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Ron Paul REVOLUTION: Into The Twilight Zone - 2013 And The Future

Ron Paul REVOLUTION: Into The Twilight Zone - 2013 And The Future

Hello, Everyone.

I'm back. I had to take a break after Christmas and across The New Year. I have worked so hard for so many years - even before The Ron Paul Revolution beginnings in 2007 on other networks and I had to recharge my "batteries". Towards the end of 2012 I was exhausted.

I encourage everyone to take a little break when needed. After 5 years of non-stop work and immense personal sacrifices I had to.

R[3]MEMBER: Your own emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health is #1.

To those of you who worked so hard all these years I suggest: Save a little money and make your own personal "Money Bomb" and treat yourself to something you have long wanted and deserve, whatever that may be. Well earned.

So...here we are: In The Twilight Zone. What do we do now?

I am writing this article to open up a discussion on what we can do from now until this summer - or the end of 2013.

I welcome all input, ideas, suggestions and I wish to point out that I am not talking about POLITICS at all.

I am talking about those things that makes us happy that many of us neglected because we were so busy and focused on a common cause we all believe in.

Relationships, Personal Goals, Personal Projects, etc.


For those of you who ended 2012 feeling drained - as I did - this is a forum where we can all exchange ideas on how to replenish ourselves.

What is happening WORLDWIDE is far, far beyond "Politics".

If you really want to know what it is, well: IT IS SPIRITUAL WARFARE.

It has always been so, but veiled under the cover of "Politics" and many other disguises. Nothing new to me.

Dr. Ron Paul Wen to To War Against The Illuminati on their own turf: Politics. I knew that as early as 2007, and that is why I joined The Ron Paul R[3]VOLUTION immediately. I knew what he was going to war against.

The Illuminati have other areas of Human Control: Religion would be another, "Education" would be another, "Entertainment" would be another (The "News" Media I would classify under Dis-Information / Distraction / Entertainment)...the list is endless.

However, when it comes to The Enactment Of Tyranical Force Under The Guise Of "Law", POLITICS is The Hammer Of Choice, as it pervades nearly all other areas of Human Control.

When it comes to politics, I am taking a break. It's too early in the year.

Having said that, I am very happy to know that many of our people are taking positions within both parties. "If you cannot win against them, join them and take them over" (((Laughs!))).


So: For the next few months:


Question - and feel free to share:

What are you planning on doing for yourself and your loved ones from now - January 2013 until say Summer or even the end of the year?

I will go first:

#1- I will continue to educate and look after my loved ones, friends, neighbors and particularly younger friends whom I have always guided: Young people more than anyone must be wide awake.

#2- I will finally record my Debut CD - 5 years after it was supposed to be released. Ron Paul's Presidential Campaigns took all of my focus, time, money and energy. And I am happy I was able to help all I could. I would do it all over again full-time in 2015 / 2016 if he decides to run in 2016.

#3- Now I am ready for a very special girlfriend. Putting my Love Life on hold these past 5 years 2007 - 2012 (for the most part) was probably the most painful sacrifice with neglecting work (income) a close second (i would have needed 48 days instead of 24 hour days in order to devote myself as I did and still work full time).

I am sharing this with all of you because I LOVE YOU and I want you to be in TOP SHAPE in ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE: Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Financial. In you I found my family and to me you are the most beautiful, intelligent, caring, selfless, kindest and bravest of people not only in The United States but: The World.

I Love You With All My Heart.

As I often times say: Thank you so very much, Dear Michael Nystrom for having made a home within your home for all of us ♥

So: I welcome everyone with your personal stories on how you plan to make this 2013 an awesome year for yourselves and your loved ones beyond anything that reeks of politics. Not that we are going to "drop the ball at all", but this is is something to do with THE BILL OF RIGHTS: The Pursuit Of Happiness :)

Feel free to share with all of us.

Happy 2013 and All My Love as always ♥

I will come back every weekend with an update of whatever the topic may be, but I promise it will always be interesting.

For now I will leave you with a Must Watch Speech (Partial):

David Icke: Wembley Stadium, London 2012.

Please Share On All Networks: Facebook, Tweeter, Myspace: ALL NETWORKS.


