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Maine GOP Rejects 2012 RNC Rules

At a special meeting held by the Maine Republican State Committee occurred in Augusta today, a ’Resolution to Restore the Power of the GOP Grassroots‘ was passed by an overwhelming majority. In fact it has been reported that the measure received support of almost 90% of voting members!

During the discussion, numerous people stood to comment on their reasons for approving of the resolution. Many indicated that they believe that states should indeed retain the right to conduct their voting methods rather than being forced into a “one-size-fits-all” method dictated by the National Committee.

Members of the State Committee spoke about the fact that the vote was clearly too close to call and that the Chair did not heed the clear calls for division. According to Roberts Rules, the official protocol for meetings, the motion for division is not debatable, nor is it allowed to be ignored.

Other members pointed out that the Chair was reading from a teleprompter, as evidenced by video of the convention, when he stated, “In the opinion of the Chair, the ayes have it.”

Still others indicated that one of the core principles of the GOP include smaller, decentralized government and that the Party should “walk the talk” in internal matters.

The rules which were being protested in the resolution strip the states of their autonomy, and this too was discussed.

Due to the fact that all those who spoke about the topic were in favor of it, the Chair called for statements by the opposition. There was none, and so the question was called.

There appeared to be six people who voted against it, though no one was clear about why they voted that was inasmuch as none spoke up about their misgivings.

Had the entire body been present, the vote would have required that 41 people vote in favor of the resolution in order for it to pass. Due to the fact that there were 40 co-sponsors, the outcome of the vote was almost a given.

That did not, however, take away from the fact that this resolution was hard-fought and monumental.

RESOLVED, that the Maine Republican Party does not recognize the rules put forward at the 2012 Republican National Convention as having been properly passed;

RESOLVED, that in the absence of rules properly passed at the 2012 Republican National Convention, the Maine Republican Party recognizes the rules passed at the 2008 Republican National Convention as the official rules of the National Republican Party;

RESOLVED, that the Maine Republican Party asserts the primacy of the delegates to the Republican Convention in setting party rules and therefore be it further;

RESOLVED, that the Maine Republican Party rejects the new top-down structure of governance as detrimental to the long-term success of the Republican Party and therefore be it further;

RESOLVED, that the Maine Republican Party requests that the RNC formally declare these rules “null and void” as they were improperly passed at the convention;

Chief Sponsor: Bryan Daugherty – Penobscot County Committeeman
Co-Sponsor: Rich Cebra – Chair Maine Republican Party
Co-Sponsor: Beth O’Connor – Vice-Chair Maine Republican Party
Co-Sponsor: Mark Willis – Maine National Comitteeman
Co-Sponsor: Ashley Ryan – Maine National Committeewoman
Co-Sponsor: Traci Gauthier – Penobscot County Chair
Co-Sponsor: Violet Willis – Washington County Committeewoman
Co-Sponsor: Linda Anthony – Androscoggin County Committeewoman
Co-Sponsor: Anne-Marie Grenier – Cumberland County Committeewoman
Co-Sponsor: Cynthia Rosen – Knox County Committeewoman
Co-Sponsor: Michelle Anderson – Penobscot County Committeewoman (at-large)
Co-Sponsor: Victor Berardelli – Penobscot County Committeeman (at-large)
Co-Sponsor: Roger Ek – Penobscot County Committeeman (at-large)
Co-Sponsor: Renee Trust – Hancock County Committeewoman
Co-Sponsor: Julie Morgan – Penobscot County Committeewoman
Co-Sponsor: Lindsay Carter – York County Committeewoman (at-large)
Co-Sponsor: Jonathan Pfaff – Cumberland County Committeeman
Co-Sponsor: Brian Viollete – Aroostook County Committeeman
Co-Sponsor: Robert Roy – Aroostook County Committeeman (at-large)
Co-Sponsor: Rachel Gerlach – York County Committeewoman (at-large)
Co-Sponsor: Eric Brakey – Cumberland County Committeeman (at-large)
Co-Sponsor: Andrew Rackliff – Cumberland County Committeeman (at-large)
Co-Sponsor: Chris Lyons – Cumberland County Committeeman (at-large)
Co-Sponsor: Olga Laplante – Cumberland County Committeewoman (at-large)
Co-Sponsor: Russell Montgomery – Knox County Committeeman
Co-Sponsor: Ron Morrell – York County Chair
Co-Sponsor: Thomas Barry – Androscoggin County Committeman (at-Large)
Co-Sponsor: Michael Coleman – York County Committeeman (at-large)
Co-Sponsor: Erin Daly – Cumberland County Committeewoman (at-large)
Co-Sponsor: Eric White – Hancock County Chair
Co-Sponsor: Jim White – Piscataquis County Committeeman
Co-Sponsor: Trisha White – Piscataquis County Committeewoman
Co-Sponsor: Landon St. Peter – Kennebec County Committeeman (at-Large)
Co-Sponsor: Bill Barker – Hancock County Committeeman (at-Large)
Co-Sponsor: Tony Bennett III – Washington County Chair
Co-Sponsor: Shane Curtis – Washington County Committeeman
Co-Sponsor: Adam Thompson – Kennebec County Committeeman (at-Large)
Co-Sponsor: Jeff Cucci – Kennebec County Committeeman
Co-Sponsor: Ken Quinn – Androscoggin County Chair
Co-Sponsor: Jeanette Wheeler – Lincoln County Committeewoman
Co-Sposnor: Gregory Hodge – Lincoln County Committeeman
For a copy of the original wording of the Resolution Visit: http://stepdownnow.com/resolution-report/

Thank You Maine Republicans for Standing Up and Leading the Way! NOW PASS THIS IN EVERY STATE!

