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Time for my nightly jam session

“There is more unity and love on this Art forum thread than can be found anywhere else on this entire site” -Wes. 3/24/13

R.I.P. Nightly Jam Session


The Gone But Not Forgottens. Major players from a bygone era of the jam session: Wes, Ducky, Tao, PresidentPaulorBust, SFTS, Obi, Mr. Bengal, Rocketman.

The All Stars: No.7, Mdefarge, Wes, SFTS, Johncarter, Has, Mountaincat, Sierra, Zooamerica, Eagpele, Steve024, Michael Nystrom, Promisekept, John Robb, Ducky, SCButterfly, VR, Rocketman, Chris Fillibtheblankski, Mikefwt, DJP.

The Passer By’s: Betty Liberty, Deacon, Lao Tzu, Hollow Daze, Unkownuser, Ira Freeman, BigMikeDude, Jon, Walter Kavanaugh, Harmonist, Terminally Chill, Telepathic, Jenkem Jay, Lunatech, Ed, Bill3, JoshArizona, MMJ, Jive Dadson, Diamond Dog, Seamusin, Smaulgold, Pete J, MyketheVet, Ralph Hornsby, Lauerlai, Mingeem, Mark Twain, Barracuda Trader, Cyril, Dex, P. Nicholson, Johnny-5, Regular John, Joetorio, Tomoye, kinsjon., CTCZ, Danton., Dwalters, laundryhead., Gomez, Aphrodite, Stockgarden, Stationone, Robhino, JackieK, Granger, Hvactech, Kenny TN, Shootist, davyc, Rp4pres, ProudAmericanFirst, hawkieye, nuiflower, Stonewall Jackson, zerofiction, fishyculture, brixeyb, todd4ron, cobalt, lizmadden, concernedcitizen, nowornever, gloppypop,Pumaforlife, fyi2day, dice, habit4ming, dailypauler, pattyc, libertyordeathNJ, Lawmanjed, Naturalorder,Missy, Trevor, Jaktober, Garnet, Gettingamped, Tony M, Crabacado, gptnomoney, davekpghpa, go213mph, man in the box,Bear, SteveMT, BloatedToad, bamobo, Jefferson, najam, relocatedtocanada, bethechange, Mike in St. Lucia, doubleohnothing, bigdogpete43,Allegory, laurenorourke, remenantpatriot, thenung, rafael11, poq, befree, gsuitter, jcrewjem, surfmat, JDM, Suzanimal, foodfreedom.

The Behind the Scener’s: Michael Nystrom and Robot Jon


A recently leaked interview with jam session creator and proprietor, and the one and only mdefarge.

Medfarge: But Jen, we still don’t understand; why did you do it?

Jen: Well M, a few years ago I found myself in a quandary over the state of the libertarian party, and I went looking online for answers and I stumbled upon this site called the dailypaul. After a while of observing, it humored me slightly how upset the crowd would sometimes become at off topic type threads. Upon joining the site, I was met with some angry type characters and I often posted weird stuff and or crappy forwards my aunt sends me in an effort to mock them a little and laugh at their quick rise to anger over silly things. One night I was really bored and thought I’d start a music thread. I thought for sure it would either get unpublished, or I would get a song or 2 every few weeks in the comments. That was all I was expecting. I even told my roommate at the time that this was not the right crowd for a jam session and that there was no way they could jam with me.

M: So this whole thing was supposed to be a joke?

Jen: Yes, to me at least, but I would never forget the jam session’s co-owner and proprietor; No.7. He took the thread very seriously, and he was more excited about it in the beginning than I was.

This is our internet love child. He eventually had to leave me with the child as someone around here has to work and pay the bills.

It’s ok though, I don’t mind being a stay at home Mom, and he always remembers to send child support.

M: Thanks for the history on the jam session, are you ready for some questions from your fans?

Jen: My fans? Well of course, the fans are the best. They are the life blood, and they are why I get up in the morning and do what I do in here every day

M: Ok, well we will start with Mountaincat, he would like to know what one of your favorite new finds from the thread was?

Jen: Oh Mountaincat, I thought I had already told you how much I loved Elizabeth Laprelle and how her voice is out of this world, and how I’ll never be able to thank you enough for her.

