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The Economics Of Star Trek

You see in the future money doesn't exist, which I have no idea how that is possible! This philosophy remindes me of Zeitgeist and their goals. You see the Zeitgeist want a world where everything is accessable to everybody! food,helthcare,education,etc they figure we have enough to go around, so why not? In my opinion it's very dangerous, because who's in charge of distributing the food? and is there a certain limit on how much one can get? Anyway I love the conversation between the two kids, because the Ferengi believes that human philosophy on currency is stupid!lmao. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MUVGTdXkzk

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fuck off star trek

fuck off world government.

Lmao, hey you can learn alot

Lmao, hey you can learn alot from watching this, I know have.

juan maldonado

I've watched all the videos

I've watched all the videos on StarTrek discussing economics and there all good! It seems that the Ferengi's are libertarian in their way of thinking. I love it man.

juan maldonado

Yet the Ferengi are the ugly

Yet the Ferengi are the ugly bad guys?