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Death by Fungus?

In Nature this month there is an essay about natural catastrophes that might overtake us. One of these focuses on the threat posed by local fungus populations:

Although viruses and bacteria grab more attention, fungi are the planet’s biggest killers. Of all the pathogens being tracked, fungi have caused more than 70% of the recorded global and regional extinctions, and now threaten amphibians, bats and bees. The Irish potato famine in the 1840s showed just how devastating such pathogens can be. Phytophthora infestans (an organism similar to and often grouped with fungi) wiped out as much as three-quarters of the potato crop in Ireland and led to the death of one million people.

Researchers estimate that there are 1.5-5 million species of fungi in the world, but only 100,000 have been identified. Reports of new types of fungal infection in plants and animals have risen nearly tenfold since 1995.

read more http://drsircus.com/medicine/cancer/death-by-fungi

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I'm allergic to mold and foods with mold.

mushrooms, msg, strawberries with any bit of mold on them. I get huge hives...great big knots on my arms, bottom of feet to where I can't walk, palms of my hands, lips swell and get knots in them. I have to down 4 Benadryl to make them go away. I can eat fresh strawberries off the plant, but not ones packaged.

Use oil of oregano; use OregaMax

That would eliminate the mold sensitivity. A study by Akgul in Turkey demonstrated that oil of oregano obliterates black mold in a concentration of one per one thousand.

Oh yeah. Blackmold can cause cancer.

People can also be allergic to many molds.

In the sample-site for a book on long term food storage I talk a bit about molds,


In a root cellar scenario, at a certain point of mold infestation we just abandon or even burn the things and I seem to recall somebody saying there's a biblical precedent for this.

Fortunately, most molds like it in the earth and they stay there. And mostly they like warm, damp and dark so we give them the opposite, and they are pretty killable with stuff like bleach solution, pine oil cleaner, turpentine will work just fine. Ordinary soap doesn't do much to them as lots of molds do fine in an alkalai environment.

Even more fortunately, by far, like 99.999% of these...isms are totally benign to us. I feel they work in balance and like bacteria, only present a problem when one of them in particular starts mass populating in us or on us. So I caution against the tendency to turn the kitchen into a hospital room. Some of these things like bacteria in our digestive tracts have a symbiotic relationship with us. Get out and have picnics! You are pre-adapted to most stuff on this planet.

(Since I haven't finished illustrations yet I'm still sending advance copies of the book out for free if you care to peruse it. PM me.)

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.


among us... o_O

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

US Patent No. 5,242,820,

"Pathogenic Mycoplasma", issued September 7, 1993.
(militarized bio weapon)
suspect sleeper cell trigger of many modern day AND rising diseases and cancers.
too numerous and depressing (for me) to detail here, do your own research.

if you are inclined to continue, this will blow your mind:
"Special Virus Cancer Program: Progress Report No. 8"

ties together a number of 'puzzling' pieces..

This is more correct than

This is more correct than most people think. Everything of organic orgin on this Earth will be eaten by mold, bacteria, and or viruses unless it's burned or otherwise preserved first.

The purpose of mold is to recycle organic material and it does this at a highly efficient rate. Molds can produce toxins that have disastrous effects on humans. People think I'm joking, but mold has a three step dance; first it stuns be affecting our muscles, digestion, cognitive ability, ect; then it drops us when we can no longer function; lastly it eats us.

Most of us have a world view filter that can see incidents as a struggle between liberty and tyranny. Let me tell you that there is also another battle going on at a more fundamental level. It's the war between molds, bacterias, and viruses. We are just their cannon fodder. There's a great book called "Help me my house is killing me" that sets the stage of indoor air quality and the microbial world. I would also highly recommend reading a few of the books by Ritchie Shoemaker on how biotoxins from molds and various other organisms may affect human health if you have a certain HLA type schema for your acquired immune system. The bottom line is that IAQ(indoor air quality) has a massive effect on human health that most people do not realize.
We can last weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without air. The air we breath is our most basic nutrient and the silly thing is that we don't have a great filtering mechanism. What we breath is more or less consumed directly into our bodies. Take my advice. Get rid of your carpets, have your duct work cleaned, use good furnace filters, verify that your homes/offices have normal levels of microbial growth, move/change your jobs if the amplified growth is too much to re-mediate, and pay attention to you IAQ.