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Time for my nightly jam session

Hey Jam Session Regulars.

You all know Jon right? Well, in all his brilliance he has created a word game. http://www.anadro.me/login and I have spent the past few weeks going through the boards with him letting him win because it is his game and everything, and making sure the game is jam session approved. And guess what? It is jam session approved!

It is a lot of fun. It's like extreme scrabble. There are a lot of boards to choose from. On some boards there is the possibility to score thousands of points on one word. Some boards are more of an endurance test. Either way, you guys should check it out, and tell others to check it out.

Beats words with friends by a million.


Hi guys,

So there seems to be some newer blood in here lately which is great. I love having new people in here. I’m just going to go through the basic gist of this thread and why it has worked so beautifully and wonderfully for over a year.

I tend to like to keep the other threads out of here. There are threads to discuss politics, religion, markets, conspiracy theories, and so on and so forth.

Books are more than welcome in here. Books about bands/artists/musicians are a great addition to the thread. Or just books in general.

All music is welcome. All genres. All artists, bands, musicians, songs….all welcome.

Also welcome: Live performances, whole concerts, artist interviews, music history....

Feel free to come in here and just have conversations. It doesn’t even have to be about music. Let’s just keep the division out there.

Michael and I talked about baseball in here once and we forgot to play songs.

Mdefarge has stories about a lot of things, and doesn’t always play songs either. That is fine.

It’s really just the division I want to keep out of this thread as I would like every single person on the DP to feel welcome in this thread. It is hard to accomplish that at the DP, but I think we have done it here. However, for that to continue, negativity has to stay out there in the other threads.

Being that all genres are welcome, there is a chance you will run into songs you do not like. It's fine to discuss that with the person if you want to as Promisekept and Mdefarge often have conversations where they do not necessarily agree on the musician, yet they keep it civil and open.

And I can't stop anyone from downvoting, but really....again....it has worked so well because of the lack of negativity. Also know in the year and 3 or 4 months this thread has gone on, most people have abstained from downvoting as we have had very very few downvotes in the thread. Probably a DP record for least amount of downvotes especially considering the size of the thread. It is possible to just move on to another video and find something you like.


First, find your amazing and wonderful video that you would like to share.

Underneath the video, and under the number of views there is a menu.

Click on "Share"

Below that, there is another menu. Click on "Embed" and copy what is in that little box below it. It should say something like [iframe width="480" height="360" blah blah blah ].

Copy all of that and paste it into your comment.

Then at the top of the comment box, there is a little button that says "Make embeds load faster."

Click that. Then save your comment.

It is important to remember to click the fancy grey “Make embeds load faster” button brought to us by Robot Jon aka Scrabble nemesis. It will help with loading this thread.

Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Reverb, grooveshark....they all have share options on the sound, just find the embed code or the html thing or whatever it is and copy and paste it over here.

If you find yourself lost and or confused in here locate one of the following and take their cue or ask for help:

Johncarter, Sierra, Mountaincat, Has, Madefarge, Michael, No.7, John Robb, Promisekept, Zooamerica, or Steve024.

They have all been here for a while and know how this thread operates.

What is your favorite music/band/artist?
Party Thread! We WILL Prevail!

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Windfall- Son Volt

Delivery by Till Nowak

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I got a gig

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Down the Road Tonight

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Highway 87

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Highway Junkie

Damn This Town

Just can't

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Bad Co is my favorite of all

Bad Co is my favorite of all time. Saw them 3 times last year. This song is the song that got me over those high school and college breakups. one of my favorite songs.

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Rebel Son - Southern Wind

Rebel Son - Southern Wind

Support these Liberty Candidates and find and add more !

2016 Presidential Candidates Exposed!

Mehu-man Jonson ~ Days Like This

I've seen the Mehuman Trio and look forward to their CD, "As The Sun Goes Sideways." http://www.boothbayregister.com/article/mehuman-jonson-trio-...


When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

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