influence people in your own backyard like this!!!!


You don't hand out Loose Change videos and insult people who won't scream "we're in danger, you're in danger" ... That's not how you contribute to the ACTUAL "national conversation"!!!

I have no

argument. It is my opinion that AJ likes to give truth here and there, but in the end he offers no solution to any problem we are facing. He seems to put words in Ron Paul's mouth.

OP you and I both know there will be hoards of people voting us down into oblivion b/c they like AJ and we don't. I doubt anything we say will change that. I am not sure why people think that there is no major psyop going on in this country. The CIA does it EVERYWHERE else, why wouldn't they do it here???

All we can do is hope that people actually investigate AJ, and do it with the intention of finding the truth and not proving themselves right.

Not one single person here has offered an explanation for why he took over the gun rights rally in Texas, why he caused mass hysteria during Y2K saying the Russians were coming, ect. If people want to stick their heads in the sand, there is nothing we can do about that.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine


....the solution is, REPLACE these bad big government/central government/bought-and-paid-for politicians and lobbyists with real selfless common citizen statesmen who get it, and CARE about our posterity more than themselves.

That's the Ron Paul peaceful revolution that was happening, and gaining ground....nobody acting like.this will ever get a speaking spot at CPAC to highlight our cut-and-slash government/spending positions to conservatives and so-called Tea Party voters....

We have to call Alex Jones' tactic what it is....a deliberate move to DISCREDIT us all!!!!

Are You Perfect?

I think your being a bit short sided.. Don't blame the messenger for he is not PERFECT...



The difference between AJ and RP is that though they both wake people up, RP INSPIRES people do go out and do positive things. Things that can and will help. Of all the times I have watched AJ, I've seen no inspiration. He just incites anger and fear. It is the opposite with RP. He gives hope.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

What's with all the Damn judgement on here?

Alex Jones Is A Bullhorn To wake People out of their trance. That is what he does well.

It's working!!

Ron Paul is a statesman

So after you have been awoken from your trance
there is someone to offer an alternative.

Guess What?


What is your role in all of this?
What our your faults?
Do you have any?




...key word there....bullhorning bilderberg limosines....and his other stunts....it's really stopped "them"....

Free speech, sound MATURE arguments and restrained outrage works....not the Bohemian Grove crap and the black t-shirts and yelling!!!

Tell Alex to go on a college tour to persuade the young with the Ecoscience book and the shouting....think YAL would invite him and promote him?