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VIDEO: McChrystal on Draft: National Service Would ‘Pull People Together’

By Andrew Johnson | January 13, 2013 11:36 A.M.

When asked about his thoughts on implementing a draft on CBS’s Face the Nation, General Stanley A. McChrystal said national service would have a positive impact because it would “bind people to their nation” and “pull people together in shared experiences.”

Video: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/337568/mcchrystal-draft...

Full Interview: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=50138904n

Obama Youth Brigade March In Formation:
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOtGr1JFCnE

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Just like it did in the 60's?

It certainly would pull people together. The people behind the draft would never have seen America so unified when they all get chucked out of office.

I oppose a Draft . . .

but one result of it would probably be a backlash against all these wars, like in the 60s.
Most Americans don't feel enough of a stake in what's going on. Its easy & painless for them to believe the propaganda. - - -If all these blow-hard war hawks had to go themselves or send their kids, (and if they got an extra tax bill each year for the costs) - -we'd likely start minding our own business.

Is this the best thinking from military 'strategists' today ?

Boston University

A Boston University professor did a study about the draft during the Vietnam era. He found that rich kids did not serve in as high of a percentage as middle class kids because they had connections and found shrinks and doctors who found draft exempt things wrong with them. The popular belief that requiring everyone to share the burden turned out to be nonsense. What really happened was that the government did not have to pay draftees much. They were replaceable so they could be sent up Hanburger Hill into fire repeatedly. I remember one decision not to supply soldiers with $45 vests that protected them much better than the cheaper vests they were using.

He is drooling over an army of slaves fighting imperial wars.

For him to speak of this enslavement is Treason by failing to uphold and defend the Constitution.

Free includes debt-free!

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We had this a discussion in govt class last semester

Although I'm totally against forced miltary service, I think if the majority of Americans had to go overseas and experience the horrors of war firsthand we might not be so willing to casualy go to war. Unfortunately It would also be a good way to further indoctrinate the masses and mold everyone to be obedient servants and follow orders.

Garan's picture

Sounds like a Chain Gang. What fun!!

“bind people...", “pull people together...", "..shared experiences"


Worked great in the 1960's

Everyone came together and we had a cohesive society in the 1960's, with everyone pulling for the good of the nation.

I'm kidding. McCrystal is a nutjob.

If you want everyone to pull together, stop pitting people against each other. Freedom for everyone! THAT will bring us together, nothing else will work.

I agree. Most everyone in

I agree.

Most everyone in the country could probably get behind drafting the likes of Joe Lieberman, John McCain, Stan McChrystal, Bill Kristol, and their progeny and sending them off to fight the wars that they advocate.

Let's do it!

Why not eh?

That is how the Jews do it... McChrystal is a statist warpig. Guess he must be really feeling the strings of power pulling on him lately, he's all over the MSM news with his ideas to fleece the Constitution.

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