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Another victory in Arizona today!

Another victory today for us, the "Liberty faction" at the Yavapai County GOP meeting. We took Chairman, First Vice Chair, Assistant Treasurer, and Assistant Secretary. The unopposed sitting Treasurer is also "alright with us" as far as I know. All that plus a majority of the State Committee seats, so... very nice!!

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Two thumbs up...

Two thumbs up and a double WOO HOO !!!!!!


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Nice screen name, axisOFgood!

Liberty Champions taking over!

Great work to all of those people who put in the effort to create this success.



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Wonderful news!

Isn't it great when a plan comes together.

Congratulations !!!

I love hearing news like this. :o)

Same here

This! Right here in this post, is winning!

one self-bump, since...

...I am the one who stayed for about three extra hours to monitor the HAND count of the write-in candidates (of which we nabbed 6 of the 8 seats won).

Thank you thank you thank you

Good work patriot! I love it.

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Nice Work

Thanks :)