M: The next question is from John Robb, he wants to know if you will marry him?

Jen: *blushes* Awwww, Well, John Robb you know as well as I do that we can’t get married. We are both wild stallions and we can’t be tied down. However, we are kindred spirits, and I know that if we were ever to just run into each other in the real world we would click and I would attach myself to you as one of my best friends.

It is hard to be similar to Lady Brett Ashley and Jake Barnes from The Sun Also Rises, but our kind of love is meant to be tragic and is meant to go down in history…. Just Like Romeo and Juliet.

We’ll have to just be content with being each other’s one’s that got away. We were so romantic John Robb

M: Has wants to know if you will tell the Brad Pitt story.

Jen: Ummm….Ok, I suppose. After Hurricane Katrina I was working on the rebuilding efforts in the gulf coast and the small little nonprofit that I was working for up and ran out of funding money, but that was OK because there were tons of nonprofits in the area looking for help. I went and found a job working for a nonprofit that was run by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (They had a house down there and after the Hurricane they put a lot of money into various rebuilding nonprofits). One day my site supervisor pulled me and a few ppl aside and told us we had a special catered lunch waiting for us. We got to the site where the lunch was and there was a huge catered buffet of amazingness with a note from the nonprofit’s owners thanking us for our work and explaining they would like to buy us lunch. (They weren’t there…) So, essentially, Brad Pitt bought me lunch. Alright has, there ya go, but I really don’t know what this has to do with music or the jam session….You’re so weird has.

M:Johncarter wants to know if you will go take over a jukebox with him somewhere sometime?

Jen: If I am ever anywhere near Johncater and I am aware of it, it would be my pleasure to get together with him and a roll of quarters to take over a jukebox with some classic rock, and the only way to make what would already be a really cool situation any better would be if Rocketman and Sierra could come along also.

M: Jon has a question he would like to ask.

Jen: Of course he does, that guy would be lost without me, I have to explain everything to him, proceed….

M: He would like to know if you are sure you did not create the thread just to make his life a little more frustrating around here.

Jen: Gasp. Jon, I’m appalled that you would think that. No, I would do no such thing. I am sorry if it ever gave you a headache and we all appreciate the buttons and whatnot. And on that note for anyone wondering where or how they can keep in touch with their jam session friends, Jon was a step ahead of the game and he made this just so we can all still hang out together and play together. Isn’t it great?

M: Ducky wants to know if you are embarrassed about the one time you admitted Dirty Dancing is one of your favorite movies and the thread stopped for a few minutes and no one really knew what to say to you?

Jen: Ha! Not at all, Dirty Dancing is a great movie and I stand firmly by it.

M: Steve024 wants to know what you got from him?

Jen: Him and No.7 gave me a run for my money with the country music. It’s not that I disliked country music prior to this thread, but I have a whole new appreciation for it. I used to call Steve024, Wes, and No.7 The Sons of the South, and my love of some of the musicians they found me is undying and I will never ever ever ever under any circumstances be able to thank the 3 of them for Townes Van Zandt enough. I don’t even know how I made it this far in this world without some Townes. Every girl needs a Townes song in her life and they made sure I had plenty.


And the crowd. Went. Wild.

-2/9/13 Ducky
The jam session makes the dp more kewl

-2/27/13 Wes
I Love this thread

-2/16/13 Laurelai
I’ve so enjoyed this thread, you have created a monster, just try and make it go away.(Oh, the irony)

-2/16/13 Wes
This thread has the only sane folks I can find on this site

-3/12/13 P Nicholson
What a great thread

-3/18/13 Gomez
Brilliant thread

-3/21/13 Michael Nystrom
It always gives me great pleasure (mucho gusto!) to see this thread title on the Active Forum Topics list at all hours of the day and night. It means that people are here having a good time. This is the most epic thread of all.

