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Wow, wow, wow AJ Hits Home Run On Huff Post -video-

Wow, wow, wow AJ Hits Home Run On Huff Post. Then they did the typical Big Media thing and cut him off.

Some of this stuff was a FIRST to ever be said on MSM.


Please Note:
I am not posting this as a pro/con AJ debate, I could care less about someone's stance on that and find it irrevelant to content. So please try to stick to context & content and not your personal predispositions.

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Paul Craig Roberts interview


The website is currently under development, but we have an interview with Paul Craig Roberts telling it like it is. Feel free to read it.

"Very little is left of the Constitution and civil liberty. The executive branch claims the power to imprison US citizens indefinitely without presenting evidence to a court and the power to assassinate, or murder, US citizens on suspicion alone without due process of law. The exercise of free speech, free assembly, and protest are all under government attack. Police violence against these activities is rising. The government spies on citizens without cause and without warrants. The only remaining civil liberty is the Second Amendment, the right to own firearms. As an armed
population is inconsistent with the new police state, this right is likely to be taken away."


Great interview until he started to do his "Pro-wrestling promo" at the end. I can't believe anyone finds this rhetorically effective. And why would did he insert the government putting poison in our water, a la Dr. Strangelove, in an interview about gun rights?

You are not allowed to

You are not allowed to criticize Alex Jones, or you will get 500 votes down... It is stunning that people think yelling at the TV will recruit people that have never heard of the liberty philosophy before.

It's easy to say "he did a great job" when you know of him and you agree with his views.... converting others is an entirely different story.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

different strokes for

different strokes for different folks. You are not going to recruit or educate the "good ole boys" who are mostley neocons with your snooty philosophy,intellectual type discussions either.

To be fair? Alex Jones is an

To be fair? Alex Jones is an entertainer and businessman. And pretty good at both; as can be attested by his success. He is also a self professed Constitutionalist and Libertarian but none of that makes him a leader. He is just another voice in this maniac world we live in and should be judged as such. I'm personally glad he exists. I know he has brought more to the Libertarian cause then any other Radio Personality. Sure he has silly ads but, he also gives his work freely. His redeeming quality to me is his constancy and honesty to his work despite the ever changing common dialog.

I wish that those so quick to criticize would examine what they have done; Or be kind enough to show their alternative.

That said AJ get me too wound up. I can only cope with small doses like this clip and I thought it was great to see both extremes. The Left will always sound crazy to the Right and vice versa. What's new?

They assasinate the character of the messenger

And pay no heed to the message. Reminds of "Are you electable" smere.

Me thinks they doth protest too much

The 'panel' following Jones reminds me of the one Fox used when it became known Ron Paul was widely supported by the troops. A lot of poo pooing was done by the propagandists and this looks like another example of the same type of tactics.

When they don't want to be honest about the issues such as the second amendment and debate both sides then they do what they always do, they attempt to make their 'audience' deem the speaker to be a kook. This is getting a bit old and way too obvious for most, while I know there are plenty of ignorant people who agree with the media's rot, I truly don't believe there are nearly as many as the establishment would like us to believe. When you look at all the gun sales going on, it says a whole lot about how much the people trust this government and its media tools.

I thought this was great

The interviewer gave him time to vent and thats what we needed.

Another Internet Revolutionary Dead.

Aaron Swartz.Suicide? The media and government hated this man with a passion.I am sure Alex will discuss this Monday.

Money talks and dogs bark


I watched this with someone who is a dedicated RP fan, aware of AJ, but not an AJ follower. She liked most of Jones' points, liked where he said he comes off crazy because he's not in a trance....But she lost patience with his style about 2/3rds through, and at the end she said this guy needs counseling.

It's valuable to have AJ in the fight, but there are a lot of fine people who we also want in the fight who will never, ever accept him as any kind of a leader.


if she really listened to what he said, she would have noted that at one point he talked about how people used to discuss the news and that was getting on a soapbox down at the corner and shouting out. That's what he is doing; visualize him on a street corner, standing on a soapbox. I love it. Once I got that, and understood where he was coming from, I liked him better. Before that, I felt liked your friend. He's doing the country a favor. More power to him.

