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Gun Control Works!

Ask a Palestinian if they'd like to enjoy the rate of gun ownership that we do here in the USSA (which is roughly 88 guns for every 100 people.)

"The rate of private gun ownership in Palestine is 3.42 firearms per 100 people" or 125,000 total.

idf and israeli police reportedly have 1,783,540 guns total.

Experts agree: gun control works and the need for protection against government is an extremist point of view.

[Edit] Perhaps it was too nuanced. I figured the sarcasm would be pretty evident but I guess not. The logic is that the Palestinian PEOPLE do not have the means to protect themselves from the israeli GOVERNMENT. The first link contains a family forcibly being removed from Jaffa by idf. They are unarmed and defenseless.

The stats are backed up by gunpolicy.org. Should you click on the rest of the links, that is where you would be directed.

In the future I will attempt to be more clear, somehow.

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The sarcasm worked perfectly


Keep it up. It is an excellent example. It is a good point to bring up.

For the most part, the battle lines on the gun debate are drawn, but occasionally you can flip someone. And just keep sharing the info (and this means beyond the Daily Paul, of course as well). Eventually people have an epiphany.

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All gun owners need gun control

clear sight picture
clear sight alignment
trigger squeeze
That's gun control

This just in:

Sarcasm isn’t easily expressed on the internet

I got it right away, but I expected it, with a title like that. :)

Just open the box and see

Link to your claims please.

Link to your claims please. There are no facts on this thread. You say gun control works yet no crime rates or statistics.

They are all there.

See: Palestinian, 88 guns, 3.42 firearms and 1,783,540 guns. All are links. The first being to a video, the rest citing the sources of the numbers I used.

All terms are links and pertinent to the point being made. Sorry for the confusion.

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I've got 5 words for you


The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

I'm the one that upvoted your comment..

because i agree with you. but i have a feeling since you said "i've got 5 words for you," this was directed at me because you misunderstood the post. it has been edited to clarify, if this was this case.

Logic missing..

You state Palestine's gun ownership.
You state Israel's gun ownership.
Then you state "Experts agree: [claim]"

What does your evidence have to do with your claim?

Logic was in the links provided.

When I said "experts agree" was referring to governments.

And when I said "Gun Control Works" I was being facetious as the common use of the term is meant to imply that gun control reduces crime when the point I was making was that it real purpose is to make citizens easier to control.

I see now!

Remember, sarcasm doesn't carry on the internet unless it is accented with italics and/or quote unquotes.


and i will keep that in mind!