-3/25/13 SFTS
No negative comments? If thats true then this thread stands alone on the DP in that regard. Are you sure?
You mean people are not arguing over genre lines on this thread the way they argue over party lines on other DP forum threads?
You mean people are not accusing Stevie Ray Vaughn fans of riding Jimi Hendrix coattails and trying to capitalize off all Jimi's hard work?
People aren't accusing Elvis of not being a real [purist] musician because he played by ear and couldn't read music?
They're not calling each other names and making veiled threats toward each other for disagreeing on which is the best vehicle to spread "the message" of rock-n-roll to the masses, The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
Seriously, people aren't suggesting you're a traitor or fair weather fan if you don't write-in Elvis for King of Rock-n-Roll in the November election? And just because Buddy Holly made it onto the ballot doesn't mean he's tied to the CFR?
You mean to tell me Johnny Cash isn't a troll? James Brown a shill? Zappa an infiltrator? Patsy Cline a femin-nazi? Wolfman Jack a tin foil hat conspiracy theorist?
This thread is "whats happening" - this is where it's at.

-4/15/13 Tao
“I have so thoroughly enjoyed my time here, this is far and away the best thread on the web.

-4/15/13 SFTS
I listen often enough to attest to the fact this is some really fantastic music thread these young-in's (and young at heart) have built here.

-4/20/13 President Paul or Bust
I only regret that I have but one upvote to give. I love this thread and the amazing jams DP-ers post.

-5/2/13 From Rocketman
Start and end your visit on this thread and you always leave smiling.

-5/4/13 DJP
Try going to the nightly jam session thread. That always helps me lighten up the mood, while catching up on DP posts.

-5/11/13 Bigmikedude
This thread is too fun man

-10/16/13 Ralph
That is what I do. Go to the jam session to get happy. Lots of good music.

-12/15/13 Mountaincat
This is the best place to chill

-12/31/13 From Michael Nystrom
Original, Powerful, Epic, and Transformational.

-1/13/14 Steve 024
Best thread on the internet

-2/19/14 Mingeem
I am thankful for you and "My nightly jam session". Many days it would be the only thing that brought a smile to my face.

-2/19/14 Has
Maybe I’m amazed, and maybe it's just that the jam session is amazing. I'd vote it up everyday if I could.

-2/25/14 Mdefarge
I've also got an "old fashioned" corkboard bulletin board right here beside me. Three recent treasures to go up are jam session related, photos/screenshots that made me smile that I printed out. :)

-4/13/14 Ira Freeman
I also come here because of Jam Session. I've listened to more music in the year or so it's been up than my last 40!

-4/25/14 Mdefarge
It's as if by osmosis that someone or another here at the jam session would try to lure me into playing a game of fetch or tug of war and leave me smiling, sometimes even all choked up.

-5/30/14 Kinsjon
This is my all time favorite DP thread and I check it everyday.

-6/1/14 Mdefarge
The jam session evolved into a community within a community


Mdefarge: Would you mind letting us in on your top ten picks from this thread?

Jen: Only if no one’s feelings are hurt if their song does not show up in the top 10.

M: I think we can all handle it.

Jen: Ok.Top 10. Some of these were new finds, some were old favorites that took on new meaning due to them being played in here by certain people.

San Bernadino by The Emperors
Have You Ever Seen The Rain? by Willie Nelson Featuring Paula Nelson
When I Paint My Masterpiece by Dylan
Louis Louis by Teitur
It’s Alright by Thomas Wynn and the Believers
East Virginia by Elizabeth Laprelle
Flat Earth by Thomas Dolby
To Ramona by Sinead Lohan
Baby Will Ram by Rusted Root
Like a Summer Thursday by Townes Van Zandt
Starfish and Coffee by Prince (because all of us were ordinary compared to Cynthia Rose)
I Mua by Nahko the best song ever, of all the songs in all the world. I’ll keep traveling til my heart finds peace, and even when it does I’ll keep moving because there is so much to see. Ground beneath bare feet

M: Ummm, Jen that is 12, not 10

Jen: Yeah? Who is counting?

M: Me

Jen: You were always counting weren’t you M?


Math with Jen

Ok, so there are currently 13,693 comments in this thread. Some comments have tons of songs like MikeFWT’s alt rock updates. Some just have two or three. Some just have one. Some have no songs, just comments. Some are double plays. So, I decided that there are 16,000 songs total in the thread. Don’t ask me how I came up with that number, I’m afraid my math skills are far too advanced for me to be explaining this stuff to you guys, just trust me and go with it.

Moving on…Through various non-peer reviewed google inquiries I have found that 1 gig holds roughly 300 songs, although it is quite hard to approximate due to varying song lengths, but were going to go with 300.

