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Incoming Alaska GOP leaders could be unseated before even assuming control - Weigh in DP!

If we want the help of Alaska in nominating Mark Willis we better help educate our rank and file brothers and sisters in the Alaska GOP that it is time to shove the CBC out with a firm boot. The CBC (Google:Corrupt Bastards Club) is not going down without a fight. They are trying to take out the new Chair and Vice Chair so they might reign again. They are not to be underestimated.

"Incoming Alaska GOP leaders could be unseated before even assuming control"

Story here published 30 minutes prior to this post:

Comment if you have information that can help.

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Just a thought...

Advertise. If possible, do a short, clear, message and buy an ad on a popular radio station. Call in to local radio station talk shows, and write letters to the editors of newspapers, asking for people to just show up at the meetings, giving the times and places, to demand party officials represent them and their views, not themselves and their pockets at Alaskans' expense. Compose and circulate fliers all over the place, too.

If all else fails, send a couple of dead fishes wrapped in newspaper.

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It seems that the harder the

It seems that the harder the GOP establishment seeks to maintain control the more likely they are to insure that the RNC continues to be the minority party if not the irrelevant party.

bump for alaska


I don't live in Alaska and Can't Help

But I can make a suggestion.

This CBC: name names, make a timeline, gather the information to show people what they are all about. Pick a few issues that you know will resonate.

Put your guys on the other side, do the same.

Now contrast the two and show how something unfair and corrupt is going on.

People will still be complacent, I promise, people kind of suck. But SOME will listen.