Who says he

has to be the leader maybe he is just the messeger,and to be honest I have seen no one else exposing the NWO/oligarchy anywhere near the level AJ has in the controled/MSM! Also I like the fact that AJ doesn`t let the media shills run over him and cut him off at will. No he is not DR Paul but is he effective I think so,maybe your friend just needs a little time to absorb all the information that he was trying to put forth. And I think that there is rooms for all types of leaders and messengers in the Liberty Movement as is that not what we are all about? I think it is and I think we are smart enough to know when we are doing the leading or being lead!


and that 'lot' of fine people..

well intentioned and behaved?..no doubt they exist.. will not be on telly but
remain out of range til the 'honey badgers' bring down the kills.

Hey, I'm all for a guy like

Hey, I'm all for a guy like Jones out there doing it bareknuckles. I'm just saying that it might not be appropriate to make the leap from appreciating his passion to appointing him the leader of the liberty movement (as some are trying to do). Let him offer ideas and let people work with him and learn from him to whatever extent they choose, but don't let him define the movement. That could be catastrophic.

Well said D-503

Rings true with me.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks


Thanks for posting this.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

You call him a cray lunatic

Maybe he sounds like that sometimes, but if thats what it takes to wake just a few people up then by all means continue AJ. We live in a twisted bizarro crazy upside down society with a distorted view of what the government is doing, maybe it takes a little "crazy" to shake people out of their comas. And if they want to say he gives libertarians a bad name, they better provide a little more evidence to their case than just saying he sounds kooky, these clowns have nothing.

Find one...

MSM story, in the last week or so, that has Alex Jones shown in a positive spin. Just one.

That's the point...

If you could find, "a positive spin", from even, "one MSM story"; THAT would discredit Jones AND that source at the same time, rather than that "mainstream" choir of mockingbirds who won't change their tune, no matter how rational Jones was, eh?

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

I wonder

if when he thinks he's getting close to being cut off, he goes into rant mode to say as much as he can before he's cut off. I'm not going to fault him too much. It's got to be stressful talking to MSM drones about freedom, and few others are doing it.

Point by Point competitive review.

Point 1

The first obvious measure of manipulation of the information occurs when there is a choice made by the people who produce this "Interview" select the most emotionally charged segment of the Alex Jones (Republic/Competition/Free Market/Liberty) versus Piers Morgan (Despotism/Monopoly/Involuntary tax or Subsidy/Legal Crime) "Interview".

Why did they lead off with that segment of the interview?

a. Sell more advertizement space/boost ratings/entertainment value
b. Present Alex Jones as a nutcase/shoot the messenger/censor the information/divert attention from the information to Alex Jones's "personality"
c. Any other reason, and combinations of reasons/factors or greater or lesser significance than a and b above.

Point 2

The next obvious measure of manipulation of the information occurs when the hired speaker (attractive woman) claims: "In his first on camera interview since the Piers Morgan show..."; which is a Monopoly viewpoint that claims that Alex Jones's own on-camera interviews are irrelevant compared competitively with shows like Piers Morgan and HuffPost whatever.


Point 3

Is there a contradiction between the two:

1. Deport Piers Morgan
2. Defend Liberty

I will listen to Alex Jones response but before doing that I am going to answer the question myself.

There is a contradiction invented by, produced by, and maintained by the criminals who took over voluntary government and that contradiction is entirely theirs. If Trial by Jury existed, due process of law, a process due everyone without exception, then an Alex Jones can accuse a Piers Morgan of treason, or sedition, or libel, or for propitiating very serious false information designed to deceive, threaten, and injure many innocent people, such as a lie that covers up the willful murder of innocent people so as to use those murders to then disarm many more innocent people, etc.

In Liberty the charge can be made, just like anyone can charge anyone with a crime, and then there is a process due to everyone the same way, such as Trial by Jury was the law of the land when Liberty was in force in this country.

The concept of shouting fire in a crowded Theater ought to be understood in this case specifically. If Alex Jones is in error, if Alex Jones is the one firing words in a crowded theater (not hiring mercenaries to FIRE in a crowded theater so as to then have an excuse to take guns from innocent people), then a counter suit, or a counter charge of wrongdoing could be accessed after the Trial by Jury that determines the facts in an official, legal, manner during the first Trial where Alex Jones, or anyone, accuses someone else, such as a Piers Morgan, of perpetrating the crime of shouting FIRE in a crowded Theater, when there is no fire, when the willful premeditated act of deception is perpetrated so as to cause mayhem, to cause injury to stampeded innocent victims, and to do so willfully, malicious, by Piers Morgan, or whoever the accused is, as the accused perpetrates that willful crime for fun and profit.