Sooooo….if 300s=1g (stay with me guys, I have this under control)
6,000s= 47g ish.
Yup. 47 ish gigs of music right here at the Dailypaul, in this very thread.


M: Why are you retiring it?

Jen: Because it (and I) is old and tired and it deserves a break.

M: Where can we post our music?

Jen: All over! There are tons of music threads here, any one of them will work just fine. And, the wonderful Mr. Johncarter has started a new one and will make an amazing host/dj http://www.dailypaul.com/320551/time-for-my-nightly-jam-sess... or you can say RIP here also http://www.dailypaul.com/320560/the-best-thing-about-the-ori...

And now for a word from the mayor of the DP Michael Nystrom:

"Hey, is it okay if I play some classical in here?"


M: Well, I guess it is time for your final jam session song.

Jen: I guess so. If I Don’t See You Again. By Neil Diamond.

"If I Don't See You Again"

If I don't see you again
It was a hell of a ride
Don't need to say let's be friends
Don't need to promise you'll write

We rode that train through the night
And never cared where it went
If I don't see you again
If I don't see you again

We ran a whole other race
Two strangers meet on the road
And find a time and a place
We never once had to lie
We've passed the age of consent
If I don't see you again

I know it's crazy out there
My head is sleeping around
I went out looking for love
And never liked what I found

Don't pay to make it alone
God knows it's lonely out there
I made it once on my own
And hardly anyone cared
If I don't see you again

Who you gonna run to baby
Who you gonna hide behind when the nights
It's suddenly cold
Who's gonna hold you
Who's gonna love you
Who will you go to

Who you gonna call if it ain't me
When you're feeling lost
And there is nobody out there
Looking for you
What will you do
Where will you go
If I don't see you again
If I don't see you again

You made it happen somehow
I think I gave up on life
But I feel better right now
Something you see turn around
Don't need to know what you meant
If I don't see you again

And at the end of the day
I hated sleeping alone
There's nothing worse when you're lost
And you don't wanna go home
It's gonna work out some way
I just don't wanna be found
I'm waiting here round the bay
And I'll be hanging around
If I don't see you again

Who am I kidding
I'm going nowhere
I can't even get through
An hour without you
Should be ashamed
Just wanna hear you
Calling my name

Two of those missed conventions
These men must have somehow missed something more
Cause we're here alone
I know we're together
To fall apart
I know how to get back home
Each time we say that
Cause you're frustrated too long
You've been too lonely to know
To find that something is wrong

The time if perfect to go
Before the curtain descents
Right now when both of us know
That everything has got to end
If I don't see you again

What's it gonna come to baby
Who you gonna hide behind when the nights
Get filled up with dirt
Looking to run
You're running away
And when you came on to save me
Doesn't look like the future is clear
I need you to hear me
Praying to
But nobody hears me
I had a plan to the moon
Each time you're saying good bye
Cause if I stayed for too long
You get too lonely to work
To find that something was wrong

The time is perfect to go
Before the curtain descents
Right now when both of us know
Everything has got to end
If I don't see you again
If I don't see you again

Somehow we both made it through
I would have gave up on life
Before I gave up on you
You went and turned me around
Could be with something you said
I couldn't make out the sound
I didn't care what it meant
If I don't see you again
If I don't see you again
If I don't see you again


What is your favorite music/band/artist?
Party Thread! We WILL Prevail!

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anepenthodyne anopenthedyne dynopenthane dynopanthene

dynopenthanepenthodynepenthedone... whatever it's called... I'm addicted...

good night jam session

a drug or drink, or the plant yielding it, mentioned by ancient writers as having the power to bring forgetfulness of sorrow or trouble.
anything inducing a pleasurable sensation of forgetfulness, especially of sorrow or trouble.


jrd3820's picture



In a stunning work of imagination and memory, author Kevin Baker brings to mesmerizing life a vibrant, colorful, thrilling, and dangerous New York City in the earliest years of the twentieth century. A novel breathtaking in its scope and ambition, it is the epic saga of newcomers drawn to the promise of America—gangsters and laborers, hucksters and politicians, radicals, reformers, murderers, and sideshow oddities—whose stories of love, revenge, and tragedy interweave and shine in the artificial electric dazzle of a wondrous place called Dreamland.


