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Happily Awaiting Your Total Enslavement

With baited breath and sweaty palms my mind begins to wonder; I wonder how awesome it will be when I/we no longer have to think about anything. All of my thoughts would have already be thought and given to me, so I wouldn't have to exert any energy to think my own thoughts. Thinking my own thoughts? What a horrendous idea that is. I wonder what kind of backwoods hick would desire such a thing. Don't they realize that I have important things to do, like: going to a sporting event, going out drinking with my friends, going to the movies, maybe just sitting at home and watching television, or maybe even having sex. These things are important; why should I have to waste my precious valuable time thinking about things which I am not, and desire not to be, an expert of. I would clearly make wrong decisions since I'm not an expert. If I was to make an erroneous decision then I most certainly shouldn't have to live with the consequences of such a decision, especially since I was saying that I shouldn't be allowed to make such decisions in the first place; because I'm not an expert. However, these backwoods hicks would desire that I should have to live with the consequences of my wrong decisions; how fair is that? They say that I will learn from my failures and mistakes, and become more knowledgeable in the areas which I have made erroneous decisions and therefore I would be less likely to make such a bad decision in the future. This is an awful lot of work; and I most certainly shouldn't have to do this, I just got a new video game.

While living such a life may have been required of past generations, it most certainly shouldn't be required of the current generation or generations yet to come. Humans have a brain and they are able to learn and think, therefore we should utilize this capability so we -as humans- don't have to do the minute details which kept our ancestors alive. We should hold blind faith that nothing will ever go wrong, and be helplessly dependent, not only on each other but also on a system which is uncontrollable for the common person(s). This would be such the wisest decision an advanced people could ever make. It would definitely show signs that we have evolved and have become of great intelligence.

As I write this I would be remiss if I were not to think -with gleeful happiness, I might add- of all of the invisible shackles which already -in a most gentile fashion- guide our lives as hapless, helpless slaves. I do fear though that by writing this that some of those who read it may become unhappy with the realization that they are not as free as they think they are. However, to those which would question the wisdom of giving-up ones freedom –in this most kind, pleasant, and minuscule way- they should realize that it truly is for the better. Would any of these detractors really want to spend the majority of their time making choices, or living with the consequences of bad choices, or physically doing things; I think not. If people liked living with negative consequences, doing work, making choices, reading and/or thinking then we most certainly wouldn't be at this point in time questioning whether we should be forced to live with the negative consequences of our actions and whether we should be forced to perform work just to live.

So, even though I fear listing some of the invisible shackles which most of us wear(I myself with a great big smile; because I know those who've enslaved us have done so because they love us), I do feel as though I have made a most intelligent argument for why our slavery is most beneficial for us, and why only backwoods hicks would want for anything other than total enslavement; so with that being said I will continue. Some of the invisible shackles which we have placed upon ourselves -by way of intellectual development which couldn't or wouldn't have been possible without the education system we have been so graciously blessed with- include but are not in any way limited to: public water, public sewer, waste collection, roads, bridges, airplanes, cruise liners, television stations, radio stations, internet, and most certainly large-scale technological development in general. While I have provided a list of shackles, I believe it should be realized that, had it not been for the very existence of government in the first place, then none of this could have even been possible; and for that I am so very grateful to the founders for giving us a leg-up on those backwoods hicks.

There is evidence -for those who desire such meaningless trivial things- that this type of backwoods living was experimented with -and “found” to be quite prosperous and friendly- in Pennsylvania between 1681 and 1691, where essentially they lived without a working government; for, those who were elected refused to force the inhabitants of Pennsylvania to do anything. Had those heathens been allowed to continue living without laws or government, then we most certainly wouldn't have progressed to the point we are at today; and for ending that I am entirely indebted to Mr. William Penn as well as the British Crown and Military. Do you believe those heathens didn't even have judges or arbitrators or anything? They -the heathens- took responsibility for there own dealings, including if someone ripped them off. I couldn't imagine excepting it as my fault if someone managed to steal from me because I was unable or unwilling to protect my own possessions. I don't want to have to protect the stuff I dare call mine; that would limit my ability to do things which take my mind off of life.