If there is no way, no process, no effective process, no expedient process, no accurate process, by which those who are guilty of violent crimes are not held to account, then there is no Liberty, since the Piers Morgans of the world, when afforded an inch, take a mile. When the criminals are given the go ahead, and rewarded handsomely for "shouting FIRE in a crowded theater", for example, then they take their earnings to their banks and make a living out of crime.

So the answer, before I hear Alex Jones answer the question, is no, the contradiction in question is false on purpose and the liars are the ones who steal money from the honest producers, then they use that stolen money to hire mercenaries who then shoot up innocent people in churches (Waco), Theaters, Schools, anywhere where the Best Bank for the Buck does the job of frightening the innocent people into giving up their Liberty, and guns, those are the people who invent, produce, and maintain that contradiction between crime (shouting Fire in a crowded theater, or starting the fire and then shouting fire in a crowded theater, or hiring a shooter to FIRE upon innocent people in a church, theater, or school) and defense of Liberty.

Crime is crime (Piers Morgans lies)

Liberty is defended (by holding the liars to be accurate accounted for their lies, and their threats, and their violence upon the innocent)

On to Alex Jones's answer.

I stopped at the part where Alex Jones claims that a Republic guards the minority against the majority, which is false, or at least very sloppy English.

A Republic can't do anything. People do things. If for example a law was made that says hey you, all you people, you are slaves, and now you have to work harder, and all those earnings you earn are taken from you, and all those earnings are then spent to hire guys like Piers Morgan to work at taking more from you, so work harder slaves, and shut up.

In Trial by Jury, 12 people are asked to do their duty, and those 12 people can try any case where a Slave accuses a Master of perpetrating the crime of enslavement, kidnapping, whatever, such as say, me saying hey, Ben Bernanke is enslaving me, I want him tried for that crime. If due process, due everyone, you know, the Lady with blindfold holding the scale, the Golden Rule, you know, justice, and all that goes with it, you know, due process due everyone equally, if that exists in a Republic, then those 12 people try Ben Bernanke for the crime of enslavement, and either I win the case, because all 12 Jurors agree that Ben Bernanke is enslaving me, or one of the 12 says no, and Ben Bernanke can go on about his business of enslaving everyone, you know, the minority, those 12 Federal Reserve Board Chairmen writing themselves another check for as much money as everyone else combined and then they take over another competitive network television station, or hire mercenaries to shoot up a Church (Waco), or take down 3 building in New York (911), or whatever is deemed necessary according to our Masters as to how best the find it, in their way, to keep their Power to be our Masters.

So...Alex Jones is incorrect, or at least sloppy with English, in my opinion. A Republic may be a form of competitive government that allows many Sovereign States to compete with each other Sovereign State to offer the many honest productive people a place that they can call home, a castle of their own, where despots fear to tread on our Liberties, because any 12 randomly selected Jurors may order depots to be tar and feathered, or hung, or deported, who whatever those 12 Jurors agree to do in that type of process of due process.

No, Alex, the Republic can't do anything, but people can work at inventing, or reinventing, or maintaining, competitive, voluntary government, such as any place where due process of law is due everyone equally, such as places where Trial by Jury was the law of the land.



In place where crime does not pay so well the criminals move to greener pastures - no need to deport those who have no interest in Liberty, since they fear Liberty, they fear the "angry mob" who happen to be 12 people on a Jury.

Alex Jones has a lot right, but I think he is somewhat mistaken in this area.


Point 4

"That sounds like the ravings of a Fascist..."

I will again answer that claim before I listen to Alex Jones answer that claim made by Glenn Beck through "The Organs" (Mass Media Monopoly of LIES).

Here again is the Trial by Jury, due process, due everyone, solution to this specific case of people getting away with crimes.

The crime is "Shouting FIRE in a crowded Theater" or shooting people in a crowded theater, or shooting people in a school, or destroying building full of people in New York, or Waco Texas, or Oklahoma City, or a Reichstag building in German to get Hitler POWERED UP (along with all the money Hitler got from Wall Street).

The crime:

Destructive Lies

Due process due everyone

Alex Jones, or me, or John Doe, files a complaint on the bond of Glen Beck, a complaint on the bond of Piers Morgan, and a complaint on the bond of the producer of the HuffPost show, or all three, or instead of taking the long way around, the complaint is filed as a criminal accusation of Treason, or aiding and abetting enemies foreign and/or domestic, and a Trial is conducted, 12 people are randomly picked, just like any other criminal case, and the Jurors decide guilt unanimously, or one Juror lets the presumed to be innocent defendant free.

