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Ron Pauls HQ reveals strategy...Awesome Radio Interview

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Jesse Benton, Matt Pyeatt (Ron Paul's Grandson) and Dr. Ryan Osborne spoke out on what's happening inside the campaign last night on Ron Paul Revolution Radio's "Generation Liberty" which is also hosted by Matt Pyeatt and Dr. Ryan Osborne.

They addressed the concerns of supporters about how the campaign is spending money and assured listeners that there is a well thought out and deliberate strategy to win the nomination. "Be patient, Ron Paul's has been in this a long time, he knows what he's doing. He's certainly the tortoise who is going to win the race, so please be patient, he's smart!" "And keep in mind we are only 3 or 4 states into it and we have a tremendous amount of time left and we still have this money." Jesse indicated the campaign is working toward a big win on February 5th and they're hoping people don't forget the upcoming money bomb on the 21st of January. He said Ron Paul needs the money to accomplish their goals and they also don't want the old media to spin the lower numbers as an indication decline in his campaign.

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Generation Liberty

Matt Pyeatt

Hey guys,
Just to let everyone know -- Ryan and I had just read a thread about the billionaire and we were having a lighthearted conversation about how nice it would be. I just wanted to give a clarification of that.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in for the show. We are on rprradio.com on M,W,F from 7-8pm CST.

Matt Pyeatt

all need to hear!

all need to hear!

Good link.

From Ron Paul Radio. Interview w/ HDQ. Check it out.
Jesse Benton describes inspiration of working close to Ron Paul.

Just my thoughts...

A billionaire can...
1. Buy commercial airtime (like we're doing with the blimp)
2. Buy printed media space (like we've been doing in newspapers)
3. Produce his/her own commercials not endorsed by RP, but FOR RP nonetheless (like the Liberty Foundation (?) did)
4. Do everything we can do, but bigger and faster.

He can't give more than $2,300 directly to the campaign.

Keep doing what you're doing. Moneybomb and all. Why would a billionaire waste money if the grassroots fail to march on? Think of this as a wind to our back, not as a rope pulling us forward.

Ronald Reagan said, "Trust, but verify." We'll trust in Ron Paul. The billionaire will verify himself if it's true. Let's hope he's real, who cares if he isn't?

About Ross Perot...
He has reared his little head again, for the first time in a decade, through the MSM. He said he intends to vote for Romney. Read between the lines here: I AM voting for RP, but I have emailed the MSM to say it's unfair to exclude Kucinich from the debates. We'll see what happens.

Until then, march on!

What I hope

I hope for a running mate like Ross Perot. He has the bucks to support this campaign as well as supporters out there. I think the two of them would make a great team...

Running Mate?

We think....better than Perot....would be Judge Napolitano

If you remember...

a little while back there was quite a bit of excitement over a commercial which was under production, in California, and when it might be aired. There was discussion whether this might be aired nationally.

Was this a hoax? Or have I missed something? Or does anyone have any updates?

Save Our Generation

Are you talking about the "Save Our Generation" TV commercial made by eLiberty? It is really good and should be run nationally.

I think I found...

...what I was referring to in another thread:

Here is what cactus1010 wrote:

Didn't Ron Paul's campaign spend $10M + on that 30 minute commercial, I believe it was for Iowa...Don't you remember, it was an infomercial type ad and was filmed in Hollywood and I thought I read it cost $10M. That number may have also included the air time... it was to run all weekend in Iowa...

" The 30-minute infomercial to be shown in Iowa is also spot on in .every aspect. Kudos to the campiagn staff." (http://www.lewrockwell.com/blog/lewrw/archives/017856.html)...

"This 30 minute infomercial is going to be airing in Iowa all next weekend. It's a pretty good rundown on Dr. Paul and and his positions. Plus, it's from the campaign itself" (http://theroguenation.blogspot.com/2007/12/dr-pauls-infomerc...).

"we got a billionaire on our side" Who is this billionaire?

Ok, I got flagged as spam when I tried to ask this question in a post so I am going to try it here.

At 2 minutes and about 32 seconds into this radio broadcast they say and I quote: "we got a billionaire on our side" Who is this billionaire?

I do Not believe for a second

that a "Billionare" is going to do what, (?) be able to help out this election effort?! Sounds more like a get their hopes up and slam them again thing. There are rules for contributions and we can't get distracted thinking we are finally going to get some "crumbs" or goodies from anyone. This IS a grassroots and they have Very Large Containers Of Weed Killer. We just have to push on like never before. BILLIONARE...SMILLIONARE

Just co announcer

It wasn't jessie benton or any official campaign person who said that. Definitely not official.

It was Ron Pauls grandson

It was Ron Pauls grandson that said it from what I gather.

(I wondered too but felt

(I wondered too but felt stupid =( because I thought it maybe was common knowledge)
*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

Well, this billionaire is

Well, this billionaire is not the one just out the door to put up Ron Paul pamphlets that I just printed out ;)

I am going to hit laundry mats today and any place else that has a bulletin board that I know of. I may try walmart and some shopping centers too.



Paulverize campaigning

Remember that many poor people apparently don't vote according to stat's. Wal-Mart has many classes of people, but would tend to go to the wealthier, mid and upper-mid class area if you can. Just a thought.

Bob W., Naples, FL

True...maybe the billionaire

True...maybe the billionaire could send me some much-needed rent money. Oh, right that would be Hillarycare I guess....
Yuck...wash-mouth-out-with-soap, quick!
*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *


ignore billionaire hoax.

I will ignore you how is

I will ignore you how is that, did you ever even listen to the radio broadcast?

I am going to call you a name now..........get ready.........Idiot!!!!

If We do....Let's get him on a Third Party VP slot


Ron Paul'08

Newcomer to Ron Paul

I just discovered Ron Paul and his message a few days ago. I gave my first contribution and I will continue to give if I get some feedback on how the money is being spent. I was surprised by the eight million left out of 30 million in this interview.


Dr. Paul is a fiscal conservative and will use the money wisely. I will donate more come Monday!

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Welcome, George!

What convinced you?

Bob W., Naples, FL


enjoy the ride to freedom.

Thats wonderful!!

Welcome to the Ron Paul Revolution!! Money goes fast in campaigns and rest assured Ron Paul will spend it wisely as you can see from his track record.


Hey, George

Welcome aboard! You made the right choice.

"He who exercises government by means of his virtue may be compared to the north polar star, which keeps its place and all the stars turn towards it." Confucius

"He who exercises government by means of his virtue may be compared to the north polar star, which keeps its place and all the stars turn towards it." Confucius

Let's make one more big money push!

We can't drop the ball now......let's show the establishment that Ron Paul has the support to be a long term contender, regardless of their press coverage. Everybody can chip in $25-$100.........we need the numbers. What about the Fed matching funds?

alan laney

What about the matching funds?

Ron Paul has stated unequivocally that he will not be taking matching funds. The only ones paying for Paul's campaign will be those who actually support it, fully compliant with his principles.

No matching funds...

will be disbursed to ANY candidate until the Senate votes on and approves the new appointments. Four out of six "FEC governors" must be present and approve this disbursement of funds. All terms have expired except two and the Dem controlled Senate is refusing to approve the new nominations.