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Sandy Hook Planned: Weeks Before Massacre

Video Tribute Video Uploaded Weeks Before Massacre!

Heavy stuff (gives me a headache) - 5 min video.

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This is important and needs to be clarified. Please get this straight and please don't take it out on Dutch, he does do some pretty good stuff.

Dutch detracts video here:

AND see: http://www.dailypaul.com/269910/sandy-hook-shooting-which-sc... for important announcment.

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What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

joe ametrano

vimeo page can no longer be found.

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It's completely gone.

Conspiracies are alive and very well.

Wow, the story gets stranger

Wow, the story gets stranger and stranger.

Yesterday I found Joe Ametrano's vimeo page. But your right, it's gone! This was the URL but it no longer works:


Interesting insight here:


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It Doesn't Make Sense

Why go to all the trouble to stage the massacre but botch something as simple as waiting for it to occur before launching social media? It's not as though launching social media expeditiously would even have been essential to the operation.

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Sort of like announcing that WCT7 had fallen when it hadn't yet.

Are these people that dumb?

I'm sorry but I don't think this guy is correct

I am convinced that Sandy Hook was a pre-planned operation involving multiple individuals, and that Lanza was a dupe at best if not a full-on patsy, but I don't think the claim being made in this particular video is correct.

I have a Vimeo account. If I log-in and click on "Videos", it takes me to a list of my videos. If I click on the little "gear" icon next to a video, it takes me to the "Video Settings" page for that video.

If I then click the "Video File" tab, there is an option to "Replace this video". It says, "Use this if you would like to replace this file with a different version. Stats, comments, and likes associated with this video will not be affected."

I don't know if the date is updated when you do this, but I strongly suspect that it also "will not be affected." So, Joseph Ametrano probably replaced one of his old uploads with the Sandy Hook video.

I'm not saying 100% for sure that this is the case, but it provides a plausible explanation. I don't feel like replacing one of my old videos, so I can't test it out, but if someone else wants to do it on their account they can confirm or refute whether or not the date changes.

So create a new video place holder

and then change it the next day. Simple enough.

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I find only four videos on this page, not 87 videos.

What is going on here?

Same here! I just looked for

Same here!

I just looked for joe ametrano. He has only 4 videos. At this link:
...which is the same link you posted.

It's very possible that someone intervened and pulled the video. Who knows...

Also, the guy in the video mentioned searching videos from 1 month ago. Not sure how to do that, nor if it would make a difference. It's also annoying that you can't post any comments on his youtube video. Those comments often have interesting leads. Lastly, I wish he uploaded a high quality youtube video of the full vimeo video. Then we could see the actual date and watch the full video.

Glad to see someone else on here is also trying to find this vimeo video.

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crit.org (which no longer works) could have helped with comments

Years ago, the Foresight Institute (created by Eric Drexler of "Engines of Creation" and "Unbounding the Future" fame) created a site crit.org which was a way of marking up any web page. One would have to view the web page through crit.org, and then one would see the markup.

With a technology like that, we could have comments on any web page, and provide a link to the page which contains those comments, e.g. for http://google.com it would have been something like http://crit.org/page/google.com.

I'd be interested in throwing some resources at this, if anyone wants to start this project up again. (crit.org is now a computer security blog, it appears.)

Here's a page at Foresight discussing it, with a link to it, but of course it's no longer functional: http://www.foresight.org/WebEnhance/index.html

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can you edit post dates like with wordpress posts?

just wondering

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Take a look at these links.

This fund raiser is a competition to see who has the best story. You win a prize.

Why did the FUND RAISING start immediately? or was it before the shooting? All about money in the end?

Website made Dec 11, 2012

"Want to star in our upcoming testimony video? Why not send us a 2 minute video sharing your story. Send your video to support@youcaring.com."


ALL social media "evidence" is now suspect, please watch:


I DO NOT KNOW. I do not have facebook or twitter, but these guys took the time to try it and found they CAN go back and change the text of tweets. Others claim you can go back and replace an old story with a new one on facebook, leaving the old date.

I see others out there debunking this debunking, but at least be aware of the questions with these questions...

But bump for asking questions!

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LINK! or it didn't happen.

LINK! or it didn't happen.

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Link would be nice....

...but I am not one to believe everything I see on Youtube anyway. Some internet jockey with no first hand knowledge slaps together a video and all the sudden it is the gospel truth to a bunch of people.

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In the video

He said there were links below, but no links and comments disabled...
But what it comes down to, if no one is willing to take action on evidence provided, it won't matter!
Look at all the evidence against Obama! Congress is afraid of him!

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Possible real evidence here ...

... this is the Google cache of how this webpage looked on December 11, 2012:


If this is valid Google cache, then this webpage existed 3 days before the event.

Also note: Georgetown University is a known recruitment ground for future spooks.

BTW: The Vimeo stuff has been refuted by the guy who uploaded the videos, saying that he can (and did) switch out videos but the dates stayed from the original videos. Don't know if that can be done, but that is his claim. On the other hand ... THIS Google cache above seems to be legit. We'll see if anyone can refute it.

PS: Another strange thing is that the Vimeo guy's name is the same name as a guy who owns an ice cream shop that is a block away from the Skull & Bones address at Yale University. Could be just another weird coincidence.

I read the top of the page on the link you gave

It says "It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Jan 3, 2013 06:46:26 GMT." It is not a snapshot of the page from December 11, 2012.

Somebody makes a typo on a blog post (perhaps it was supposed to say December 21 not December 11), and all the sudden it is part of a cover up. This BS is tiring.

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

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Sandy Hook victims' tribute posted before the shooting!!!

It would be great if you could also include the vimeo link as well. This is really looking ugly. Was anyone even killed?

The only drawback to this evidence is that can the upload time stamp be fudged? In an electronic world, I feel anything is possible. But if that upload time stamp is genuine, this is really looking ugly.