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How many Ayn Rand references can you guys find in my new music video?

I know it's a little off topic but I figure someone might appreciate the metaphors in my new song. How many Ayn Rand references can you guys find? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENM49pdXMVI&feature=share&lis...

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jrd3820's picture

Are you guys from detroit?

It looked like it.

Peace from Mt. Pleasant.

Oh, and I did not find any Ayn Rand references, I'm not sure they are there. If you just wanted people to watch the video, you did not have to advertise Ayn Rand there also. Either way, good luck with the music.

I am from metro Detroit.

and the MoTown sound was much better.


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Oh my goodness!

I love motown.... This will be an all night thing now, a beer or 2 and some mowtown. Great Video, thanks!

Detroit is a sad story, but some amazing music has come from there.

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I kind of love Trent Reznor

Its the era I grew up in I guess. I saw NIN live once and I was so out of place because I am a hippie and I was chilling there in my hippie skirt and flip flops, but I can rock out to NIN or Trent. I saw Eminem live once also and was once again the sore thumb in the audience.

God I love Trent Reznor, and I have not listened to him in a while, his voice is like a flsahback to high school.