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More very odd interviews from Sandy Hook family members.

I hate to "go here" as I do believe people died that day. Who, how, why, I don't know. But as a few members here recount losing their fathers, I am reminded of the time right after my father died. It was then I learned why people take food to neighbors who had a death in the family, a custom I always thought odd. The reason is because most grieving people go into a state of shock, such that they forget to eat. It was a very private time, we did what we had too and then took shelter in our old home, our whole family together, minus Dad.

We actually did go out and "put on the brave face" one night. My brother was being honored for 25 or 35 years of service, he was Chief of the Village Fire Dept and paramedic on the local life squad. It was supposed to be a very private thing with just the department and Village Council, but when the little town learned that all of us were in town and why, they threw together this fabulous feast for all of us on about 2 hours notice. We went, we smiled and laughed and choked back tears from time to time. They were wet, even my brothers. And we had puffy faces from crying, none of us women bothered to put on make up. We did not even start to look for a will until he was laid to rest. This was for a man in his 70's. These people lose a child and immediately start pitching for gun control, and set up web pages? And, are those for donations?

Please, don't let the theories presented distract you. There are interviews with 2 relatives woven together here, and that is the part I wish to call your attention to. I don't know what happened, this guy does not know either. Just watch these people, listen to them. Do they seem more like they are grieving the loss of a child, or on a mission to ban guns?

I know it is brutal hard to question people who may be truly just numb, but this pitching for gun control before your child's body is cold is becoming a recurring theme in these events. We have to look, even if it hurts.


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While I disagree with judging others behavior

This post is the way to do it. +1 thank you fishy!

There might be something to this but I still think it's better to stick to facts to prove this thing a hoax than analyzing behavior.

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you are right, fishy...

this is a tough set of circumstances to deal with

we will grieve with the parents if, in fact, they did lose a child and I am so very sorry if they did

however, the 2nd amendment will NOT be compromised

they are welcome to their opinion but their opinion OR their loss, no matter how great, doesn't trump the Bill of Rights

call me mean, call me an American, call me whatever you will but I am growing tired of people trying to use the "deaths" of these children to further a cause NOT shared by even an average number of Americans much less a great percentage

Sandy Hoax becomes a circus now...

the right of Americans to bear arms shall NOT be infringed

you can't tell me one of these people, just one, doesn't understand this fact...the fact that there isn't JUST ONE to stand up for freedom tells me, among a hundred OTHER strange facts, that this story is fabricated

the fact that NONE of these "parents" comes out against psychotropic SSRI's is VERY telling!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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9/11 Truth.

More pictures suggesting Noah Pozner is a member of the

Greenberg/Sexton family or connected to them somehow:


These parents don't seem to be

grieving much, but some people do not wear their feelings on their sleeve. And yes, they are definitely promoting gun control. They probably aren't thinking straight because of their grieving, or maybe they were against guns before this happened. Or maybe they are grasping at taking some sort of action to relieve their grief. The person who made this video is mistaken about the two boys being the same - the eyes are different. The men are different too. These mass killings are the result of mind altering drugs, not guns.


I hate videos that call people lying pieces of sh*t without giving enough evidence.

That part displeased me.

They should edit it out.

Is Emilie's Aunt

And Noah's mom the same person? I don't have the ability to put them side by side, but the face shape seemed the same, etc.

It just keeps piling up,

It just keeps piling up, here's another one- Emilie's aunt


Edit: Emilie's aunt says Emilie was a good role model to her "older" sisters

I just learned about this angle:


Following the referenced links at the bottom now...

Greenberg (actress) looks a little different from Phelps (Sandy Hook mother) to me, but it is uncanny how much Greenberg's son looks EXACTLY like Soto's brother. That is the weirdest thing I've seen so far.


And her other kids do look like the Soto family. Could just be a coincidence.

Edit: Pozner lookalike appearing with Greenberg family

Wow, amazing post. I had the

Wow, amazing post. I had the strangest deja vu when I saw the photo of Holmes and his attorney. You're right about Carlos Soto. It's all too strange. Finkle is clearly Einhorn.

Yeah. And so far I haven't found a link that does justice

to the weirdness of there being a Noah Pozner (Sand Hook victim) lookalike in Greenberg's family.

Finkle/Einhorn LOL :)

Excellent post, thank you.

Excellent post, thank you. When you mentioned how neighbors often bring food to people who have lost a loved one...I know exactly what you mean!!!

The video is quite telling. Those people were not real, they were fake hired actors and their body language proves it. Those people did not come across as being genuine based off of the words they spoke alone.

Who in the heck goes out of their way to set up websites after the loss of a loved one? And...WHY?

What exactly would those donations be for? The family? Why? Just because a family loses a child means that people should give the family money? Could they not afford a proper burial?


The website does not even mention WHY they want donations...

From the pictures posted, seemed like "Noah," was your prototypical child from the average middle class family.

If OTHER websites were established in, "Noah's," name as was stated by the, "Uncle," CAN WE FIND THEM?


Phony donation sites?

Hmmm...I wonder.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

From the site's "early legitimate fundraising" page

"Money donated through this site will be used to fund an irrevocable trust specifically for Noah's four surviving siblings, two of whom were also in the school that day. The trust will provide Noah's siblings with counseling services, education funding, and basic needs."

Pulling on heartstrings like

Pulling on heartstrings like a slot at the casino.

Profit from loss.

I don't get it. I lost a niece and a nephew.

My parents lost a grandson and grandaughter. My brother lost his children, and then he lost his wife.

My family has been torn to pieces by tragic events too.

Should I set up a website and ask for a handout?


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Totally agree with your sentiments.

Was just quoting the page to show what they claim the donations go towards.

you should share more stuff like these

much better than the paul stuff and the spiritual stuff and etc

I thought the video was total cr*p


Donations please!

First thing you see, right at the top of the page.



I am stunned... Well, not so much.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Sounds a bit weird, but still believable

Money donated through this site will be used to fund an irrevocable trust specifically for Noah's four surviving siblings, two of whom were also in the school that day. The trust will provide Noah's siblings with counseling services, education funding, and basic needs.