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Marine Shows Alex Jones How To Debate Piers Morgan & Fox News About Guns

Former marine Joshua Boston shows Alex Jones how to debate Piers Morgan
I AM NOT YOUR SERVANT - Marine Joshua Boston to Dianne Feinstein

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Close but no to OP

This marine did a fine job. As far as him showing anyone else to communicate their personal beliefs I think your point is far from made.


Liberty = Responsibility


other Americans are threatening other Americans to be SHOT with a gun who belong to or favors the NRA and Constitional beliefs? Does that mean we and our families are in danger because we believe in the Constitution of The United States, not to mention our freedom of speech? Does this mean another American wants to kill an American because they find difficulty in that belief?

Does this mean the controlling powers have influence over American citizens, THE PRESIDENT, elected officials, education leaders, news and entertainment media, pharmaceuticals(Drugs), our food, taxes, finances, rights to private property, foreign country domination by the US, the killing of thousands of foreign human beings by the President, KILLING AMERICAN CITIZENS, the military industrial complex, social media, our on-line presence, the monitoring and recording of every computer digit and voice, the face and voice recognition of every person in the United States, the worthiness of each single person to live and express their faith...I can go on and on but must stop because my dialoged ends when I flash to an American wanting to kill an American because one believes in the Constitution of the United States of America?

Has any one of you killed another human being...I have. Vietnam was the worst nightmare anyone could imagine, especially when you know you killed someone in combat who must have loved his family just as anyone who walks among us in their daily commitment to life, and then you look over to your buddy and he is dead. Not a day passes without this visual implant. Guns, when used against another, are the most despicable destructive device in this worlds' society, however I cannot find any reason to make them illegal unless no guns existed anywhere on the planet either civil or military. God forbid, then we will be reduced to using the most dangerous weapon of all, our brains.


“The Second Amendment Must Survive or our Freedoms Will Perish”


Paint Dry Boring

Attention spans, and remote controls...

Flip, click, next.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Eloquent defense of the

2nd amendment. Piers Morgan is pwned by another personality type. Education on firearms is a great idea. Training for teachers is good local politics. Imagine if the left promoted education in defense of the 2nd amendment. (Let no crisis go to waste?) Instead, they're fomenting a Constitutional crisis. Where I grew up, liberals were armed.

Think about

Public schools actually teaching the intent of the framers of the United States Constitution, or the rights of the individual under the United States Constitution. If public schools actually taught our system of government we wouldn't have Americans referring to the United States as a democracy. They would know better.

I'll take Jones

for 1000, Alex.

Leges sine moribus vanae



I have been waiting for many years

for someone to get in a TV interviewer's face and unload. I was delighted beyond words to finally see it happen. The marine is not that good of a speaker.

I think both Alex Jones' and

I think both Alex Jones' and this person's interview were good. They were both presented very differently, but I think there is a need for both approaches. Alex got me fired up, this person's approach seemed timid imho, but also appealed to a crowd that perhaps Alex may have turned off. Though honestly, I think most people have made up their mind on this issue regardless of how the issue's presented.

I would refer you to

Larry Pratt's interview. Larry Pratt did an excellent job of putting Piers in his place, so much so that Piers resorted to calling him names. When liberals resort to making it up as they go along and someone calls them on it, they resort to name calling. Piers showed himself to be nothing more advanced than a five year old having a temper tantrum.

sounds like the free market

sounds like the free market to me... one gets viewers one way and the other gets viewers the other way... but dont speak to loudly the silent majority will down vote you, they are actually a socialized moral elite

I'm a former Marine. This

I'm a former Marine.

This guy looks like a hippy and needs a good shave and a haircut. Please God, not another hired actor. I don't even want to go there....

He wrote a letter to the Crypt Keeper...and it went, "viral."

I agree with everything this man said, and no, I do not doubt that he is a real Marine.

But WHO is in control of the conversation? How many people either fell asleep, or turned the channel after watching for 2 minutes at most?

Nobody paid attention. This interview did not go viral. Why?

Because the dude was BORING. His voice was monotone and flat.

A good professor speaks with conviction to his class. Confident, loud, and very clear.

If one does not, "entertain," the, "students," with a little showmanship and bravado, the entire class falls asleep.

This man talked way too soft, and didn't carry a big schtick.

I know only one thing for certain...this dude was never a DI at PI or CP.

IF he spoke more like a Drill Instructor, he'd sound just like Alex Jones...and for those who know what I'm saying, I mean it literally!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I thought his big stick

was the clear truth. Isn't that kind of like Ron Paul? AJs are kind of rare. What I mean is, don't kill the messenger.

Interesting thought, but I

Interesting thought, but I don't agree. I think many people will enjoy the clear and emotionally stable explanations of the former Marine.

I love the controlled grip on

I love the controlled grip on our movement by a slight majority. Alex Jones is a blabbering fool they have called while he brought far more attention to our movement for quite some time. He brought more attention and even got people talking at my work place. No one will be talking about this marine except us. Do I love AJ no... but I dont mind his perspective at times... it feels just like when i stood up for the third party at my Ron Paul meeting and was shunned before I could speak... we are already controlled by a few ideas from the top... what happened to the free market and things being presented in various ways... Everyone knew what AJ was gunna do, talk loud and rant. However, Im afraid there is already a socialist elite running the movements ideas; as we are thinking now

PS. Always watch for paid trolls

this helps my argument....

....did you hear him say, "there is no need for registration, unless there are plans for the future"?