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When I arrived at the website linked here, it seemed to indicate that more states have passed this legislation. Is that true? Have all the states listed on the website passed this same legislation???

"No physical quantity explains it's own existence, and no amount of time can consume an infinite series of events to bring you to the present, which means all of these somewhere have to be explained by one self-existent cause which is not physical."

None of the states have

None of the states have passed legislation. A state GOP cannot pass legislation. They passed resolutions. And no, all of the states haven't passed the same resolutions. NH passed the 1st resolution. Over the months, the text of the resolution has improved, partly due to help from the RLC. So for example, the text of the Maine resolution is better than the original resolution I co-sponsored.

Live Free or Die!


Thank you for the correction. I knew something was wrong when I posted my comment but I couldn't figure out what it was. I completely picked the wrong word. Thanks for the information! This is an extremely encouraging story.

"No physical quantity explains it's own existence, and no amount of time can consume an infinite series of events to bring you to the present, which means all of these somewhere have to be explained by one self-existent cause which is not physical."

NH leads to Republican liberty movement again!

That's fantastic! I'm glad yet another state followed the lead of New Hampshire liberty activists. We were the first state to pass such a resolution. In fact, I noticed that most of the resolutions passing in other states are very similar to our resolution. Though, as months have passed, some of them are worded even better, such as this resolution. This is yet more proof the the FSP idea is not only helping NH, but many other states. That's why I got involved with the FSP to begin with. I wanted to freedom the world but I know all other methods that had been tried up to that time were complete failures. I'm so glad I took the risk of joining the FSP and moving to NH.

Live Free or Die!


BUMP! I know we have a lot of battles going on right now but this is KEY! The Romulets are beat down and do not care about polities right now.

Ron Paul told us he was the only one running that had a real message.

They can ignore Ron Paul until death. They can try Legislate us into submission but they will NEVER kill the idea of LIBERTY!

Well said

I wish more people would actually work to move local legislation and local politics forward. It's the level where we can be the most effective and honestly at this point in time the only level where we have room to play, tt' has to start somewhere.

Too many "right wing" Libertarians are too focused on building an ammo dump and armory in their basement and not worried about moving the agenda forward. This comes from a man that owns several gun of various calibers and sizes. But filling my gun safe and hoping for the best doesn't stop the "gun grabbers", working at a grassroots level and building from there is the only way to do so.

Who gives a rat's patoot about how many guns you have, if we don't get Liberty minded people in elected positions we are going to loose them. Your 3 or 4 AR-15 clones are not going to stop an armored patrol of UN gun control creeps, no matter how well you are stocked up. The people at Waco, TX had LOTS of guns, you can't out gun the army not matter how much bad assery you think you have.

If you want to keep your guns stop mumbling "over my cold dead hands" and get out in the streets and work to spread Liberty.

Delegates Rule

This is why I kept saying that Romney and the authoritarian power-seekers had made a mistake: if you were a delegate or member, you don't have to be a Ron Paul supporter to realize that what they did was against your own interests.

It's also why you in the GOP should first "go through channels" and use the remedies in your bylaws, a judicial committee, or whatever. These people are usually chosen for their fair-mindedness because no one knows which side they'll be on in future arguments when they're being chosen.

At least, that's what I see happen in the LP. The judicial committee members are not chosen for their extreme views and partisanship, even though we welcome most folks as members and let them vote no matter how extreme they are (as long as they don't advocate for force).

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


Other state conventions occur this month. THIS IS HUGE!

NEED THE TEXT IMMEDIATELY for other conventions.

Please post link or text!

Visit: www.stepdownnow.com


There is a copy of the original language of the Resolution used in Maine provided there.

Denise B's picture

More great news!

Thanks for sharing! :)

Just 1 more great reason.....

to move to Maine !!!!

You want to move to Maine

You want to move to Maine because it slightly changed the text of the New Hampshire liberty Republican resolution? You want to move to Maine because it passed the NH resolution 3 months after Maine passed it? You want to move to ME because less than 90% of the folks supported it in ME, where as, over 90% of the folks supported the original resolution in NH? I'm not sure which reason you are referring to :)

Live Free or Die!


Wonderful, informative topic post that helps those of us on central committees and councils.

So goes Maine, so goes the nation: LET IT BE!!!

CONGRATULATIONS and much appreciation!!

ytc's picture

Truly awesome.

Remember Maine! . . . how the unjustly treated patriots regrouped and REGAINED the GOP!

It is inspiring to the core.

Thank you Bryan for Sponsoring

and to all the co-sponsors.

Maine can and will lead the way.

Ron Paul is My President

Lead the way? NH passed this

Lead the way? NH passed this months ago with even more support. I think 10 states already passed the NH Resolution before ME passed it. ME may lead the way, but this certainly isn't a case of that happening.

Live Free or Die!


so i goofed. relax.

Ron Paul is My President

It's good.

Hopefully another state in New England or even the Northeast will follow the lead :)

Live Free or Die!