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Led Grow Lights - Medical Marijuana Harvest Results Video Part One

Here is the latest harvest results using LED GROW LIGHTS and I wanted to post this video up so others who are medical marijuana patients, growers OR live in a legal city, state or country can grow their own medication without needing HPS lighting.


Pretty much the idea of these growblu panels is to grow 8+ plants under their 180x3w or 200x3w sized systems that all yield 2 ounces a piece which will bring a solid POUND while using UNDER 400 watts of power.

Now these panels are also perfect for any indoor gardener as well as for those who would like to start growing INDOORS and know exactly what is going in and on your plants.

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some observations

your buds look super tight and compact! the leaves looked a bit over-flushed or overfeed or maybe burned by the led lights as i have seen happen. looks like you don't trim till everything is dry which is cool unless the leaves have issues. when the leaves get yellow/off color and crusty they can cause mold to form in the buds as the leaves rot and buds dry.
you want to remove all the yellow and/or off colored leaves before you start piling the drying buds together so that that stuff doesn't break off and stick in your medicine.

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they were fed hard in the middle

These were all seed grown, new phenos but all were fed the same nutes SO some liked it more than others lol.

On the rot/mold, we never have had an issue with that in this area ever so no worries on that. I have learned that "wet trimming" or dry trimming or trimming here then there is just a plain waste of time. I find it easiest for the lazy grower to wait until it is fully hung dry and then go onto the removal of the yellow/dead leaves as well as any lower fluff or stuff too lazy to trim up. All extras go either to the compost or edibles depending.

In the pics you are seeing exactly that, pics I was taking for the updates. Before they actually go in the jars they get a final once over before final seal. I don't smoke anything that is brittle, old leafs, stems or anything other than the meds. Most times I will go only for dry sift as I like to remove as much non medicinal plant matter from my smoking as possible. vapes, jays, pipes and bongs it all works while you enjoy smoking it. I am getting close to going to only edibles, tinctures and rubs and give my lungs a good long rest but man is it nice to smoke some quality home grown.

thanks for the thoughts and hope whatever you have got growing is doing well for you also.

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Nice crystals

and leds probably gives off almost no heat which makes growing safer.

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thank you

and yes I don't even remember how I was able to deal with the Cali heat while running 1k hps bulbs in my tents.

The e-bills are more than 50% cut just from switching out the type of lighting I use.

Pretty sweet if you ask me AND best of all for those who get migraine headaches, the leds are much easier to work under and around compared to 600 and 1k bulbs ( which you should be wearing growers shades while working during lights on anyways ).

It makes me feel safer without having super hot bulbs PLUS I don't have to worry about replacing $100 1k bulbs every couple months however leds have a PRICE involved with them investment wise but overall I see it more than worth the switch especially for those who battle summer temps.

please support decriminalization legalization and anything else that can help make this world a bit more NORML.

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http://growing-elite-marijuana.com - My site on growing marijuana