Same goes for gold and silver in my opinion; and so, I tried to float the idea of me running for representative office again, in this wealthy Republican district; where a well-connected, upper-end serving State Senator has sponsored this abominable legislation to track precious metals purchases...

With all the fiscal stuff continuing to exponentially grow out of control because the RINO.'s and gatekeepers have retained a majority of their posts, and their antennas are up about "Ron Paul Republicans"; my fear is, that if I run for office on behalf of the middle class, for reasons such as "hoarding silver is under assault by the establishment GOP"; the media will come and ask me questions about 9/11 truth and every other

Piers Dropped His Snide Bully Tactics

Because Mr. Boston was a veteran. Otherwise Piers would have called him "stupid," alleged that he didn't care about dead children, and painted him as a conspiracy nut.

No way AJ could have had a conversation like this with Piers.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

SteveMT's picture

Morgan was "disarmed" (what a word) by his veteran status!

Morgan just sat back and took that tactical tongue-lashing by this marine. Good. All of these talking heads are always so quick to thank the veterans "for their service to this country." BULL! The t-heads are neocons who love war, so Morgan was respectful. He did not want to draw the ire of the military in addition to the gun owners.
There still is a lesson to learn here for Alex Jones' future interviews.

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan doesnt care about debate, doesn't matter who it's with.

He should be Alex Jones' Speaker

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Josh did a wonderful interview and it spoke to a certain audience. AJ also did a wonderful interview and it spoke to a certain audience. We need as many *different* voices and *different* presentations as possible, because they all reach *different* audiences. A Piers Morgan viewer has now been treated to perspectives that are similar, but with different presentations. Piers has repeated his claims the same way with each guest. There are *far more* viewers of Piers Morgan's videos on the Internet than on television. The Internet viewers are not only numerically greater than the dedicated television watching Piers audience, they are less overly biased and more likely to respond. Alex went on Piers, odd as it may seem, to increase his own audience. Only a certain type of person will want to hear information presented in an Alex Jones way. For the other listeners and watchers, there are other interviews, such as with Josh, that make the same points as Alex without all the *anger*. Some people will have to experience *righteous anger* to wake up and act. Other people do not need the anger and can act using different *tools*. Anger itself is shocking, but not *bad* unless it is not righteous. There was always a lot of unrighteous anger in the household where I grew up and as a result, I am personally conditioned to listen more to somebody like Josh than AJ. Perhaps if my childhood were different, I'd prefer AJ's style.

Poster SteveMT is right:

Poster SteveMT is right: Marine shows how to debate Morgan.

Boston was calm, cool, collected and knew his stuff. Compared to Jones, I understand the perspective about Jones' rant -- not debate but rant -- on Morgans' show, that it was to galvanize people and spurn them to action. That tactic's positive effect, if there is one, is short term, but its effect long term is disastrous. Disastrous because it appears to justify outlandish behavior that if enough people condone, it will begin appearing in media, all media, rendering news far worse than it is, a cacophony, here the producer of division and, forget teamwork, the incapability to communicate with each other.

DPer or DP reader, make Jones conform to you. If you remove your approval from Jones even to the point of discussing with people your disapproval of Jones, Jones will get the message. He'll have to remove his ace -- his hyperactivity. This removal of his will help him and you. Him, because if he returns to hyperactivity (after not doing it for a long time), it will be merited, causing you to spend no time parsing his commentary and wondering if he's hyping a story and exceeding credibility.

One last word: If you're interviewed on radio or TV, especially on a well known media outlet, just know more often than not that you're not being interviewed, you're in a debate.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

SteveMT's picture

Thanks, A-B-B-A. Alex needs to learn how to play chess.

Tactical maneuvering is the key. He doesn't need to be a bull in a China shop. This marine did the same thing that Jones did, but with a much lower blood pressure. Alex is also able to argue calmly, but he did the screaming to grandstand and hype the interview, so that more would watch it, IMO.

Nice comment, Steve. I agree

Nice comment, Steve. I agree with you that Alex's rage was to garner viewers, but garner them for what? I'd bet for his show first. In some sense, I'm OK with that. But I wonder, because he was enraged, a drawback usually, what did his rage come at the expense of? The last thing I want media to do is morph into a rage machine. Already its sentinels Hannity, Maddow, Mathews, Limbaugh and others, oh, so many others, are adept at speaking a thousand words delivering nothing. I just don't want things to worsen.

I feel us freedom people are Frodo Baggins and his friend Samwise of Lord of the Rings climbing the steep, jagged mountain in quest to rid Earth of the source of evil spreading over it. I don't know about you, Steve, but now I'd accept the help of our allies the giant eagles. I could use a lift up to the top of the mountain to throw in the ring of power, the imprisonment of the banksters. If the banksters destroy language, therefore logic, among us the normal people, and they've damaged those bedrocks, we're finished.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

SteveMT's picture

Everyone is trying to break through in their own way.

The world is going to hell in a hand basket. Nothing is working or able to stop this inevitable plunge off of the cliff that is headed our way. Rand is trying the compromising route. Alex is using the waking up call grandiose tactic. The neocons are dug-in trying to maintain the status quo of our present tyranny. If you see any giant eagles soaring above, let me know. If I see any gulches marked with the name of Galt, I'll do likewise. There are no easy exits, no disappearing acts, or no magical cures for the mess that we are in. It's hard to watch this play out, but it's worse not watching and believing that all is well. Peace.