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Another victory in Arizona today!

Another victory today for us, the "Liberty faction" at the Yavapai County GOP meeting. We took Chairman, First Vice Chair, Assistant Treasurer, and Assistant Secretary. The unopposed sitting Treasurer is also "alright with us" as far as I know. All that plus a majority of the State Committee seats, so... very nice!!

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Good Job! Now lets make some money too!

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Patriots gettin rich!

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2nd Am. Resolution success


Liberty Republicans introduced the overwhelming favorite resolution of the day concerning 2nd Amendment. See the video and story at blog linked here.

This resolution was very well received by the traditional and Tea Party Republicans who make up the majority of the County party and helped them warm to us in this common ground issue and helped them see that the Liberty folks aren't disrespectful troublemakers and rebel-rousers. This will help us tremendously work with them in leadership and committees to win more common ground issues.

This was definitely a victory

This was definitely a victory in Maricopa

Good work Arizona!

...this is a surprise to me, I didn't realize we had any prospects in Arizona (did quite poorly there in the primaries if I recall correctly).

majority of state committee seats

Could someone explain how the party organization works in AZ, and what this means? Do we now effectively control the state party in Arizona, as we do in Iowa?


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Do we now effectively control...

...the state party in Arizona, as we do in Iowa?
"Yes and no" In other words, not yet.

how the party organization works in AZ...
>> Precinct Committeemen(persons)
>> PC's have voting "power" @ County or Legislative District meetings
>> Votes there (like yesterday) are for State Committemen(persons) along with the Chair/Vice Chairs/Treas./Secy. and Assistant T. & S.
>> State Committemen(persons) will vote, on Jan. 26th in Phoenix, for State GOP executive committee offices.

News has been very good throughout the State on results of the County & Legislative District elections for SC-men. Thus, the chances "smell" great that in about two weeks the "hijacking" will be accomplished.

Much/most of this has been done by coalescing with many ancient Party "regulars" who are half-awake and getting sick and tired of the moderate not-conservative garbage being shoved down their throats for decades. In other words, not the full-on r3volution we desire in a perfect world but, you know, "baby steps."

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Congrats, AZ

Congrats, AZ

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Ditto, and YAY!!!

Ditto, and YAY!!!

Put the Tact in "Tactical"

Just a reminder to reach out and introduce yourselves to the old-timers, many of whom could be supportive for various reasons from habit to genuine patriotism or belief.

Don't do anything to disrespect them, and go to them for advice on internal party issues and practices (how to do things), whether you take that advice or not.

Too often, I've seen people provoke unnecessary war with their prospective allies.

Assuming the "take-over" group skews younger, it's much better to enlist your elders and get them to see you as their adult children (with pride and love) than to act like a gang of hooligans moving in. Then, even if their views are different, they won't resort to desperate measures to oppose you.

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Your point is right on the money...

...even though I, who will be 58 in a couple months, am among the YOUNGEST of the "marauding band of rebels" here in Yavapai ;-)

Just a suggestion, if I may.

Keep you eye on the Treasurer and the money flow. The Treasurer might be okay with you (us) for reasons other than our cause. Not saying for sure. Just saying trust no one who you aren't positive about being with us.

thx Nonna -- the Treasurer...

...is a man named John Stevens who has done my Mom's (who will be 81 this Thur.) taxes in the past. And yes, not fully sure what "okay with us" encompasses, whether reaching into ideology or merely complete trust with EXISTING funds.

Speaking of which...
The out-going Chair took it better than I imagined, but still not well according to our new (83--57 vote) leader. Pretty much an attitude of "here, it's all yours now" and dumping it all into his (our) lap with about zero smooth-transition cooperation. I imaging their hope is that the appearance of incompetence by the "hijacking regime" runs rampant locally. Furthermore, when it comes to FUNDING...

...I/we fully expect to get "Nevada'd." There are three (or more) quite wealthy local families who are extreme tightwads when it comes to charities but are huge funders of the County GOP. They are about 99.9% liable to now close the wallets and hope the Treasury falls into the red. Time for we the grassroots to dig deep and actually PAY to be in this Party if we actually want it.....

