Ron Paul on Lou Dobbs / CNN

Thanks to Mike at who informs us of Ron Paul's appearance on CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight


Mike also suggests we send thanks to Lou for having Dr. Paul on his program. The link goes to a form at CNN that takes just a few seconds to fill out. If anyone listens to viewer input, it is Lou Dobbs. Ask him to have Dr. Paul on again, and perhaps this can break open the media blackout which seems to have been imposed so far on Dr. Paul's campaign by the MSM.

And while you are at it, read the George Will column for yourself, and make up your mind as to whether it is positive or negative. Some say it is negative but I don't think so. Will devotes his entire column to Dr. Paul, which is much better than ignoring him.

At any rate - read it yourself and make up your mind. Personally, I'm also writing Will and thanking him for the coverage. Send your comments to

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