I Love You ♥ Back next weekend.

Wisdom Strategies

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I think we ought to...

...hold a moneybomb to help finance our friends in the Iowa Republican Party, and the other state parties that we've taken over. The establishment donors have stopped donating, and then they turn around and say that funding has dried up because we're incompetent managers. Need to nip that in the bud, the sooner the better.

How about calling it the "We're Not Going Anywhere" MoneyBomb?

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

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Let's do it.


“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

This Thread Is Not About Politics: Just The Opposite.

This Thread Is Not About Politics: Just The Opposite.

However, please start one with your idea (too early in my opinion).

Personally I am taking a break from politics for a while. There are other areas of life where I can be far more powerful and help even more so than with "politics". I only became involved in politics because of Dr. Ron Paul's Ideals.

There are other ways to OVERCOME and OVERWHELM "politics" and politicians.

Stay tuned :)

R[3]VOLUTION 2013!

Wisdom Strategies

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"#1- I will continue to educate and look after my loved ones, friends, neighbors and particularly younger friends whom I have always guided: Young people more than anyone must be wide awake."

I am in school right now, and I am still to this day actively "campaigning for Ron Paul" lol

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss


Awesome! The Revolution Is THE TRUTH!

Wake Up All Of Your Friends. Make good use of Social Media and REMEMBER this is far beyond "politics". Copy /Paste: Send On All Networks: www.davidicke.com

Young people are being brainwashed into hurting themselves: This idea that "Sex without love" is harmless (Total Lie), following the crowd (The Sheeple welcomes you), drinking irresponsibly (all the High School and College B.S.), cheating on your boyfriend / girlfriend...it is all so sad. I am fairly young, but to me a 20 year old is basically a kid. If this behavior is ugly in adults and young adults, it is beyond heart breaking to see such Self-Sabbotaging Behavior in very young people. Those scars can last a lifetime. And that is exactly what it is: Self-Sabbotage.

Exactly what The Illuminati want young people to do to themselves. Why? Because THEY ARE AFRAID OF YOU! That's why they want to break the spirit of young people.

I always tell my younger friends: One night can ruin your life. Choose your friends carefully and if you ever feel uncomfortable anywhere, do not hesitate to slip away for a moment and call me: I will pick you up and take you home. That is what True Friends are for.

Keep it up, my friend, and start a club at your school.

Grab a few friends and TAKE OVER YOUR SCHOOL. Lead The Way. It is time teachers learn from their students. You are not just another "brick on the wall".

YOU ARE THE FUTURE, not these bastard politicians.


PLEASE SEND THIS TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS ON ALL NETWORKS (Facebook, Tweeter, Myspace, Etc.)and tell them to do the same and to tell their friends to do the same and make it viral:


Wisdom Strategies

Thank you

for all of your hard work! I am happy to hear you are taking some time for yourself. It is much needed for us all to take care of ourselves.

My top priority this year, as always is my children. Raising them to be aware, to constantly break them out of the chains society puts upon them. To free their minds.

Love and light!God bless you:)

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

Thank You, Angel ♥ Nothing Could Be More Important ♥

Thank You, Angel ♥ Nothing Could Be More Important than your children.

Speaking of, something I brought up to a very dear friend who just had her first baby and during this "flu" season: Please research the dangers of vaccines and share with all of your family and friends who have children. I NEVER get sick (hardly ever, and if so never for more than 2 days: All I use is Oregano Oil Capsules).

The last vaccine I took (forced) was when I was in Junior High School and yet I never get sick. Coincidence? NO. Vaccines Destroy The Auto-Immune System.

Speaking of children and beyond: I am writing a short book for teenagers so they know how they are being manipulated by being bombarded with falsehoods (immorality) designed to undermine them.

When a country or a culture is Under Siege (The Entire World Is Now) it is the youth who become the primary target.

Take a look (...and feel free to share): http://youtu.be/zeMZGGQ0ERk

I encourage everyone to take a young family member or neighbor under their wing. We can all make a difference (I teach guitar lessons for free because I know what a boost in self-esteem that can do to a kid). Want to save your country? SAVE YOUR KIDS ♥

Wisdom Strategies