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Piers Morgan Takes A Break From Gun Debate To Have Poison Injected Directly Into His Body

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Hope this decision doesn't come back

and bite him on the Morgan...


Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

Piers is a good little

Piers is a good little statist, isn't he?

Oh, no he isn't because he fled Britain.

Piers doesn't have a state ...

He's a globalist shill to placate the sheep.

Beyond absurd. Concoction based on recent Flu from SE Asia?

Is he leaving for South East Asia hoping to for a chance to come in contact with the last remnant of the South East Asian flu from a couple of months ago?

Part of what was injected was said to be that dead flu virus.

Bad actors in bad theatre.

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Vaccination dangers and Piers Morgan...

Go to it, PM!! Don't listen to us! Aren't we all just paranoid conspiracy freaks anyway?

Get yourself vaccinated! We know how vaccine quality control is so well protected by the FDA and CDC! We know how you believe that we "right wing lunatics" are implacably anti-vaccination when we are not supporting Alex Jones and his support for the Constitution!

We don't know what we are talking about anyhow, so vaccinate yourself to your hearts content--snd don't forget, when you get sick anyway--to take lots of (drug-resistant) antibiotics. They won't help you at all, and may even make you sicker from allergic reaction to them, but after all, your pharmatoxin sponsors of CNN need to fatten their bank accounts, don't they?

Ignore our support of naturopathic healing, since we are all crazy "extremists" anyhow, and don't forget to support Obamacare while you are about it!


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This is just an advert.

See he just wants to give Alex a Lead Vaccine.

Rather than one of mercury, aluminum and squalene.

Who knows, it might be a prop vaccine with distilled water.

Free includes debt-free!

Doubt the vaccine was real.


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stop giving this guy ratings and attention

2nd amendment issues are one thing. But flu shots...who cares. let him die of an allergic reaction with no one noticing.

It's so hard not to look

I was just curious how he was going to end his week of being destroyed verbally. Volunteering to be euthanized slowly just seems, poetic.

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.


LOL! Enjoying the rewards of your contract with the Devil?
I'd bet a real nickel that was saline...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Hope He Gets REALLY Sick!

Would serve him right. Oz is a NWO puppet too. Probably no more a real doctor than Dr. Phil or Dr Who.


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Maybe Morgan isn't a shill

Maybe Morgan isn't a shill after all, perhaps he's just down right stupid. My doctor discourages everyone from getting the flu shot and he thinks Dr.Oz is a "flake".

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

Oh yeah he doesnt work for

Oh yeah he doesnt work for the nwo. Lmao

juan maldonado

I hope this isn't a

'calculated and malicious hoax' like when he faked those pictures in the mirror(newspaper.)

He is such a shill.