That reality is not NEWS for the Monopolists (Legal Criminals) they know the reality of it. They dare not speak of it either. So play along all you sheep, and don't listen to history. Pay more into Legal Crime, each day, and see how much more will be taken from you with the provisions you provided to your enemies foreign and domestic. You will get what you pay for in that case.

I can listen to see how Alex Jones answers the claim by Glenn Beck as to who, exactly, is a fascist.


Point 5

"Thomas Jefferson is a Liberal"

Here could be the most important bit of information offered by Alex Jones through "The Organs" (a soviet label for legal crime) where many people are now being allowed to hear information that has previously been censored from "Main Stream Media" (Brainwashing, behavioral modification, response conditioning, businesses for fun and profit) as now "The Internet" offers a competitive avenue with which information is finding a way around "Main Stream Media", so the employers and employees of Legal Crime (The Organs) are on the defensive (damage control) and they now allow this information to be broadcast to all their targets and cohorts in Legal Crime.

When Alex Jones says that the good guys were once called Liberals he is not trying to confuse anyone, and he is not trying to make any modern "liberal" look better. Alex Jones is merely reporting how words that mean one thing 2 centuries ago, the same word means the opposite now. Who remembers when the Right was Blue and the Left was Red? Now the Right is Red and the Left is Blue.

Why? Alex Jones is cluing people in on this bait and switch routine done by Legal Criminals who employ deception to reach their goals, their goals are to destroy their targets, to subjugate their targets, and to profit at the expense of their targets, they are criminals, and they define the meaning of the word crime.

What is "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques"?

What is "Extraordinary Rendition"?

What is "Quantitative Easing"?


when might this "stuff" be said on MSM...

Homosexuality is an abomination to God(Larry Pratt knows this....)

A government-funded.abortion every :94 seconds provokes God's wrath against a nation, especially when it takes a back seat to things like gay marriage is a human right, or, my right to own assault weapons when gun confiscation is not even a realistic possibility until the economy is fully collapsed, and towns are walled-in with barbed wire and guarded by National Guardsmen are at the gates and 40% of the citizens are on FULL government sustenance....

How about the idea that the Earth is not millions or billions of years old, the Grand Canyon is evidence of a global flood in Noah's day as compared to the 1/40th scale model of what has occurred at Spirit Lake and around Mt. St. Helens....or...that dinosaurs have always lived with man, they were called dragons, they were just overgrown lizards, Adam lived 930 years, the Earth was perhaps hyperbaric conditions pre-flood under a canopy of water, the word dinosaur was made up in 1860....etc etc...

OP ... You USED "AJ" ... His name is the DRAW to read and post thoughts....so, I will continue to beat the "dead horse" once again by saying Creation Evangelist Kent Hovind rots in Federal Prison, after even steering his predominantly fundamentalist audience to take in what AJ promotes; yet AJ has NEVER given this Christian Patriot and political prisoner his DUE or kudos because in both behavior and credibility, Kent Hovind would whip him as a competitor for the hearts and minds of patriots sincerely seeking to change the hearts of Americans to recognize how far evil has flourished ...

The people pushing what I am pushing against are doing the "F" religion game! So, my plea to those who really want to hear some "first time truths" in the MSM; take in the information, knowledge, and solutions Kent Hovind offers, and, discern his heart motivation and concern for our nation's path/result of absorbing and buying into decades of government-funded deception.

Somebody is sincere, and somebody is a media whore and deceiver; as evidenced by the lack of compliment and concern one has expressed to the other; as it seems they're on the "same side"

Since guns are the "main topic", and the New World Order's hellbent lust to take them away is the topic at hand, let's start with Kent Hovind's nearly decade old plea using Columbine as an example....and take it through to the destruction of the "pure religion"(as Jefferson called it) by the government; and choose ye this day...Alex Jones or Christ in this battle for the restoration of our Republic and it's moral fortitude and example of Liberty realized...



I am ignorant. Does Alex Jones know of Hovind?

Peter Schiff's dad... is he still in prison?
If so, why do we hear nothing about him?

Sherri Jackson served her term... yet nobody asks to hear her.

Alex' handlers know of Hovind....

....just as the Howard Stern show knew of Alex Jones..

Some media guys are propped up, others are torn down...