“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

Michael Nystrom's picture

I liked that song

The book looks good, too.


The cover reminded me of Fordlandia.

One of my favorite books describing that era of New York is Martin Dressler.

My old girl friend from a long time ago gave that to me saying, "I think you'll like this book." She was right. It is nice when someone knows things like that about you. I can't think of this book without thinking of her.

Did you read Dreamland?

He's the man.
jrd3820's picture

Do you like baseball?


I am tutoring a foreign language learner in English. His math tutor is out of town for spring break and he asked me if I would help him with geometry yesterday lol! I tried to explain to him that he would be better off just not having my help at all in that area. Anyways, I gave it a try. We were talking about applying shapes and whatnot to things he likes. He loves baseball and he was reading or attempting to read (I just told him to start grabbing books that interested him and jump in, and that would be one of the quickest ways to pick up English) This book.

The author sounded familiar and I knew I had a book by him, which I did and that was Dreamland, but I have not yet read it. I love that era of American history. A lot. I always took history elective classes and I have studied various period of history from around the world and all history is interesting in it's own right, but that era of American history is so alluring to me. So, I plan on starting the book soon. I think I got it a few years ago and ended up having to box it because of moving and then forgetting to get around to it.

Fordlandia looks really interesting also.

Oh, and this one, this is another one of the American history books I love. It's historical fiction, yet this guy did tons of research and it is amazing. Actually the only other 2 people I know that have read it found it to be boring, and I can see that. It has a Steinbeck feel in the writing, where a lot is shoved into each sentence and it moves slow but it is worth finishing in my opinion.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

Where Nobody Knows Your Name


Where Nobody Knows Your Name: Life In the Minor Leagues of Baseball - John Feinstein

"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath

Michael Nystrom's picture

Do I like baseball?

What an interesting question. Why in fact, I love baseball.

I was just telling Samantha this morning (again) about how when I graduated from college, I applied for a Fulbright scholarship to go to Japan and study... Baseball! My professor / advisor tried to tell me it was a bad idea, tried to expand the topic to "entertainment" in Japan, but I wasn't interested. I wanted to go study what I wanted to study, or not go at all. I drew my line in the sand!

And I made the first cut for the scholarship, and I thought I was a shoe in. I thought I was going to prove him wrong. Up until that point, at the ripe young age of 22, I'd never failed at anything! I was already packing my bags, I had my apartment in Tokyo picked out and furnished in my mind, I thought about how I'd subscribe to all 12 Tokyo sports dailies - have them delivered to my door, and I'd pad out to pick them up in my bathrobe, and read them with my coffee while recovering from my previous drunken nights out. Oh, it was going to be great!

And then. And then. And then I didn't make the final cut!!! I was devastated. I really was. I was like the roadrunner, who suddenly discovered there was no ground beneath him. And I started falling. Falling, falling, falling.

But I went to Japan anyway. And had my own experience without the Fulbright. And avoided being called a NWO shill on the DP for having been overseas on a Fulbright. (I got called a NWO shill for other reasons :)

I enjoy tutoring English, especially to a motivated student. I really love that. Do you have a motivated student? From where?

That looks like a good book. If I had more time in the day. I need that speed reading app that Ed told us about.

I did end up working for a pro ball team in Japan - the Orix Blue Wave, based in Kobe. I used to hang around with Ty Gainey back in those days. He was an American ball player in Japan. What a trip.

Fordlandia looks interesting. I saw it at the library today (The Somerville Library) and thought about checking it out, but remembered I checked it out once before, and I held onto it while not reading it until it was due, then returned it, and I figured the same thing would happen again. So I left it there for someone else. You, if you lived in Somerville.

Devil in the White City looks awesome, as does this one, by the same author.

Something got delivered here that was obviously intended for you, and it is going in the mail tomorrow, but it has been taking an extended detour here at the Nystrom household.


BTW, if you're interested in Japanese Baseball, here is the book to read: The Chrysanthemum and the Bat: The Game Japanese Play

Fascinating book. Too bad I didn't get that Fulbright. Imagine the scholarly contributions I could have made on the subject of baseball in Japan.