Both, reaching into ideology and trust with any funds.

If there are bad feelings between the outgoing and the incoming, there could be trechary and subversion. Not saying there will be, just that there could be. Money talks. Just saying to trust no one who does not fit in with the ideology while holding the purse strings. I'm not saying that the Treasurer has bad intentions but, if he is not 100% with you ideologically, he could be swayed by "friends" and have a lapse in judgment, simply by trusting the wrong people.

You will have your work cut out for you in trying to raise funds. That is probably the biggest obstacle to overcome when going up against the status quo. People with money who are used to controlling people and events don't like it when they lose and they don't just go away with their tails tucked underneath them. They usually fight back and they do fight dirty. Just saying, be watchful and stay strong.

Congratulations on your victory and a very Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!!

Both slates for the maricopa

Both slates for the maricopa gop where "conservative" so the paul folks here didn't endorse either side.. both sides have been respectful and seem to be liked by the paul supporters that have come to know them, and both sides have promised to work with us.. We do have more work to do here if we want to seat one of ours.

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Great News!

It is so nice to be reminded that good things are happening all over the country. Our country was overcome, not all at once, but by one piece at a time and that is exactly how we are going to get it back...perserverance and patience are a necessity! Thanks for sharing! :)

new petition


We petition the Obama administration to:
Perform an assayed public audit of all the Treasury's claimed 8,100 tons of gold and net of swaps, loans & sales.

As of 12/31/2012 the US Treasury claims to hold 261 million ounces of gold at Denver, Fort Knox, West Point and at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This bullion was last subjected to a full physical audit in 1953. The gold bars need to be assayed and weighed. Once the gold is verified the paper trail must be audited to determine who really owns the gold; i.e. how much has been loaned to bankers and dealers and sold or swapped to non-Treasury entities including foreign governments. The audit must include professional auditors outside of the Mint, Treasury, GAO, Inspector General and Federal Reserve system.

Created: Jan 09, 2013


This should be interesting !

Tin Pan

Rock ON!!


kind people rock

What happened in Maricopa County today?

My wife and I could not attend--she is stuck in bed with 101 fever and thus I'm here with kids. Wondering if anybody out there can fill DP in on what happened (of any significance) at the Maricopa county meeting that was also held today?

I as not impressed with either of the "slates" of "Republicans" for any of the leadership positions. They all looked like thorough neocon limited-gov't-wanna-be's to me .....

was there any action today?

e-mail I got from wetip.net


Constitutional Conservatives win in Maricopa County

Subject: Our conservative slate won!

Our candidate for the chair got 53.3%. 0.9% separated the candidates
for first vice chair. Our other three candidates got more than 56%.

McCain, McKyl & McFlake were nowhere to be seen. David Schweikert and
Matt Salmon both gave great 2 minute speeches.

We need a Map

We need one of those maps of the USA that show all of the liberty controlled counties and ones with a heavy liberty presence. I'm curious just how much we control.

control or direct?


You know what I mean...

You know what I mean. I wasn't trying to be formal and precise in my wording.

GO ZONA!!....................BIG BUMP!

Good job people!

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On a job well done.

All art is only done by the individual. The individual is all you ever have, and all schools only serve to classify their members as failures. E.H.
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But just remember

You'll be expected to vote for Rand. Thats how politics works in the big leagues.

All art is only done by the individual. The individual is all you ever have, and all schools only serve to classify their members as failures. E.H.

Not to be Debby Downer on this great victory but,,,

Why will it matter with rule 12 left in place??? If we do not completely take over the RNC national committee we are all up, (insert your favorite term here) creek without a paddle it would seem???

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I'm jealous, Way to go. There is hope.


Fantastic!!! Congratulations!!!


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As great news like this trickles over...indeed, we are taking

over the GOP from the grassroots level...and up.

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Just in time for your new State Committeemen to vote ...

... for the State party chair on Jan 26! I'll see you there!

In Maricopa County (the Phoenix metro area) today we just voted in a Republican County chair who scored 99% on this Liberty Questionnaire:


He's not a Ron Paul guy, but he seems to be on our side!

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