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Black Boxes of Mystery (current news in local paper)

Black Boxes of Mystery

*Local report on the thousands upon thousands of black coffin shaped boxes in southeast Atlanta

By Danielle Everson deverson@covnews.com 770-728-1412

Are they makeshift caskets for pandemics and war? Coffins? Septic tanks? Did the CDC, FEMA or another federal agency order them in case of mass casualties? People driving down Interstate 20 west from Covington may have noticed row after row of black coffin-looking boxes lining a portion of Almon Road. But what are they really?


The article goes on to quote the Vice President of Vantage Products Corporation as saying this is all basically legitimate private business.

Questions are, "Why all of a sudden so many?" "Are the numbers the VP is quoting accurate?" People who have gone by and posted videos say there are way more. "Didn't the owner of the property in Madison actually tell some folks a few years back on video that they were property of the CDC?" Last, if these are that much in demand, why does the inventory seem stagnant to the extent that there are at least three of these vast storage lots in southeast Atlanta alone?

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