Here's a short (3:34) trip to Japan and a Japanese baseball game, if you feel like being a tourist for a few minutes.


I don't think they play baseball in China. They do in Taiwan. American allies play baseball. Where is your student from?

Uh oh, I didn't play a song. Am I going to get banned from this thread?

He's the man.
jrd3820's picture


That was an interesting video. I have not made it to Japan. I had a friend teaching English in Tokyo for a while. When I had to leave China I had 3 options for those few weeks between leaving China and going back to the US. My friend in Thailand who I ended up seeing for a day anyways, my friend in Tokyo who didn't respond to the SOS email that was sent out until after my friend in South Korea did. It's nice having friends everywhere. Anyways, as you know I ended up in South Korea which is where the student I am tutoring is from. He is great. He works hard, he is interested in more than just the language. He is humble and can laugh at his mistakes and use them to go forward. He also cooks for me and I made him some brownie concoction things I left in the chow session the other night. He also always wants to pay me way more than I charge and it is so endearing, but I can't take it.

Hey, I know someone else who applied for a fullbright but didn't make the cut, but would have gone if she did and would have also been called a NWO schill lol.

Did you notice with that speed reading thing Ed shared that certain words come up coded in color. Therein lies the secret. Ok, that's probably not the scientific secret, but it is the secret for me.

It sounds like you wanted to be a sports journalist then. Hunter S. Thompson started out as a sports journalist.

I'll have to talk to the op of this thread to see if you deserve to be banned or not. I think sometimes she doesn't mind if no music is included as she finds it to be a respite from other threads in it's relaxing qualities as long as no one is YELLING!!!! in all caps.

I will pass that book about baseball in Japan to my student. Even as a speed reader my own list grows quite quickly and I feel like I will never get to all of it.

The mail keeps getting detoured. I guess that is the accuracy of the USPS for ya.

I see you linked to the infamous Postcards from the Revolution blog. I am a subscriber to that blog. The author has a good thing going with that.

This is for you. You don't have to listen to all of them, but it is about the history of virtual communities and where they are headed in the future. I listened to all of them over the past few weeks, one at a time in the background, it had some interesting information.


Oh no, I didn't play a song either. Is the mayor of the DP going to ban the mayor of the jam session?

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

jrd3820's picture

Yele Yele Yele


“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

Jewe Jewe Jewe

Jewe 'You are the One' - Mickey Hart (Planet Drum)


When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

jrd3820's picture

Clap Clap M, that was great


“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

jrd3820's picture



“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

So I tried again to post a

So I tried again to post a video and it seems I do not have an option to embed a video. I'm using my ipad. Do you think there is some sort of function or setting on my ipad that does not allow the ability to post an embedded video?

jrd3820's picture

Huh....I don't have an ipad so I'm not sure

You can always drop off links though, I'll still watch and they have a way of getting embedded soon enough anyways.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

I will but it's just not the

I will but it's just not the same. All my life all I've ever wanted was to fit in.

I don't know if this will work

I don't have an iPad either so I can't say one way or the other. Seems like a lot of work, there may be an easier way.


jrd3820's picture

lol...Everyone fits in in the jam session dear

Look you'll stand out, that's even better than fitting in, and I guarantee you that a mod or someone who can embed the video for you will get to it eventually so everyone can see what videos you are playing.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

jrd3820's picture

Counting Bodies Like Sheep


“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

(No subject)

Mike Ness- Ballad of a Lonely Man


"My country is the world, and my religion is to do good."
Thomas Paine

(No subject)

(No subject)

U2 ~ With or Without You


When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir



mountaincat's picture

Bluegrass Gospel set

Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder - Why Did I Wait So Long


The Kentucky Colonels - Jordan


Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road - Granny's Garden


The story behind the hymn, What a friend we have in Jesus


Hunt Family Bluegrass Band - Over In The Glory Land


Those were nice songs, mc. I'm just wondering

if down South there you could hear my "No-o-o-o-o-o!" when listening to the story of the hymn. It's amazing how Scriven was able to channel his grief into something so worthwhile. And those are beautiful lyrics he was inspired to write, words I believe are true. :)

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Hey look,

jrd3820's back!

That version of Wide World isn't *quite* as sweet as the original; on the other hand, it's more attention-getting?

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir