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Leftist anarchists go after media in Greece

If want your cash or I will kill you...

"On Thursday, about 50 men entered the private radio station Real FM and demanded that a recording be played expressing solidarity with hundreds of squatters evicted earlier from the Villa Amalia, a gathering point in central Athens for far-left groups and students.

“Yesterday they raided radio stations; today we have explosions at journalists’ homes,” said Simos Kedikoglou, the coalition government’s spokesman. “There is an open effort to terrorize the media, a vital part of our democracy."


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These guys aren't anarchist at heart.

If they gain power the well demand to be the unquestioned rulers.

Their "anarchy" is an opportunistic lie.

Free includes debt-free!

It is important to hit the criminal cheerleaders first.

The people in greece know what we know. These media cheerleaders are not their friends and are the worst of the criminal element in society.

When government goes bad and the press does not stand up to defend the people then they have proven that the press is not free either but instead controlled and directed by the same criminal element.

I have often said that the press should be attacked and / or replaced long before a government fails.


It's Really Too Bad

Hopefully, Greece's coming Communist Dictatorship gets ousted from power before they can kill in the 7 figures.

We should enter a pool to guess who will emerge as the Dictator-in-training. Grand prize gets a $10 gift card to Amazon, and the rest just get to enjoy the looks on leftists faces when they realize another proletariat revolution has ended up as another failure in their ideology.