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How to Find Liberty Activists in Your Area

I've been wanting to become more active, but I don't know how. I thought a good first step would be to find fellow activists in my area since I can't find any liberty groups in my area. How can I find liberty activists in my area, assuming that there are any?

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Nothing could be simpler

After the heavy equipment rolls off scene, having installed your underground bunker and the earthen embankments and moats surrounding your property, start flying Gadsden flags all over the place, set up all your literature on a table, put up an ad in Craigs List saying MASSIVE GARAGE SALE FREE BARBEQUE, throw a mess of burgers on the grill, blare an Alex Jones' scariest moments compilation on continuous loop and greet everyone in your turnout gear with at least 3 rifles clattering all over your back, a sword, a truncheon and a Chihuahua.

Whoever sticks around longer than 60 seconds is iffy. Whoever leaves in an hour is so-so. Whoever is around the next morning is definitely OK.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Meet up for one

Campaign for Liberty
Young Americans for Liberty
Tea Party (believe it or not)
College Republican club
Local GOP and or Libertarian Party

And then there's always a bumper sticker, or campaign pin, hat, tt shirt.. attracts like minded folks.


I'd totally do Young Americans for Liberty if I were still in school. They're a great organization. I wish there was an adult version, an Americans for Liberty organisation. To my knowledge, Campaign for Liberty is virtually non-existent in my area. My area's political leadership is so statist, it's ridiculous. I'm not sure how to get involved in my local GOP. I've looked into it and information is scarce. I tried emailing the local party and I never got a reply.

Join a meetup that you are interested in, like gardening

or start one. Ours is aquaponics. Nearly everyone who joins is either awake or looking for answers. Some folks are avoiding "liberty groups" to try to keep a low profile.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

What you might do

Do a search for your county's name Republican Party.. here in CA, and many states they are called Central Committees.. so if I were you, I would do a search: Mendocino County Repoublican Party Central Committee. A web page should show up, and it should have a calander, and a time for the next meeting. GO. These meetings are NOT private unless it's an executive meeting.. the meetings are supposed to be public, However, I have leasrned that in some states, they are so corrupt.. they are completely out of touch with the voters.

I enjoy my meetings very much, and chances are, there will be a Ron Paul Republican. I don't suggest you go in blasting RON PAUL like I did, but rather, listen, and if you get the opposrtunity to educat of a subject you are comforatable with.. go for it.

Of course, if you are up to it (and can afford it), there's nothing wrong with YOU starting a Meet-up or a C4L chapter.

If you are a woman, the GOP has women's clubs.

Personally, I wish there was tens of thosuands like you where I live!

Please don't give up.

More about the meetings...

How open are the meetings? Also, should I dress up? Any other advice? How often do they usually have meetings? I looked on the site's calendar and it doesn't mention any meetings. In fact, it only has one event on it for the few months I looked at it.

Mine are very open

We have guests who want us to support their new tax ideas, and resolutions, propositions for local issues.. Democrats show up, Indy's,, Republicans from other areas..

My committee is blue jeans.

Our meetings are once a month, last a little over an hour.. usually held in a restaurant's banquet room, most order off the menu, and the location rotates around the county, Fort Bragg (Coast), Ukiah (County seat) and Willits (between the two).

Does the site name anyone, who is chair, etc? I'd email and ask when the next meeting is.. they must meet ten times a year.. it's not uncommon to not meet in January.. actually, everyone has their own by-laws that consider the state's GOP by-laws.

Having only one event is a good indication that there are seats open and your GOP is surviving not thriving.