Getting back to the original premise of what I was writing; I am so looking forward to the day -which doesn't seem to be too far off in the distant future anymore- when we are all so very lovingly enslaved. This will make life so much more efficient; that's what we all so desire for anyway, isn't it? Gone will be the days of having to decide where and on what to spend money on; for there won't be such a thing as money, and anything which our owners think we need will be provided to us by our loving owners. Gone will be the days of owning anything -with the exception of us being owned by those who love us; who really wants to own anything anyway? If one owns something then they are responsible for the taking care of it, i.e. its maintenance; who wants to spend their time with that, certainly not I.

We are moving towards this whether people like it or not, so they may as well just accept it. People are beginning to see the advantage of leasing a car instead of buying one, people are seeing renting a house as better than owning one, our cellphones, internet, cable, and soon even our computing itself via Windows Live and the Cloud will be a continuously billed commodity. The only way to pay these dependencies called bills will be to work and therefore you already have agreed to your own enslavement just by participating in the accumulation of non-essential dependencies which is our current system. So, if any of you claim to want to be free, then maybe you all should look at yourselves and question why the vast majority of you have already submitted to being owned?

Though, we are in many ways already owned, I personally look forward to the day when there is no longer the facade of freedom or a choice of anything; these are only around so most people -including those who will be reading this- don't realize they are selling the lives of themselves and their children for some worthless trinkets. I applaud your choice, I really do, I just wish you would be honest with yourselves and admit that your lives -and the lives of your children- mean less to you than those fancy trinkets which you have traded them for, or that they(ones life and ones children's lives) are worth less than the ease of not having to know much about anything but one particular subject, job, or career. Who would really want to have to learn many different skills as apposed to just one single skill; not many, including myself and most of those who are reading this.

The quickening of our total enslavement is fast upon us, and I couldn't be more pleased. Therefore, maybe instead of utilizing the tools of enslavement while complaining about being enslaved, one should disconnect from the tools of enslavement and start being responsible for ones own livelihood; I'm sure this will happen. How consistent are any of you individuals anyway? Currently people think that by participating in the slave system, ergo enslaving others, and then utilizing those paper/cloth debt receipts, collected for enslaving others, to use as trade for food, water, shelter, security, clothing, and medicine that somehow they are being responsible for their own survival i.e. livelihood; this couldn't be further from the truth. By taking part in the slave system -even in the most minuscule fashion- one contributes to and stabilizes the slave system thereby making it larger and more structurally sound -it is designed to act as a perpetual motion machine; I'm not sure who actually thought that stabilizing the slave system -by taking part in it- would collapse it, but they apparently never thought it out in too much detail, and for that I'm glad.

Be honest now, none of you really want to have to be responsible for your own lives now do you, really? I bet you like the idea of being responsible for your own lives -it is a noble idea- however, when one truly thinks about freedom and responsibility then one quickly realizes that to be responsible for ones own life would certainly mean one would have to grow and raise most -if not all- of ones own food. That just doesn't sound like fun, now does it; of course not, freedom is disgusting and laborious, long live enslavement.

**EDITED - Reformatted**

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...when I/we no longer have to think about anything...

This already exists IF you choose it. Most her at the DP have rejected it.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
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I'll post this on my local

I'll post this on my local forum and see what the pro slaves think.

Well, thanks for posting it.

Well, thanks for posting it.

Have any of the slaves responded to it?

Great piece!

Very well written =)

My solution: expatriating

Expatriating? Hmmm.

I posted here a while back that it may be too late to do that. My friend recently planned a trip back to the states to attend a funeral of a relative. He became a citizen of a foreign country 25 years ago. He assumed he was done being an american citizen. When he arrived at the airport, the immi/dhs/tsa types told him that he will always be an american citizen and that he could not travel to the u.s. unless he had an american passport (something he hasn't had for two decades). Lost was the fact that he had his foreign citizenship/foreign passport/a visa/ticket. Thats what I mean by expatriating. If you want to never travel to the states again (unless you have an american passport) consider that the u.s. doesn't easily give up its slaves....

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
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I wouldn't truly be expatriating because

I still plan on coming home at least once or twice a year for Thanksgiving and Christmas (I love my family =])

But I doubt I would ever move back unless there were dire circumstances.

Really, if I do go through with this it probably won't be for a couple of years. Any gun restricting laws that pass will speed up the process to move.

apparently nobody else wanted

apparently nobody else wanted to read it; oh well.

Divide into more paragraphs

Divide into more paragraphs for easier reading. Especially for older folks.

I followed your advice

I followed your advice -thanks by the way; I hope it helps those who might read it.