We could only imagine the financial support Hovind had received(and from where)up to the point he opened his Dinosaur Adventure Land, and purchased other properties before the IRS shut him down and stole it all away...versus Alex Jones' media empire and support....

The downvotes PROVE I am right in all my suspicions and forecasts that Alex Jones will take the "good" folks down....Hovind's ministry and Ralph Ovadal's sound pleas and scriptural arguments to discern and break from the deceivers who make merchandise out of people for filthy lucre's sake is where I gained my discernment about the perpetual hijacking and relentless assault this movement is under from within.


Maybe his 'handlers' do, but has Jones ever covered Hovind (either before or after his becoming a political prisoner)?

I don't think Jones has 'handlers' - like the folks that create the opinions of the Corporate Whoredom (O'Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, et al).

I think Jones is who he purports himself to be. A guy who drums the drum of warning against the slippage of the republic into tyranny. He makes a living doing it, toboot.

I can't recall Ron Paul speaking about Hovind. Does that mean Dr Paul is another Gatekeeper for the Oligarchy?

I have supported Dr Hovind. I have heard him speak in person. I believe as he does, in a Young Earth. I also think he is a political prisoner.
So, I think that we (you and I) are much more alike than different.
I think the downvotes are not due to you being correct, but due to the acidic tone.

I don't think Jones "took down" Hovind -OR- William Cooper, for that matter.

They are/were folks with the same mindset... and I have seen supposed like-minded folks tear at the throats of their competition... especially when their lifestyle may be at stake.

Radio Host A attacks Radio Host B, even though they are trying to say the exact same message.

I have never heard Jones attack anyone outside of the Oligarchy. Shucks, I can't say that he has said a bad word about Icke, even though the latter says that shapeshifting lizards are running the show. While the Establishment is a group of vile serpents, I believe that they are spiritually serpents, not genetically.

I've heard Alex...

...go on his IRS rants, and vent some story of federal injustices against so-called tax cheats....

If we're to think Alex's national attention is good to draw neo-cons to "our truth"; then I would predict Alex Jones laying out Kent Hovind's plight to his listeners would cause this choir he is preaching to visit/absorb and maybe be converted to the Christ of the Bible through taking in a great amount of Kent's ministry materials and his seminars; but that might cause them to engage in this battle with a more discerning spirit!!!(then they become problem children like me, not cheering on every idle word Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, and Adam Kokesh speak!)

That's where I'm at these days....I'm not so excited about what man can do in his flesh and anger...I'm confident in what the Creator can do for us if we would be more humble and less self-righteous about defeating the evil WITHOUT Him fighting on our behalf....I am even more in awe that nobody realizes He has been giving us the government we deserve for decade after decade, and allowing Ron Paul's light to barely be seen in all the darkness simply because we trust in ourselves, love our vices and creature comforts, and trust in riches and our own intellect, more than we reverence Him as the Creator so named in our Declaration of Independence.

This nation was all gratitude in it's infancy, our founders were humble as they contemplated going up against the parent government of their day....I don't see that here, and haven't for years....I don't even see an elevation of Ron Paul's charge to "add virtue and excellence" in this free society; I am mostly seeing this fight the establishment mantra without resources, as well as an impatient attitude and nit picking mocking attitude towards the handful of guys we have in the national legislature who ARE standing firm on our principles as wisely as they can.

They're on the front lines, not us! Our philosophies are gonna have to tap into the wisdom of the Divine like our founders did, or we're just gonna get hewn down as a nuisance without remedy; because those in our own ranks are yelling "charge!!!" out of self-servedness and self-preservation; they don't even know us, or care about us....their media personalities, planted by our enemies to deceive us and harm us....same thing that's going on in evangelical Christianity today....they're the same crowd that threw Kent Hovind to the dogs in my opinion.

I love it

I have no disagreements with what you posted, except for the part where you say AJ is one of those yelling "Charge!".

I see AJ as a guy doing what he thinks needs doing... a warning bell... a siren.

I could very well be wrong. I don't pretend to know the man.
He couches his words about Israel, to be sure, but I think his followers have picked up his 'slack'.

I think that the Tea-O-Conned might turn to his message, if he exposes what is being done, and has been done, to Dr. Hovind.
One thing the Neo-Church doesn't like is for preachers to get Effed with.
I don't know how to contact him directly... maybe through Coast-to-Coast?

I think folks can and will be turned toward Liberty through Jones.
It's not as crazy as Charlie Sheen... but the more folks hear it, the less crazy it sounds.